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Weather and water temperature in Croatia (Dubrovnik) in August

Pogoda v Horvatii v avguste

The rest of the Balkans has always attracted visitors – beautiful scenery, pine forests, clean mountain air, picturesque bays, wide sandy beaches and clear as a tear, water of the Adriatic sea.

Croatia promises a truly Paradise vacation, you only have to choose the perfect time to go on vacation and get acquainted with this amazing country.

Statistics show that most tourists goes to the Balkans in the last month of summer, the weather in Croatia in August pampers heat.

How comfortable in Croatia in August?

August is the hottest month of the year in Croatia, the intensity of sunlight is very high, so that from 12 to 16 hours of the resort town are empty. Tourists and vacationers are hiding in the rooms of luxury hotels or in a cozy cafe.

A holiday in Croatia in August can you advise to those who love beach holidays and ready to spend a lot of time on the shores of the Adriatic.

The average temperature in August in Croatia – about 30 C, the water is heated to 27 C. Sometimes go short rains, they bring a brief cool.

Rains during this period are perceived solely as a benefit, they go no more than 15-20 minutes, so do not spoil tourists vacation.

Often rains occur in Zagreb (every 3-4 days), in Dubrovnik and split is much rarer (1 time per week).

The temperature of the air and water in different regions

Croatia covers an area of 56.6 square kilometers. The country is heterogeneous coniferous forests, the mountains, the Adriatic coast.

Temperature regimes in different parts may vary. Given a summary table of temperatures at popular resorts in Croatia.

ResortsThe airWater
Zagreb+ 28+24
Dubrovnik+ 31+ 26
Split+ 31+ 26
Porec+ 28+ 26
Pool+ 28+ 20
The Island Of Krk+ 28+ 26
Makarska+ 30+ 26

What to do?

Croatia – a country in which nobody will be bored. In addition to the traditional tour programs offered to the tourists:

  • ancient cities;
  • the journey to the mountains;
  • boat trips.

In August there is also a huge number of festivals. City filled with thousands of guests become full-fledged participants of the holidays.

 Kakaya pogoda v avguste v Dubrovnik?

International festival "Dubrovnik game" takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia – Dubrovnik. The festival takes place in the Old town, surrounded by ancient castles, palaces and parks.

The amazing architecture of the historic center (included into the world heritage list of UNESCO) adds a special touch to theatrical performances allows to plunge into the atmosphere of magic and to be in the distant past.

The climax of the festival are competitions among men, for their sweethearts singing a Serenade. Weather in Dubrovnik in August in the night time favors romance.

Dalmatian bullfighting is a fascinating and spine-tingling spectacle was organized in the village of Radoshitz, located near split. There are bullfights.

The area where the fighting animals, enclosed in the usual picket fence. From time to time the bulls demolish the wooden fence and rushes in pursuit of the men who were watching the competition, as well as with fear and excitement await when the animals will move on the crowd.

The courage and dexterity of men tested in other competitions – riding on donkeys, the fight on logs, throwing stones. In General, a "Dalmatian corrida" – a show which definitely deserves attention of tourists.

Holiday "Pomurske the idea of" on the island of Krk allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient Rome: watch the famous Gladiator battles, to get acquainted with the way of life of the representatives of the Roman Empire and even to play football Antiquity.

Marathon boats is organized on the South-East of the country, on the river Neretva. The hall is spectacular competitions boats "tropica" that are daily used in the home by local residents.

The North-Western town of varaždin takes in August, the Festival of street arts – entertain the audience circus, theatre, street musicians and members of youth movements.

Rovinj collects on its territory:

  • artisans;
  • artists;
  • sculptors;
  • people of other creative professions.

In this picturesque town in August is the Fish festival. What could be nicer than to taste the delicious national dishes of the Croatian cuisine and enjoy the wonderful folk music?

The town Privlaka (near Zadar) Croatia pleases the gastronomic festival "Privlaka Night", in Senj you can take part in the Summer carnival, and Motwani holds an annual film festival.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of cities and want to relax and feel unity with nature, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the beautifulNational parks of the Balkan Peninsula, Plitvice lakes, Krka, Kornati.

What are the prices?

Prices for tours to Croatia in the last month of summer reach a maximum height. During this period all accommodation is in private apartments filled with tourists.

Water temperature Croatia in August, ideal for swimming, it is not surprising that the guests added.

If you compare the cost of a week's stay in Croatia in August and other summer months, you can see that prices reach the peak, they are higher in June and July by approximately 35%.

Stay in 3* hotel for two people in August costs about 1700-2000$, in hotel 4* from 2000 to 2300$, rent apartment in a 5* hotel costs from 3500 to 5000$.