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The weather and temperatures in September in Croatia

Pogoda v Horvatii v sentyabre

Holiday on the coast in early autumn has a special charm. Deserted from tourists and beaches, mild temperatures – it is an opportunity to truly relax.

In Croatia in September rarely rainsand daytime temperatures allow, and spending time on the beach, and hanging out, enjoying the city scenery, or excursions.

What is the weather like in September?

Velvet season in Croatia – the most successful time for rest. What is the weather forecast for the first month of autumn?

The water is still very warm – 25 degrees and the air temperature is not much lower than in August – 25-27 degrees. It only gets cooler at night – about 19 degrees.

The hottest day weather in August in Dubrovnik and Zadar – from 26 to 27 degrees. At night the temperature falls to 18 degrees, but the water is still not time to cool down, staying at around 23-24 degrees.

Warm day – up to 25 degrees – split, water – 23 degrees. However, the nights are cooler – 16-17 degrees.

The mild climate in Rovinj and Pula: in the afternoon about 24 degrees, at night – 20 degrees, water 23 degrees.

Cool weather in September in the capital Zagreb – 22 degrees by day, 12 by night.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Where to spend time?


Lovers of churches and the old town should definitely visit Zagreb. September weather is conducive to leisurely walks and inspections architectural attractions.

Walking around town, turn on to the route:

  • town gate and tower Lotrscak;
  • the Church of St. Mark;
  • Cathedral.

Fans of interesting walks please:

  • archaeological Museum;
  • Mimara Museum;
  • Zagreb city Museum;
  • the Strossmayer gallery.

Dubrovnik - this city is a godsend for those who love a day to relax on the beach and in the evening to wander through the nooks and crannies of century-old towns.

Dubrovnik old town is narrow cobblestone streets, fortified walls, stone taverns, the observation deck, erected in the 15th century.

Princely Palace is an example of the fusion of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque. Inside the city Museum.

Cathedral of the assumption is a Baroque Church keeps inside a lot of items XI-XIII centuries. Among them, the relics of St. Blasius. Also, it is believed that here is a fragment of the cross on which Christ was crucified.

There is a legend that the temple was built at the behest of king Richard the Lionheart. So he thanked the city for surviving in the stormy seas around Dubrovnik.

Lokrum island, which was 3 and season 4 serial movie "Game of throne", interesting historical ruins, a Botanical garden with peacocks and the same fruit – latrommi. And yet there is a stunning view of Dubrovnik.

The beaches of Dubrovnik – one of the best on the Mediterranean coast.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

The main advantage of the pebbly Banje beach – stunning views of the Old city walls. Entrance: 3 euros.

The sandy Lapad beach – not a single stone in Dubrovnik. In addition, sandy beaches are rare in Croatia.

Split grew around the Imperial mansion, preserved to our days. Part of modern buildings and entertainment venues nestled in the ancient city walls.

Diocletian's Palace (the Roman Emperor) was the Central mansion. The area of the fortress buildings – more than 3 hectares, so almost the entire city fit inside of the prehistoric walls.

Perfectly preserved mausoleum of the Emperor, the temple of Jupiter, Peristil (open hall) and a watchtower.

The Cathedral of Saint domnius – ecotage original part of the Palace of the Roman Emperor.Direction mausoleum – the oldest part of the temple, in the Middle ages it was attached to a Church with a bell tower, and later appeared and the choir.

The bell tower equipped with an observation deck, which offers views of the city.

At the Entrance to the Cathedral, note the Wooden Door. It cut 14 scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.

Fish market in split is not inferior to the aquarium. Hours 7-8 a.m., the shelves here are filled with fresh anchovies and sardines, shrimp and clams, giant tuna and octopus.

For a small fee marine reptiles are immediately cleaned and turned into fillets. Best buyyou can take after 12 hours. At this time the sellers try to get rid of the remaining product until it spoiled in the heat.

The best beaches in split are not located in the city, and the surrounding Islands of Hvar, Vis, Korcula and brac.

The island of brac and Zlatni rat beach are included in the list of the best places for a beach holiday. It is a Paradise of olive groves and pine trees, and after the tides on the shore are natural aquariums – giant puddles with fish.

Travelers to Porec travel, to do sports: surfing or sailing. But there are attractions.

The Euphrasian Basilica, which is called the pearl of the Christian world, built in the 6th century on the ruins of even more ancient Church (4th century). From the original building have been preserved floor mosaic in the depths of the building.

According to legend, from here, from this sample of Byzantine architecture, was upset the city. The Cathedral is active.

Near Poreč is St. Nicholas island, which is easy to reach by ferry. Here, pristine beaches and dense forest that have preserved the traces of primeval. Lovers of historical sites can explore the historic castle.

Šibenik - this modest resort town, the famous Cathedral of St. Jacob – the most famous Church in Croatia.

32-meter-high Cathedral built of stone slabs and bricks, is they are not bonding. Inside the temple is striking in the strict Gothic style.

The only Church in Europe (the current), the entrance to which is paid.

CHem zanyatsya v Horvatii?

Things to do in Croatia?


Farm oysters and mussels in Ston. Ston is situated 70 km from Dubrovnik. Local farms grow the best in Europe, mussels and oysters and excursions. In local restaurants you can enjoy seafood at very reasonable prices.

The aquarium in Rovinj. This Museum has more than 100 years, and during that time managed to put almost vecpredstavnih fauna of the Adriatic sea.

Nudist beach Valalta. Sandy nudist beach in Rovinj – one of the trendiest places to stay in Croatia. Unlike most such areas, it is equipped with lots of cafes and restaurants, pools and water slides.

Croatia through the eyes of tourists.

Holidays and festivals

Big Game Fishing in Yezirah. These competitions on sports fishing bring together the best athletes from across the country. The essence of competition in catching large prey.

During the week the fishermen caught, and the audience is eating. It is interesting to follow the progress of the competition, and eat fish.

Festival of Croatian music and gastronomy Rujanfest in Zagreb. This tradition originated in Zagreb six years ago.

At one time, attend live concerts and enjoy numerous brand Croatian snacks and hundreds of Beers.

Autumn festival in Vinkovci. Are you familiar with Croatian folklore? This is a great chance to experience the culture of this people through his work.

Varaždin Baroque evenings. This is an opportunity to enjoy operas and Baroque music.

Another September event - the international puppet theatre festival in Zagreb.

Pilgrimage in honor of St. Eufimija held in Rovinj on 16 September. Every year on this day, here come the faithful from all over Europe.

In Zadar hosts the annual pirate Festivaland a town fair.

CHem zanyatsya v Horvatii: prazdniki i festivali

The Split Film festival in split. Festival of experimental film has existed for over 20 years. It is open to a radical of the Directors, with their author's vision of cinema.

The program includes feature films, and commercials, and media art. The opening ceremony is traditionally held in the Central cinema, and painting, participating in the program of the festival can be viewed in three locations in the city.

In September in Croatia you can enjoy hot sun and warm sea, become a party to the colorful festival of action or to go on a journey in time through the ancient streets and centuries-old Basilica.

At this time, everyone will find here something that will make your holiday unforgettable.