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Weather and water temperature in the Krasnodar region in August (Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik)

Pogoda v Krasnodarskom krae v avguste (Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik)

Anapa – a picturesque seaport town of Russia. This is the popular black sea resort, which was once the ancient city.

Today it is a developed town that has a large number of sanatoria and bases of rest, adapted for adult and children.

In Anapa successfully treat diseases of the organs of digestion and respiration. This beautiful resort vacationers get different ways of buses, trains, planes, cars and even hitchhiking.

The peak season is in August. Usually weather in Anapa in August is quite hot and dry. Learn more about the weather and the attractions of the resort will be discussed later.

The August weather

In late summer the town is very hot, so this is a perfect time for holiday planning. Beach vacations in August is the most favorable.

Usually at this time, almost no rain but the humidity in Anapa reaches 70%. The day the air warms up to 30 – 35 degrees, and at night the temperature drops to the level of 19 degrees. Hot weather in Anapa in August are not always easily tolerated due to the high humidity.

Water in Anapa in August usually is heated to 25 – 27 degrees Celsius. Such temperature is comfortable for vacationers, but in a hot and dry summer it can go up to 30 degrees.

In General, the weather in August in the resort Jasna. Often in the last month of summer is much more Sunny days than in other summer months.

Famous surroundings

Fans of active recreation and travel, arriving in Anapa, unable to go to Noumea. Weather in Noumea in August is not significantly different from Anapa, therefore, going on a tour to a nearby resort town, you do not have to be reconstructed and to pass acclimatization.

You can also visit the famous resort of Sochi. Weather in Sochi in August differs from Anapa night the air temperature, which is usually higher than in Anapa. If you plan to lie on the beach in Sochi and swim, the water temperature in Sochi in August is usually comfortable and up to 24 – 26 degrees Celsius.

In addition to beach holidays in Sochi you can visit:

  • museums;
  • parks;
  • temples;
  • reserves.

Pogoda v Krasnodarskom krae v avguste (Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik)

What to see in Anapa in August?

But back to Anapa. In the midst of the summer season there are a lot of fun. A large number of tourists creates a pleasant bustle, and excitement. On the beaches, rental of jet skis and water activities. Especially fun on the Central city beach.

If you are tired of lying on the beach, go on trips. In Anapa there are 2 beautiful Park with incredible water rides and live entertainment. Be sure to visit the crocodile farm, which is open to guests only during the summer.

Anapa in the last month of summer is a large number of restaurants and bars European and national cuisine. Night life on the resort are incendiary discos and show programs.

In August , the city hosts exciting concerts and festivals. Every summer in the city almost daily are large-scale festivals. In Anapa there are a lot of competitions of children's creativity and family festivals.

Very interesting in Anapa mark Russian day of athlete. Each district is a mini – Olympics with competitions and demonstrations.


Given that August is high season, prices in Anapa on housing, food and excursions are not cheap. But, if you book hotel in advance or take advantage of burning tours, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Ticket prices in many places in late summer in Anapa is also high because it's peak season.

Overall, a vacation in Anapa in August – is ideal for all who have no passportwho prefer domestic resorts and interesting active rest.

Travel enthusiasts can visit the neighboring resorts of weather in the Krasnodar region in August is usually warm and clear, so cold you just do not have!

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