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The weather and temperatures in September in Morocco

Pogoda v Marokko v sentyabre

Holiday in Morocco is popular with Russian tourists. Dreamland sandy beaches beckons with its mystery and great climatic conditions.

In September, in Morocco, the velvet season begins, which is characterized by the most favorable conditions for leisure.

At this time in Morocco is not so hot and you can not only relax on the beaches, but to visit the sights.

What is the weather like in September?

In September, in Morocco, the velvet season begins. Tourists come here from different corners of the earth.

At this time in North Africa is not so hot and you can spend quality leisure time, which will include not only recreation on the beaches and sightseeing.

In Morocco you can select multiple resorts that are most popular. Agadir, Marrakech and Casablanca are ready to take a rest in the most comfortable hotels and provide a memorable leisure.

In these areas in September to maintain a very warm temperature of around 26 degrees.

In the popular resort of Agadir, at night the temperature can drop to 17 degrees. The sea water is very warm – 22 degrees. In Agadir in September has the lowest night-time temperature and other resorts significantly warmer.

On the Casablanca and Marrakech night around 21 degrees. In Rabat, Tangier and Fes – 19 degrees. Daytime temperatures in these areas are a comfortable 25 degrees.

The warmest resort in Morocco in September is considered to be Tangier. During the day you can be around 29 degrees, and at night 20. The water temperature is 25 degrees.

A high enough water temperature in September in Fes – about 23 degrees. In Tangier, Fes and Rabat in September, rain is possible, but they are very rare.

The highest temperature in September are observed in the Central part of Morocco. So, in Marrakech in early September may be over 30 degrees Celsius.

However, night temperatures are low around 18. In the Northern cities have lower temperatures which is acceptable to relax on the beaches.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Sights Of Morocco

What to see and do: the beaches of Agadir and Leshara, Jardin Majorelle and Menara, the Bahia Palace, mosque of al-Koutoubia and mosque Loubnan, caves of Hercules and the Sahara desert.

Will not leave indifferent any tourist Park of the Arab League and the Berber Museum, the citadel of El Jadida and the Hassan tower, the fortress of Essaouira.

You can visit the fishing port of Agadir, the lighthouse at Cape El Hank, Casablanca, Medina, Mahkama du Pasha.

The September holidays and festivals

In September, in Morocco you can visit the jazz festival. It takes place in Tangier. It is possible to hear famous musicians from European and Arabic countries.

The duration of the festival – 5 days. During this time, you can not only enjoy jazz, but also to get acquainted with national customs.

At the end of August or September in Morocco conduct a marriage festival. The event is held near Marrakech in the Atlas mountains.

During the festival, about 40 couples tie the knot. During this festival you can better understand Muslim culture and to get acquainted with local customs.

In Erfoud is a festival in honour of the date palm. Erfoud is a leader in the country in collecting dates and strikes the huge plantations of palm trees.

At this festival you can taste delicious dates and national salads, as well as to get acquainted with local music customs and traditions.

Sentyabrskie prazdniki i festivali


In Morocco, quite often have various exhibitions, but annual events in September. At this time, you can visit parks, mosques, temples, palaces and towers.

Tours conducted annually, and September is excellent for travelling in Dreamland.

In September you can go on a tour to the Ouzoud waterfalls, visit the ancient city of FEZ, take a trip to the mountains or go on a camel in the Sahara desert.

In Morocco offer jeep tours, where you can admire sand dunes and beautiful valleys.

Holiday in Morocco. Beach Legzira the eyes of tourists


Safety leisure

Holidays in September in Morocco is not always safe. At this time there come many tourists and serenely peaceful holiday is unlikely to succeed.

It is also worth remembering the basic rules of safety and hygiene. Wash your hands often and do not drink fresh juicesoffered on the streets. In September in Morocco are various infections.

Moroccans are very friendly to Russian tourists. The level of crime is low here, but strolling through the markets, be sure to watch your belongings as in any other country.

If you are a Muslim, you are forbidden to attend mosques. It is understood that you went to a Muslim country and must respect its laws.

In any case it is not necessary to hug and kiss in public areas. It is forbidden to walk around in provocative clothing, no matter how hot was the temperature.

Great attention should be paid to water. It is advisable to drink only bottled water. It is undesirable to walk the girls and women in public without men.

Should not refuse an invitation to visit the locals – this may reckon as a great insult. In Muslim countries it is forbidden to touch food with the left hand. Moroccans eat with their hands.

Bezopasnost dosuga

What to do?

In most cases, Morocco visit for a beach holiday. Here a large number of sandy beaches. Among them are the private and municipal.

In Morocco you can see the tides and enjoy quality leisure time. The beaches in this country are clean and comfortable and equipped with everything necessary. In Morocco, comfortably relax with young children.

If you want something to diversify beach vacation and leisure in Morocco, is it possible to overdose on the tour, which there are very many. Very popular camel rides across the Sahara and trekking.

You can visit the local bath – Hammam. In this case, you should be concerned about hygiene and to bring a towel, Slippers and a blanket under the seat. Developed in Morocco, mountain Biking and surfing.

The most popular means of transport are buses and they are sometimes difficult to buy a ticket. All buses are air conditioned and have a low fare.

In some parts of the developed rail transport. It is also inexpensive and safe. In cities you can take a taxi or rent a car to rent.

CHem zanyatsya?

In September, in Morocco velvet season, so tourists come here from different corners of the earth. It is not surprising that the value of leisure will be slightly higher than in the rest of the month.

In September, tourists are offered a wide range of services and facilities. The cost of accommodation, excursions, food in the autumn season is greatly increased.

Morocco is a mysterious countrythat provides the ability to organize high-quality recreation and to enjoy the best service.

The local population is unobtrusive and friendly towards tourists. But do not forget about the Muslim traditions and laws, the violation of which can not only ruin a leisure, it can also lead to paying huge fines.