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Autumn Italy: what to visit and what to do in September?

Pogoda v Italii v sentyabre

Those who believe that the holiday time with the onset of autumn ends, are mistaken.

September is the best period to soak up the warm Italian beach in Italy, swim, to soak up the most vivid impressions of the numerous autumn festivals and holidays.

And the city hustle is gradually eroding – the Italians go to work.

Where in Italy is warmer in September?

Despite the fall, in a country as hot as in the summer. Day overall reach 34 degrees, towards the North of Italy, to 30.

But in the 15 days of September, the July heat tourists not to wait: the thermometer usually stands at around 25 °C.

The water about the same temperature, and the guests of the state are happy splashing in the sea all day.

When the month is coming to an end, the rainy season begins. However, they are not Intrusive – interspersed with warm and clear days. The nights are becoming cooler – around 16 degrees above zero. But in the South of Italy is always warmer than the Northern part.

Tourists, vacationers in Sicily or Sardinia, in September will fall under the rains only 4 or 5 times. Sicilian heat reaches in the early fall 28 °C, night drops to 20 °C. And the water is warm – 24 °C.

A little colder from the Gulf of Naples: Capri on September the temperature rises to 25 °C, not more. It's the same 24-degree temperature water.

If fall want of solar heat, but so as not to get out to the beach, it is best to visit the Adriatic sea, where the water is heated to 22 degrees, and the air – to 15-24.

Genoa, particularly its Northern area, is renowned for rather frequent rainfall for the month is about seven rains. In the daytime here still hot (24 degrees), at night – 17. It is possible to bathe, as the water temperature is 22 °C.

Even dojdlivoe in Milan (8 days of the 30 – precipitation), but heat as well as in Genoa. But in Florence you can sunbathe in the summer – where the heat rises to 27 degrees.

Finally, Rome. In the capital autumn, generally will not be a big amount of rain, and the air is heated to 26 °C, until light. With the sunset the tourists will feel like it was cool – no more than 16 degrees.

Gde v Italii teplee v sentyabre?

What to do?

The first month of autumn in this country is good for tourists because here there are a lot of festivitiesduring which you can have fun enough, to gorge on different delicacies and just great to relax, having the charge of positive emotions.

Interesting places to visit

All roads are known to lead to Rome, and the best of them in the early fall.

And all thanks to the weather here not too hot and comfortable for Hiking around the city for the purpose of sightseeing.

The most popular tourist places are:

  • The Coliseum;
  • Forum;
  • mini the Vatican city state;
  • majestic Square of Spain;
  • the perfect place for lovers – the Trevi fountain.

Interesnye mesta, kotorye stoit posetit

The September celebrations and colorful festivals

Italian hotels in September surrender virtually at the same price, and hot summers. All due to the large number of festivals that are held in early fall.

Here are some of them:

  1. The Feast Of Saint Rose. Build a huge tower, and then carry it through the city of Viterbo. Tower shines with thousands of lights, illuminations, and to hold her, invited a hundred people – strong men!
  2. Donkey marathon. The city of Palio di Cocconato is divided into 8 districts. Their people are preparing their donkeys – each animal will participate in the competition. In the end necessarily arranged a feast for the whole world, which can be treated by anyone.
  3. The feast of the grape harvest. Honor given to the first berry picking. This timeaccompanied by songs, dances, and performances of groups that had chosen the popular area of creativity.
  4. Festival "White night". This is not the white night, which used to see in St. Petersburg. But in Italy during the festival of the same name opened a number of museums, galleries, exhibitions.

    Their doors are open in the evening and night, so you can enjoy paintings and other works of art, unique exhibits, rare outlandish things. In addition, working children's amusement parks, for people holding master classes in dance, baking.
  5. Festival "Taste Of Rome". This is a complex of workshops, among which there are courses for every taste. But they are all focused on training the Italians and guests of the country cooking of different food.

    Here you can buy ready-made delicious and mouth-watering national dishes.

Sentyabrskie prazdniki i krasochnye festivali

The September exhibition invites art lovers

Throughout September and October that is the current year in Milan, Italy, will operate the exhibition, which will be attended by countries all over the world.

140 States of the Earth tells you about how rich and interesting their food. The exhibition is called "Feeding the planet. Energy for life".

Here will be exhibited creations of the most famous artists such as van Gogh.

Where to go, where to go


September Rome... What could be better? Armed with a guide or on your own, tourists roam from one area to another, examining all the beauties of the Eternal city.

But at this time to have time to get into the group of tourists is very difficult, if you leave it to the last moment. So better pre-register.

Italy. With my own eyes.

Sun, sea and sand: Italian beach in September

Individual resorts don't work in the early fall, but many continue their activities, because they understand: with the decline of the heat, the beach would only attract more tourists.

Sea Rimini's beaches are closed for swimming, time can only those who will visit in the first 14 days of September. This is due to the fact that Rimini is on the North.

But the southern side isrich in beaches, waiting for its guests all through September:

  • Apulia;
  • the island of Capri;
  • Sicily.

Here, even in October is relatively warm water.

Within the boundaries of Rome, the beach is always filled, even in September. Particularly attractive for foreign travelers in Colombo and Lido di Ostia.

They are located about 30 minutes drive from the capital of Italy.

Solnce, more i pesok: italyanskij plyazh v sentyabre

What else Italy beckons tourists?

There is in Italy such a city – Noli. Although he is old, but very beautiful and very distinctive.

Everyone who came here, it seems as if all zeros, this is a huge scene where will begin in a theatrical performance: the horses ride the cowboys will run out the Indians with feathers in her hair, jugglers and clowns will dance, playing on pipes and smash the audience.

Before it is cozy, warm, unusually – as if in a fairy tale. Even sidewalks are paved with colored pebbles.

In September the inhabitants of the Noli and guests are immersed in the Renaissance. The fact that every year in the autumn held a Grand competition.

Invited rowers living in four districts of the city and representing his country. Regata dei Rioni – this is the name of this contest.

Initially, the rowers appear in front of an audience, and the audience clap them hard and shout cries of encouragement. Each district, of course, support your rower and want him to win.

The most active Italians who can't sit still because of the tireless energy, get into the water, clothes and all, run along the edge of the sea and shout to your rower, periodically calling your district.

Some people are dressed in white clothes, others in blue, others bright yellow, and the fourth in red outfits.

CHem eshe manit Italiya turistov?

Autumn Italy is awaiting you!

All travelers, even though they are in love with the cuisine and traditions of Italy or not, would love to visit this magnificent country in September.

Many then realize that a unique state before perfectly well that there is no way to forget him, and I want to come here every year.

And let fruits, hotels, attractions in the fall are exactly the same as in summer, with no concessions to tourists, but the people on the streets and beaches become smaller and, therefore, to visit the sights everyone can are much freer than in the hot summer season or in may.

Water and air are still warmsummer sun – you can take a dip and sunbathe. And a variety of festivals, fireworks, celebrations will not leave anyone indifferent.

Great vacation in September is guaranteed for adults and kids.