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The weather and temperatures in September in the Crimea

Pogoda v sentyabre v Krymu

September on the coast called "velvet season".

What kind of weather happens at this time? Very comfortable, so the rest of the monotonous beach pastime turns into a full-bodied excursions, mountain walks and sports games vacation.

September vacation in the Crimea is the sea and the beach, as well as the opportunity to see the amazing sights and witness the festivals of various kinds.

Velvet season

The weather in Crimea in September, more cool, than in Sochi or Anapa, but also more stable – no storms and rains. The average is 21-23 degrees.

Day under the bright sun rays can warm the air to 27-28 degrees. At this time, many head to the beach to sunbathe and swim.

The average sea temperature during this period is 18-21 degrees. However, the evening and night in September noticeably fresh – from 11 to 15 degrees.

The most favorable time for rest – the beginning of September. The water is still not cold yet, so keeps the temperature at the top mark was 22 degrees. And in the afternoon the air ranges from 25 to 28 degrees.

In Yalta, Feodosia, Alupka – the climate is more temperate 24 degrees by day and 17 night. In Yalta and Alushte in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to 25-26 degrees, and at night cools down to 15.

During this period you can swim and sunbathe, recommended and families with children.

The second week of September is also favorable for a beach holiday, but the number of hot hours is reduced, and the maximum temperature is reduced to 23 in Yalta and Alushta and 21 in Yalta, Alupka and Feodosia.

At night the temperature of air 13 and 15 degrees, respectively. Cools down and water up to 20 degrees, which makes bathing small children are not advised.

The end of September, more favorable for walking and excursion in the air. Sunbathing is still possible, as temperatures fluctuate at around 19-20 degrees, up to 18 cools the water. However, the night is cold – about 10 degrees.

Barhatnyj sezon

Beach vacation

In the early and mid-September, of course, do not want to miss the last opportunity to sunbathe and swim in the beautiful Black sea.

Massandra beach in Yalta has a "Blue flag". This means that the area meets international standards of environmental cleanliness.

Near Yalta is another picturesque beach located in the village of Simeiz, near the mountain Diva. Stone pebble the area boasts stunning mountain scenery.

100 kilometers from Yalta is the mysterious Peninsula of Tarkhankut. Here among the rocks there are stunning wild beaches and the water is the purest on the coast.

Feodosiya is to visit the Central beach of Koktebel. Despite the fact that he wears the title of city and public, the place is amazing its clean and neat and the bottom is cleaned daily by divers.

This is the place to stay in September because the beach is equipped with umbrellas and other canopies that are required in the hotter months.

Not far from Sudak to Kerch is a beach "Solar valley". There are few people, and pebbles is so small that resembles coarse sand.

The entrance to the water is very shallow near the shore, is small, so come with family with children. Of the shortcomings – reach the valley by car.

140 km from Sudak is another terrific place called "Coast 1000 bays" or "the Generals 'beaches". There are often line up entire campsites.

In Sebastopol the best beach is "Sunny", located near the Chersonese.

Plyazhnyj otdyh

Interesting places of the Crimea

Sights Of Sevastopol

Sevastopol is the largest city of the Crimea, but in the modern metropolis, it is not similar. To do this, there are too many architectural monuments: the tower of the winds, Chersonese, Chembalo Fortress, Cave monastery of Inkerman, and others.

The Admiralty Cathedral of St. Vladimir – a monument of the Christian architecture of the 19th century, the legacy of Byzantine Church culture – it is not the usual solemn Orthodox decoration. In the temple there is a tomb of admirals of the Russian fleet.

The Bakhchsarai Palace is located near Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai. It is an amazing city–garden, the example of the Crimean Tatar architecture: mosques, rich painted mausoleums, and baths. The Palace and surrounding buildings began in the 16th century.

Among the most ancient monuments of architecture - baths Sarah-Guzel and Big Khan mosque, built in 1532.

Another amazing sight is the"Golden fountain" and "fountain of Tears". The latter was built in memory of the deceased wife of the Khan of Crimea Giray.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Sevastopolya


Theodosius is the diversity chromoand other religious buildings of different faiths: the Church of St. Catherine, Cape St. Elias lighthouse, cottages Milos and stamboli, mosque Mufti-Jami, the Armenian Church. Archangels Michael and Gabriel etc.

Genoese fortress, or rather its remains, is located on the Gulf coast. The structure was built to protect the city when it was considered one of the largest in Europe – about 30 towers.

Inside were a number of important city agencies: the court, the consular Palace, the Treasury, etc.

Karadag reserve is located within the Black mountain and covers an area of about 3 hectares, including the waters of the Black sea.

For tourists created a special "environmental" trail, which offers Hiking with a guide. The symbol of the reserve - the Shaitan–Kapu or "devil's mouth" is the rock coming up out of the water, having the shape of an arch.



In Yalta concentrated the most beautiful castles and palaces of the Crimean Peninsula: Emir of Bokhara's Palace, Vorontsov Palace, Livadia Palace, Massandra Palace and others.

"Swallow's nest" so amazing everyone who saw this place that often make films.

This mini-castle rises above the forty-meter cliff and is a small and completely random copy of the German Neuschwanstein.

The story of its construction is shrouded in many legends, but the true version of nobody knows. Inside is a restaurant where you can eat or drink something, enjoying stunning views.

On the legendary wine factory "Massandra" spend an amazing tour. First, the building itself was built in the late 19th century, Prince Golitsyn, so you can enjoy the buildings of ancient architecture.

It is interesting to try and live drinks, which, of course, very different from the European, carry the Eastern tradition of winemaking.

The longest tour includes visits to the cellars, where you can see the oak barrels in which stand drinks, wine Museum and tasting. However, this is only possible in Yalta.

Also offer similar tours in Alupka, which consists only in the tasting and possibility to purchase wines.

Dostoprimechatelnosti YAlty


The main square of Yalta is called "Theatre", in the nearby Park, theatre and library.Pushkin, a wall of the Pantheon in memory of the founders of the city. Among them Herodotus.

Karaite kenesa is a Turkish temple complex, which includes a Museum, a café, a soup kitchen and plenty of open courtyards with ornaments and mosaics of Turkic culture.


This area is one of the most mysterious places of the Crimean. You can verify this by visiting the ruins of the ancient city Pantikapey, located at the foot of mount Mithridates. Here is the Royal Kurgan, Kerch fortress.

Fortress Yeni-Kale is another sample of the Eastern architecture. A protective Fort was built by the Turks in the 18th century and in the late 19th century it passed under the onslaught of Russian troops.

Unfortunately, to the present day survived only a few buildings, including the Azores and the Northern gate, remains of the walls and the South-Western Bastion.

Great Mitridat staircase is 432 steps that will lead you to the observation deck, which offers stunning views.

The building was built many centuries ago, but during the Crimean war a large part of it was destroyed. Today's staircase – the pride of local restorers and architects.

Bolshaya Mitridatskaya lestnica

The events of September

International theatre festival "THEATRE. CHEKHOV. YALTA". At this time it attracts theatre groups from all over the world to present on court of audience productions based on the works of the Russian author.

International classical music festival "stars of the planet" also takes place in Yalta in September.

The sweet tooth will be interested in internationalhoney festival "Crimean meetings". At this time in Alushta bring together manufacturers from different countries, and visitors can taste the honey of all available types.

Another festival will delight wine connoisseurs. International "WineFeoFest" takes place in early autumn in Feodosia.

A food festival "Taste of the Crimea" held in Yalta. The best establishments will offer tastings of dishes from the chefs.

Festival of historical reenactment events held annually in Sebastopol. Military-historical events reproduce at altitudes Fedyuhinyh.

Yacht race "NOVOCUP" is a bright event for all lovers of this sport. Traditionally it starts in September in Kerch.