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The weather and temperatures in September in Marmaris

Pogoda v Marmarise v sentyabre

Marmaris is one of the oldest and most sophisticated resorts in Turkey. This scenic coastal town consists of pine-covered mountains, secluded coves and sheltered by the mountains of nameless bays with Golden sandy beaches.

When Marmaris was quiet Turkish fishing village with a wonderful harbour, although in the offseason, there is still this atmosphere.

In the summer months the town is filled with crowds of tourists, and in September the excitement subsides, but the beach season is not over yet.

Without a doubt, Marmaris is a popular seaside resort, where tourists willing to enjoy the best that can offer coast of Turkey.

Lazy days on the beaches, lively night and many cultural attractions are the main reasons why tourists come to holiday in Marmaris.

What is the weather like in September?

The beach and a comfortable temperature is a common thing in Marmaris where the Mediterranean climate prevails. In September the weather is still Sunny, but night becomes cooler.

Day also hot as in the summer months, but not so humid – temperatures range from +28 to +30°C, and at night, from +17 to +19°C. the Weather is Sunny and a very slight chance of rain.

The temperature of the water slightly cooler summer, the day never drops below +24°C.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Where to spend time in Marmaris?

The popular resort town of Marmaris combines old and new attractions: only here is a beautiful harbour with a prestigious yacht that stands out on the background of the Ottoman Palace of the 16th century.


In the city and beyond are amazing sights of the Greek and Ottoman history – castles and mosques, authentic market and Hamam. There's always something to see.

Marmaris Castle. The castle was reopened in 1991 after extensive renovation. This castle dates back to 3000 BC It was besieged and repaired by Alexander the great, then restored again by süleyman the Magnificent in 1522.

It now houses a small archaeological and Maritime Museum , along with manicured gardens. From the walls of the castle offer magnificent views of the city, mountains and sea.

Old Town. Marmaris is a relatively small village, the heart of which is the Old Town. Here you can find the few remaining authentic buildings, narrow streets, atmospheric courtyards and the lack of modern transport. Classic examples of Mugla architecture delight of those who came here.

The Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is a wonderful place for shoppers where you can find fantastic discounts. Here you can get a better understanding about the authentic Turkey.

On the territory of the Grand Bazaar there are hundreds of shops selling everything from traditional items of Handicrafts to spices, jewelry and clothing. Rows of eateries and small restaurants with delicious Turkish cuisine available throughout the area of the market.

Stressful and chaotic, noisy and buzzing market is visited by hundreds of thousands of buyers all year round. This is the perfect place to buy Souvenirs in memory of the visit to Turkey.

Armutalan Hamam. Although the Turkish bath was built at the end of 1990, but it strongly resembles a traditional Hamam with a warm equipment, saunas, hot tubs and cold pools.

People come here to bathe, sitting on marble benches, and then relax on a heated marble stone.

Gde provesti vremya na Marmarise: dostoprimechatelnosti

Holidays, festivals

In the first half of September in Marmaris is the closure of the Maritime festival and the international regatta.

The pier attracts all kinds of yacht and boat for the last time to participate in colorful races and heats.

In mid-September to spend Marmaris international tango festival. It attracts renowned dancers, musicians and admirers of this style.


A bright spot in Marmaris – a caravanserai – a former hotel, now Museum. Here every September hosts various exhibitions dedicated to the cultural and rural life of Turkey.

Turkey: Marmaris -an introductory video.

What to do?

Marmaris is a lively, bustling resort with endless promenade, shady paths and green lawns.

The beaches here are often punctuated with sightseeing trips of the nearby mountain range and the ancient ruins.


One-day excursions to the suburbs or to nearby Islands help you learn more about the past of Marmaris, but also the whole of Turkey.

The Ruins Of Knidos. Marmaris was once a part of Central Anatolia was colonized by Dorian Greeks. About an hour drive from Marmaris are the ruins of Knidos.

In the ruined city are the Agora, temples, Odeon and amphitheatre, all accompanied by views of the deep blue Aegean sea that helps to feel the atmosphere of ancient Greek civilization.

Cleopatra Island. A change of scenery – day boat trip on Board a traditional Gulet (Turkish wooden sailing boat) to the island of Cleopatra, Sedir island.

The island takes its name from the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt – Cleopatra, who, according to legend, bathed here.

On the island there are remains of the city walls, the ancient theatre and ruins of Roman buildings. There is also the Agora with the carefully preserved epigraphs.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Other Marmaris excursions:

  • a renovated Ottoman Fort and a spectacular view of the Peninsula;
  • jeep Safari through the surrounding pine clad mountains, which is also ideal for Hiking, mountain Biking and horseback riding;
  • the picturesque trail that runs from Icmeler to Degirmenonu;
  • the ancient terraced ruins of Kaunos;
  • day trip on Board of a sailboat on the Iztuzu beach or on the Greek island of Rhodes.

In addition, the city is famous for its two huge water parks, where you can get lost for the day. The largest popular Park "Aqua dream" water Park and a little less – "Atlantis".

In "Aqua dream" a hill for rafting,slide "kamikaze" and the wave pool. In "Atlantis" there is a wild river, black hole and space bowl.

Relax on the beach

Beach vacation – what to Marmaris travel hundreds of thousands of tourists. Weather in September is not much different from the summer months.

The Beach Of Marmaris. Excellent Marmaris beach stretches for 10 kilometers. Here you have a breathtaking view of the surrounding green mountains and offshore Islands.

Services beaches include sun loungers and parasols for hire, and nearby minutes walk there are restaurants and bars.

Cleopatra Beach. A small sandy beach framed by steep cliffs, which has paved the rocky road, covered with cedars.

The sand is composed of minute fragments of white marble, which, according to local legend, brought Cleopatra out of Egypt.

Here you can swim in the crystal clear water, breathtaking views of the turquoise Gulf of gökova and the majestic volcano Kavak. Cleopatra's beach is approximately 16 km away from Marmaris.

Turunc Beach. Recommended place to visit in September is Turunc beach in the homonymous village, approximately 20 kilometers from Marmaris in a picturesque Bay. Turunc has grown from atmospheric fishing village to a favorite place for a beach holiday.

The road from Marmaris to Turunc takes about half an hour and goes through the forest and hills along the beautiful Marmaris Bay.

The village is sandwiched between the beautiful hills covered with pine and fruit trees and overlooking the azure-blue Mediterranean sea. Another popular way to get to Turunc boat.

Iztuzu Beach. The beach is a national conservation area and is one of the last nesting sites of the loggerhead turtle, which lays its eggs here. Very fun to watch as the babies hatch from their eggs and make their first shaky steps on the sand.

CHem zanyatsya: otdyh na plyazhe

Facilities include parasols and sun loungers, Parking for cars and small kiosks that sell cold drinks and ice creams.

Marmaris is more than just a resort. The city boasts a huge choice of outdoor activities and a vibrant nightlife and many cultural and historical places.

While on vacation in Marmaris, you can dive with mask and snorkel, diving, swimming with dolphins, or even go river rafting!