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Weather and temperature in the UAE in July, the weather and temperatures in Dubai in July

Pogoda v iule v OAE

UAE is a fairy tale not only for localsbut also for visitors. Here every year attracts more than a thousand tourists who want to delve into local life, visit all the local attractions and also enjoy the beautiful landscape and warm climate.

This is a charming, exotic country with a highly developed infrastructure, large halls and jewelry stores. But in order to have a good time in the UAE, you must not only know where you can go, but when.

Because every time has its own nuances and surprises for the tourists, and before you travel you must take into account all weather conditions. What is the weather like in July in the UAE this year and what you can do in the meantime?

Hot and dry July

July in this area can be considered the most hot and dry, daytime temperature in the UAE in July is 40 degrees.

In some places, such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, and the temperature is up to 42 degrees. With regard to air temperature, on the coast of the Persian Gulf - 26-28 degrees.

Weather in Dubai in July is very hot in this area, there is increased humidity, and this is a limitation for trip with children.

Also, at this time it is not recommended to rest here for people who are sick with heart disease. This factor must be considered before planning a trip to the UAE.

But if you do decide to go this month in such a hot country, the more favorable place for a holiday in the UAE is Fujairah. Here daytime temperatures a bit lower, around 36-37 degrees by day and 32 degrees by night.

The climate is milder, and on this, the probability of getting sunstroke and burns less. Temperature in Dubai in July is much higher, so you'll need to correctly plan your holiday.

Today, most travel agencies offer their customers beautiful spots in the UAE, prices are not afraid.

For example, a trip to Dubai for one person will cost about 30 thousand rubles. This tour is for 5 days includes accommodation in a hotel, Breakfast and flights.

This is the minimum cost of travel, there are tours a bit more expensive with more comfortable accommodation and insurance. Anyway, this price is not an obstacle for such a great stay in Dreamland.

By purchasing this trip, you get to enjoy the beauty of this country, feel its peculiarity and value, and also to get a lot of pleasure from the trip.

There are some nuances that allow you to save a lot on the tour. For this tour to UAE you should buy in advance or pay attention to a last minute price which is very low. These savings amount to spend on trips and excursions around the country, and thereby, give yourself the opportunity to learn more about local life and see many sites and attractions.

What to do?

As we said earlier, coming this time in the UAE can only be healthy people, that would be a vacation turned into unwanted consequences. This month have something to do, despite the heat. Many comfortable hotels present to their guests a wide range of services where you can have fun.

You can visit the museums, spend time in entertainment and shopping centers. If you decide to go in July with kids, then this opportunity will be most convenient for you. Children can have fun at a game center, despite the hot weather outside.

The water in this warm month, about 20-30 °C, and it is a good opportunity to go diving. The depth can be considered beautiful seascapes, to see the magnificent coloured corals, to see the large variety of exotic fish. Also, the scuba diving enthusiasts the opportunity to see the remains of sunken ships, which more than a dozen years.

To visit places of interest in Dubai, Fujairahand other towns it is possible and in such hot weather. Tourists are afforded a special bus that is equipped with powerful air conditioning.

As you can see, during the day you can enjoy visiting museums and exhibitions, and in the evening bask in the soft and warm sand of the beach. So if you have booked a ticket to the UAE in July, don't worry about the weather, and just enjoy the trip.