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A brief review of weather conditions and water temperature in the Crimea in July

Pogoda v Krymu v iule

Crimea – a wonderful place, a unique area that is suitable for everyone. It is very pleasant to relax, you can find a lot of interesting and exciting excursions and greatly improve their health.

There is always a lot of people, parents with children and couples, because the alternative is so diverse holiday is hard to find.

Especially pleased with the weather, which in most cases always simply beautiful. Starting from the month of may, here the sun is shining, and the sea air is warm and pleasant.

For many timeless question of when it is worth to go for a vacation here? One answer does not exist. After all, the weather in Crimea in July is just as favorable as in August.

Of course, there are some differences, but they are insignificant. Therefore, the July as the middle of summer is sometimes a favorite for many.

About the weather and prospects

If you have, for various reasons, planned vacation this month, we'll tell you what you should be ready. If you are one who appreciates real sea tan likes to get up early and become accustomed to dining with rest and sleep – then it is time for you fits perfectly.

In the month of July is always very hot weather: the sun shines brightly, the sea is calm, always a lot of seagulls. Starting from the first day of the month on the beach should go early in the morning and should be there no later than 11 o'clock in the afternoon.

To avoid sunstroke, this will be enough time. At the same time such recommendation is suitable and children and adults alike, which is why in July the beaches are always crowded.

It is very easy to meet acquaintances or friends from your city, because everyone knows that July is one of the best months for full - Crimean vacation.

See what the weather on the coast of the Crimea in July:

Incidentally, in case you are a fisherman then this is a good time for morning fishing, which not only bring the catch, but will give a lot of impressions.

Time 12.00 – this is the hottest period of the day, so be near the sea, not everyone can. Bathing will not be able to give you the joy of coolness, because the bright rays and the scorching sun can be tiring.

All July campers try to leave the beaches at this time and dedicate it to a pleasant stay in the summer cafes and restaurants. Many return home and spend lunch time within their homes.

You should remember that the weather in Yalta in July, as in other cities of the Crimea is always Sunny and hot.

Only in rare cases was recorded in the short rains, which are considered rare. They are much more in may or June, but not in the best month of the year. Mostly the temperature during this period is greater than 28 °C.

In different cities it can vary from no more than two degrees Celsius, but most often it is optimal for the whole Peninsula. After 16.00 it is reduced only a few degrees, so the sun can continue.

Many tourists this time devote to the city, because the heat subsides, and the desire to see something interesting increases. Depending on the wishes you can go to another city, to the mountains or to visit famous places (water Park, crocodilarium, museums).

Remember that you are also available water skiing and scooter riding, which is the favorite pastime for tourists.

In fact, Crimea, for each has its own face. After all, your interests are opening it with special side. Therefore, if you decide to come here in July in that time, you will always find how to diversify your leisure.

A few words about the city

As already mentioned, each city has its own characteristics, and this applies to weather conditions. For example, in Sevastopol, is always somewhat cooler, when in Yalta always the scorching sun.

So I want to remind you of the most popular cities of the Crimean Peninsula:

  1. Yalta – the most famous and visited city of the Crimea. The famous Yalta embankment is a hallmark of the city. Everyone who has ever vacationed here, there is one significant photograph on the longest promenade of the Crimea.
  2. Sevastopol , once a port and now the most unique city of the Peninsula. All the excursions are varied, but in July you will be able to visit almost every one of them.
  3. Simeiz – the city which has attained a unique popularity. More and more it is visited by young people who like noisy discos and long evening walks. It is important to note that the temperature of the water in the Crimea in July is always above 22 degrees, Simeiz is no exception.
  4. Alupka and Alushta - two interesting cities that tourists, for various reasons, confused. Perhaps the similarity of the names is the cause, but the difference in weather conditions in two different cities is not noticeable. Very often those vacationers who came to the Crimea by car tried to examine this fact. After long journeys they are convinced that the weather in July in all the cities is great.
  5. Gurzuf – the poetic city in which you havebe sure to visit. Broad embankment of unique buildings and houses will delight those interested in architecture and painting, and literature. Here you can find honeymooners and couples who enjoy the romantic charm of the city of Crimea.

Of course, it's not all the famous cities of the Peninsula, but they are very popular and interesting. If to speak about Crimea – something unusual in all senses, because it has a rich history, unique attractions, many mysterious places.

Health – the key to a successful and productive holiday

As you know, in the Crimea go not only just to relax but also to cure some diseases.

From the history of the Peninsula we know that many great writers looking for inspiration here, carried out the treatment, stayed here for the whole summer to recover from illnesses of various types.

So the Crimea in July – it's the best time for treatment. Warm air has specific properties that have long been considered curative.

So July is the time when you can go here with a child or parent and not just take a break from work, but also to improve physical condition in General.

As the water temperature in the Crimea in July high, then get sick or catch a cold it will be almost impossible. This means that your General condition improved and you will feel great.

Want to know what is the Crimea, then come here in July, because the only way you will see it in all its glory and appreciate the special climate.