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The climate of the July Vietnam: from the coast to the highlands

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In recent years more and more Russians discover another tourist won - Vietnam.

Those tourists who are to go to Vietnam in July to take a balanced view to the choice of the resort, because it is not only the hottest month in this country, but wet.

But it should be borne in mind that the weather in July in Vietnam, not everywhere is rainy, in the Central region it is hot but dry.

In July, the Vietnam falls under the influence of the warm cyclone, so here is the most sultry month of the year. Although the temperature is kept at the same level as in June - in the range of 32-33 degrees Celsius, but at this time there are rains.

But the exceptions are the mountainous areaswhere the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees.

If earlier here in the summer heat went to rest only aristocrats, but today it can go for a vacation for any tourist.

Most of the tourists in July, is trying to take trips in the highland area, surrounded by coniferous forests. Especially nice here in the evening, when the air temperature drops to +17 degrees.

In other areas of this country, even in the evening the temperature is around 26 degrees. But if you take into account the comfort of guests in July she completely does not depend on the temperature, but humidity and rainfall.

This month is not very nice to relax, because the whole body covered with sticky sweat that brings a lot of inconvenience.

The only salvation from such sticky closeness are hotels with their air conditioners.

In July, Vietnam desirable to go for those touristswho have a problem with the respiratory or cardiovascular system.

Rain and humidity

Although July is a wet month with lots of rain, but due to the fact that Vietnam is highly extended, the rainfall is not distributed equally.

In this respect, very lucky Middle Vietnam, where for the most part observed the changeable clouds. Other regions have seen increased rainfall, but they do not bring major problems.

The thing is that the rains are warm, and although the sun almost never happens, but still you can sunbathe.

It should be borne in mind that the weather in Phan Thiet in July is not too favorable for a vacation.

And indeed the southern regions this month is better to avoid because of the rains and humidity here is very much. Moreover, the rains are here, and they can even last for 8 hours.

Sometimes they can last only 2-3 hours, and they usually start after lunch. And it happens almost every day, so you can even forget about the tour.

Should not go to the island of Phu Quoc, as this month there is less tourists.

But a favorite for pleasant vacation is the South-Eastern part of this country.

If you see that kind of weather in July in Nha Trang, this resort is lucky because unlike the southern part of Vietnam it is a little closer to the Central region of the country, where the weather is more dry.

The water temperature here, as in Phan Thiet or MUI ne, is 29 degrees. And in the afternoon the air temperature can be from +25 to +33 degrees.

Paradise for surfer

It should be noted that a beach vacation in July in Vietnam is also held in high esteem. The fact is that most rains after lunch, so on the beach you can safely go in the morning.

If this month will come to this country and fall in the rain, then don't get too upset because and sunbathe work, and in the sea to swim.

The water is in the sea is warm, above 20 degrees. And towards the South the water temperature will generally be almost 30 degrees.

But this weather is more suitable for those tourists who are not afraid to swim in the muddy water. Sometimes the sea is stormy, which leads to turbidity of water.

But for the surfer here full expanse, because you can catch a good wave.

And in Nachange you can even wear the mask with flippers and dive into the depths of the sea. There are very good conditions for diving.

To have a good rest near the sea, better to choose such resorts as Hoi an or da Nang, where almost no this month the wind and rain. But be careful, because even in cloudy weather you can get burnt.

Other activities can be identified and excursions. But here are not worth saving the money and not try for one day to explore, so because of the humidity and heat is difficult to take. In this climate the body gets tired much faster.

Particularly advantageous here shopping, you can visit at holidays and festivals. There are many ancient buildings, nature reserves, magnificent Imperial palaces.

Prices for tickets

Most tourists in Vietnam happens in the winter, as it is the most favorable time for vacation.Therefore, it is not surprising that prices for tickets may be "off-scale".

As for the mid summer season, the influx of tourists to the resorts of Vietnam is reduced, which entails a reduction of the price of tickets.

It is therefore necessary to choose: to relax expensive, but more comfortable, or relax cheaper, but will have to put up with the rain. And if you go in the middle lane of this country, and generally get to relax in a comfortable environment.

If you look at the price, 15 day stay in a hotel with three stars can cost in the range of from 1500 to 1800 dollars, not so much.

But before the trip is still better to consult a doctor if you can go to Vietnam in July, which is hot, and at the same time, wet weather.