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Weather and water temperature in Greece in July (Rhodes and Crete)

Pogoda v Grecii v iule

Hot July heat fills the numerous beaches of Greece not only tourists, but also those wishing to cool off in the sea by local residents.

The clouds become rare guests on the sky and a nice sea breeze on the coast yeah cool clean waves allow to melt on too aggressive sun.

Weather in Greece in July is the reason for closed in the midday heat stores, measured and unhurried pace of life, restless nightlife and, of course, occupancy nice tanned bodies of the beach.

Life fades

The most hottest months in Sunny Greece are July and August.

The average temperature on the coast is 35 degrees, sometimes exceeding the mark of +40. Rain in summer is rare, refreshing only the frequent this time of year the wind is from the North.

Sightseeing tour in the heat are not even very attracted to the passionate lovers of historical monuments, but to enjoy a luxury beach vacation millions of tourists come from different countries.

Comfortable-warm sea warms up to 26-28 degrees, so get out of the water completely do not want.

A little cooler in the mountainous regions and numerous Islands fresh sea breeze allows you to feel the urban suffocation, heat is transferred quite easily.

No wonder the inhabitants of mainland Greece in July, and especially August, are trying to pursue a Rhodes or Crete, Mykonos or Paros.

Athens at this time, noticeably empty - closed many stores, public transport runs on a special summer schedule, usually bustling Central Avenue can be crossed without the aid of traffic lights.

Life fades again to Wake up in the middle of September, when the heat subsides and the schools and kindergartens.

Rhodes beaches

Beautiful beaches on the Greek Rhodes in July to collect the huge number of tourists. One of the biggest and beautiful Islands offers average daytime temperatures of 30, night - 22 degrees.

Almost constant sea breeze refreshes and does not fully feel the heat, and in this lies a hidden danger.

If you do not use sunscreen, you can on the first day of burn in the sun in just one hour, permanently spoil your relaxing holiday.

Sunglasses quality sunglasses, hat and cream - indispensable attributes of Greek holidays, but in the heat of midday, better just to go to the beach.

Hot weather in Rhodes in July does not promise even a short rain, only bright sun, occasionally close weightless clouds. Sea water warms up to 27 degrees, which creates perfect conditions for a beach holiday on shingle coastline.

The tourist infrastructure of island is developed perfectly:

  • comfortable hotels;
  • water parks and the amusement Park;
  • discos and night clubs;
  • all kinds of water sports and great service.

The staff is fluent in many European languages, so your comments and feedback, you can easily bring to their attention.

Here you can rent a car and visit all the attractive places of the Greek Islands.

In July in the South of Rhodes, in the town of Apalachia, hosts an annual watermelon Festivaland always attracts the lovers of juicy honey-sweet monsters. Various competitions and riding in the watermelon peels are emotional, colorful, fun and enjoy the enthusiastic support of the audience.

Crete - and a lifetime is not enough

The best spas and many unique attractions located on the largest Greek island of Crete.

It is surrounded by three seas - the Aegean, Ionian and Libyan, has a mountainous terrain.

Summer is hot and winter is too rainy. Hot and windy weather in Crete in July is characterized by an average temperature of 32-35 degrees, so it's hard to think about something other than a beach holiday.

The water at this time warmed up to a comfortable +26, from the hot sun save only a beach umbrella, a hat and dive into the coolness.

The climate here is mild and comfortable, the sea is calm and gentle, the service is spotlessly perfect. According to Greek mythology, Crete is the birthplace of Zeusand the unique attractions here so much that to see it all, it seems, is not enough.

The capital of Crete Heraklion - tourist and commercial center, named in honor of Hercules, son of Zeus. Here in Greece in Heraklion are:

  • the famous Knossos Palace;
  • The Venetian fortress "Koules";
  • exquisite "Fountain of morozini" of the 17th century, supported by the backs of four lions;
  • Archeological Museum of Minoan culture;
  • Cathedral of Titus.

Heraklion is famous for its sandy and pebble beaches with intimate coves and huge range of water sports. The emerald-clear sea, inaccessible cliffs and lush vegetation creates a beautiful scenery that dazzles the eye of many tourists.

While vacationing in Creteyou should definitely give credit to the famous Greek kitchen. Seafood and fresh fish, vegetables, salads with olive oil and Cretan cheese, roasted thigh of lamb, and a luxurious grilled chicken, plenty of fruit and obligatory glass of sparkling wine - all these tourists in the abundance offered in the Greek taverns.

What is the price of a luxury holiday?

July is peak tourist season in Greece, so the cost of the trip is not too small. However, it is still quite affordable in order to enjoy all the delights of Greek luxury holiday.

The advantages of stay in this country include:

  • great service;
  • favorable for a beach holiday weather;
  • amazing kitchen;
  • the hospitality and friendliness of the local population;
  • the abundance of attractions.

Hot weather in Greece in July, the lack of rain and warm sea allow to choose to stay in any area attractive to tourists in the country, focusing only on affordability.

In Crete and Rhodes, in Athens and in Aegina - this month comfortably almost everywhere. However, one should not ignore the fact that the owners of hotels, restaurants and taverns slightly inflate prices in the midst of the holiday season, trying not to miss the opportunity to earn.

Go to the North!

If the merciless July sun causes health problems, it is possible to choose your vacation destination resorts in Northern Greece.

Not to say that it's much cooler here, but the July average temperature is 29-32 degrees, and even sometimes a possible short refreshing rain. The sea in the Northern part of the country is calm and gentle and the water temperature in Greece in July does not fall below 25 degrees.

As at other resorts, here are comfortable and cosy hotel rooms, friendly staff, the diversity of the city, excellent conditions for active recreation.

Among tourists, the greatest demand is climbing and rafting, Windsurfing and canyoning, paragliding and trekking.

In the North of Greece is one of the cheapest resorts Katerini, offers a quite comfortable stay at an affordable price.

Greece is attractive at any time of year, but weather conditions are making their adjustments.

If in winter, tourists enjoy exploring the historic and cultural heritage of the country, in summer prefer beach relaxation and recreational facilities, with the use of healing sources and healthy Greek diet.

Pure mountain-sea air, the abundance of fruit and the stunning beauty of the Greek landscapes charged with invigorating energy and urge to come back here one more time.