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What is the weather and the water temperature in Spain in July in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga?

Pogoda v Ispanii v iule

Spainis one of the warmest countries in Europe, and July is the hottest month in it. It's the height of summer and tourist season.

Of course, the air temperature in different regions of the country differs and varies, but mostly kept in the vicinity of +30...+34 °C in the daytime and even at night rarely falls below 22 degrees with a plus sign.

Weather in Spain in July has Siesta and bathing.

"Top" of summer: the peculiarities of the Spanish climate

This month almost never rains, except in the Northern part of the country and just one or two days, and in the South and in the country can not be afraid of spoiled even in such a short period of leave.

Despite the highest temperatures and lack of rain, the greens at this time does not fade and remains juicy, so, in addition to the usual entertainment, you can enjoy the abundance of nature.

Given these excellent conditions for recreation, to take care of planning your Spanish vacation in advance, ideally – and even winter. You can book not only a hotel room but a small Villa. The latter option is especially convenient for a large company.

If during this period it was decided to choose a sightseeing vacation, too, need to take into account the peculiarities of local climate. So, weather in Madrid in July is very hot – this city is in fourth place as one of the hottest capitals in the world.

However, the Spanish builders knew how to escape the heat, so walking around the palaces and museums are not only educational, but also comfortable. And after admiring the beauty of really amazing architecture, and can and should still go to the sea.

The water temperature by region

On the South coast this month, the water is most warm, the temperature reaches +25 degrees, but on the coast of San being studied and Bilbao, even though it was cooler, but not much: +20- +22 degrees.

In General, the situation with the water temperature at the Spanish resort is approximately as follows:

  • +20-+21°C in Bilbao, and Estelene Santader – they traditionally prefer the more cool sea;
  • +22-+23°C in Gran Canaria, Almeria, Girona, Malaga, Granada, Costa Brava, etc.;
  • +24-+25°C at Palma de Mallorca, La Pineda and Barcelona, and in Valencia.

But regardless of the region the water temperature in Spain in July comes to bathing and water sports.

And what about the prices?

This month a week-long tour for two adults – of course, depending on the region and the quality of the hotel – will cost approximately 60-80 thousand rubles for the accommodation in two-star hotel from 70 to 100 will need to pay for the facilities on level three stars, but 4 and 5 will cost from 100 thousand rubles.

For comparison, in October, prices drop to 45-50 thousand rubles for two or three stars, and from fifty over hotels of a higher level. However, winter tours will be approximately equal to the price of the July, and sometimes more.

As for entertainment, excursions, water parks, museums, the prices for them in the "high" season (which in Spain feel free to include not only summer) is traditionally higher than in low, and some are inaccessible in the cold weather. What is so special can be seen in this Sunny country it was in July?

Such different entertainment: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga

Spain is famous not only for its resorts, but also theatrical traditions. And its capital Madrid in the middle of summer opens a special place for kids.

This is puppet theatre "Titirilandia", which starts at this time. Even kids who don't understand Spanish, enjoy watching the show organized in the open air.

At the same time Madrid happily accepts and adults, especially the photographers because photo "PHotoEspaña" has been held since 1998 just in the summer. As well as rare tourist is also a photographer, the opportunity to visit the workshops of these artists don't lose.

Another theatrical event in July is the festival of "Greek" in Barcelona. A seemingly endless (in fact it lasts almost a month!) it is the holiday delights guests with country music, dancing and, of course, performances.

And if in the first year of its existence it took place within just one theater, then thirty years later has grown to a cultural event of such magnitude that he was the narrow confines of theatres and concert venues – he "captures" galleries, museums, and many events are held at all under the open sky.

It should be noted that the weather in Barcelona in July has to this rest: if the day outside is still hot, the evening stroll through the city and see unusual beliefs arejust a pleasure, it allows you to feel the true Spanish enjoy life and lust experiences.

And hunger – not only cultural, but also quite prosaic, who can enjoy good local restaurants.

If tourists are lucky enough to get in the middle of July in Malaga, on the 16th day , it is imperative to attend the celebration in honor of the virgin of Carmen, and in any coastal town it will be a magnificent celebration dedicated to the patron Saint of sailors, where you have fun and enjoy her beautiful statue in every place she looks different.

And after that is to go to the fair Los Boliches, passing on the same beach at approximately the middle of the month, but it is not one day but several.

It's not just shopping days, but the real celebration is an unforgettable fire dancing over the sea, the particular aesthetics of a religious procession. Yes, and weather in Malaga in July, comes just in time for this pastime , closer to the sea the cool.

Whichever place you decide to visit a hot Spanish Jul will give you a lot of joy, unusual colors and the most beautiful experiences. And the rest will certainly be happy!