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The weather in London by month

Pogoda v Londone po mesyacam

Information about the weather in London by month would be very useful for those planning to visit the capital of great Britain.

Spring London

Like most European countries cities, London in the spring wakes from its winter sleep and the air felt fresh. In March , the air warms, up to about 9 degrees Celsius by day and 1 at night.

For London the weather is very characteristic of changeability.

In this regard, the March days can please both Sunny and cloudy, rainy weather. In April, the weather is gradually improving: the air temperature warms up till about +13C, precipitation is generally moderate. This month, the spring comes into its full rights. In may, it becomes quite heat - 16-19S. At this time the best time to visit London for the purpose of sightseeing.

London in the summer

Summer in London is transferred easily enough. June is quite warm and not hot a month is about +20C. July holds primacy on the temperature is +22C in a normal day, and +28C - especially in hot days. However, the night temperature is significantly reduced to about +15-17C. It should be considered during long walks, and leaving the city. August is slightly different from July. The temperature begins to drop slightly, but it's hardly noticeable.

Autumn in London

Here and approaching rainy days. In September the weather in London still keeps at level of +19C and rain is still slightly dominate in the city. October meets air temperature of around 15C, and enhanced rainfall. In November, the rains are already being felt, the temperature drops to 10C, and the daylight is very short.

Winter London

Winter in London is pleased with their relatively cool, by our standards, weather. The temperature rarely falls below -7C. In December the weather is about +8C. Snow rarely lies for longer than 5 days. Heat this month, adds to the decoration of the town before the approaching Christmas holidays. And, here, in January, is already much colder, the temperature often drops below zero. The average January temperature is -1C and +7C. In February, all also continue precipitation and temperature remains virtually unchanged at +1C and +7C.

Finally, I suggest to watch a funny video about the weather in London (it is desirable to know English to understand the meaning of the song):