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What is the weather in Crimea in April and the temperature in Sevastopol?

Pogoda v Krymu v aprele

Many people know that the weather in Crimea in April, much better weather in Moscow, but the exact temperature is not known to all. While in Russia, spring is just beginning to enter into force on the Crimean Peninsula is already blooming vegetation. The sun shines almost all day, cloudy days happen less and less. Vacationers in April, it should be remembered that there are not just warm and even very hot days, perfect for sunbathing.

What is the temperature in the Crimea in April? To answer this question we need to analyse the average performance. And it turns out that the daily temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, but the nights are still quite cool. Warm spring so things don't hurt. We should not forget about the agents that protect the skin from the sun. Many guests of the Crimea have not only get a beautiful tan, and even burn just a few days.

If Moscow is not only the nature wakes up from long winter in the Crimea are already in full bloom apricots, peaches, cherries, pears, apples and other fruit trees.

In the same month in the flower beds flourishing spring flowers:

  • tulips,
  • hyacinths,
  • daffodils.

Depending on what the weather in Crimea in April (the average temperature, the intensity of the sun) is already the may day holiday, most of the colors have time to wither. In mid-may around the Crimea will not find daffodils or tulips, and in summer even more so.

The differences spring from Crimea holiday season

Many vacationers have seen the Crimea only in the summer, so imagine it as the area with poor vegetation and scorched earth. However, spring Crimea differs greatly from the summer. First, blooms a variety of colors, and secondly, the hills and mountains that seem almost lifeless in the summer, covered with thick grass and flowers. Due to the small presence of people on the Peninsula wakes up and wildlife. Many birds build their nests in the evenings you can hear them singing. Many representatives of the fauna you can see and hear in April.

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Things to do tourist in April in the Crimea

Hiking is one of the most popular pastimes in the Crimea in the spring. Dense vegetation, beautiful weather, allow you to explore all the attractions of a private resort. But the Peninsula is able to vacationers and other forms of entertainment. You can do

  • fishing,
  • boating,
  • a survey of architectural and historical monuments.

It is important to clarify that due to the small number of tourists approach to all monuments is free, the cost of renting different equipment are significantly lower than in the midst of the holiday season, which starts here in may.

Very popular different production plants of the Crimean wines. Here you can buy high quality products at affordable prices, but also to visit factories with excursions.

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Where to stay?

On the Peninsula are hundreds of health resorts, sanatoria, hotels, boarding houses. Many of them work year-round. Of course, stop at one of the hotels will be much lower than July-August. In addition, there will be no difficulties with availability. The only exceptions are medical institutions who work year-round.

Treatment in the Crimea

In April you can not only relax, but also to improve their health. Special popular for its famous southern coast of Crimea, where there are treatment centers offering a wide range of healing procedures. The centers will help to restore health to people suffering from heart disease, respiratory system, nerves, musculoskeletal, gynecological diseases. The treatment itself represents the adoption of the air, mud and sun baths, thermal springs and other types of procedures. It should be noted that the cost of medical procedures in the Crimea is much lower than in other countries near and far abroad, while the quality of treatment is always at the highest level.

Rest in Sevastopol

Weather in Sebastopol in April is the best all over the Crimea during this period. Here, first of all heats up the water in the sea and in may it is fit for bathing. From may to October the sea temperature does not fall below 17-18 degrees. Of course, in April, few people dare to swim, but the weather is ideal for exploring the main attractions of the city.

pogoda v sevastopole v aprele

To arrive in Sevastopol in April to explore the history and architecture is much cheaper than a visit to the city in the midst of the holiday season. First, there is the opportunity to see all the monuments in the city, which is not less than 2 thousand, no problems with movement and settling,due to the small number of tourists.

Second, in the summer the city comes to a huge number of tourists from Europe who want to visit places of battles of the Crimean war, causing the cost of the hotel rooms increases dramatically.

In General, rest in Crimea in April, recommended to anyone who wants to see the Peninsula in a new and unusual paints, entertain yourself with a visit to memorable places or Hiking in the mountainous regions of the Peninsula.