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The weather and temperatures in the UAE (Dubai and Sharjah)

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Who doesn't like hot summer, especially when at this time there is the opportunity to go to the resort. But, choosing a place to stay, it is necessary to consider temperatures and weather conditions of a particular country.

Especially will surprise You with the weather in the UAE. August is the month with the highest temperature.

Weather in the UAE in August is very tedious, the temperature here is through the roof.

Temperature and weather conditions

The average temperature in the shade is +42 - +43 degrees. Yeah, not many may like this UAE summer heat.

Night temperatures around +32. As the water warms up to 25 degrees. Rain doesn't happen here. Rather they are, but rain drops don't even fall to the ground, and evaporate high in the sky under the influence of high temperature.

Such temperature conditions are not very good impact on health. That is why, in August significantly reduced the number of tourists.

The most benign weather conditions in Fujairah. Here the air warms up to +36 in the afternoon, and at night the temperature falls to 31 degrees. Humidity - 74%. But the mild climate is due to the wind blowing.

Holiday in Dubai is always classy. It is always interesting, there is something to see, and a place to relax. Oriental cuisine, warm sea, Arab markets and the majestic sights will give a lot of impressions.

The most decent resorts in the UAE:

  • Dubai
  • Khorfakkan;
  • Abu Dhabi;
  • Sharjah
  • Al Ain;
  • Fujairah.

Weather in Sharjah in August, the same steps as in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all Emirates. Best suited for vacation in August Fujairah.

The rest of the UAE in August - is rather tiresome due to the unbearable heat. But here found a way to help tourists escape from it and, thus, unforgettable fun. But still not worth it to go here in August with young children or those who heat is contraindicated for health reasons.

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The cost of permits and entertainment

If You are planning a holiday with young children, the temperature regime of the country in August, You will not do.

If You well carry the intense heat, it is perfectly possible to visit UAE in August. Besides, staying here in the last month of summer has its advantages. The most significant is the cost of permits.

Due to the unbearable heat in August the price in Emirates is slightly lower compared to other months. For those who can endure the 40-degree temperature is a great way to relax in the country at not very expensive price.

And entertainment, sightseeing and shopping there this month at affordable prices.

And, in order to attract tourists, inside the architectural monuments installed air conditioning. And not only. Still here found an amazing way to deal with high temperature.

How to spend your time and what to do?

One way to transfer heat and also to have fun is visiting the water parks as "Wild Wadi", "Wonderland", "Dreamlend", "Aquaventure". You can also enjoy a spectacular show at the Dolphinarium.

To explore the Arabic culture and recreation you can visit the SPA hotel "All Maha". The hotel is in a Bedouin style with antique furniture, a swimming pool each Bungalow will impress with its beauty.

Other local activities include horse riding, camel riding, safaris and SPA treatments. And learn about life and the ancient life of the Bedouin in the Museum under the open sky Hatta.

Among the famous attractions in the UAE - dancing music fountain - a fascinating show of extraordinary beauty.

For beach lovers - the famous beaches:

  • Gumarabic, with white sand;
  • Citric, with fountains kitesurfing
  • Nasimovich for a luxury holiday on the Palm island.

In connection with high temperature to relax and enjoy the sun early in the morning or evening.

A great opportunity is offered by the tourist to be transferred from hot summer to chilly winter, tasted artificial ski resort "Ski Dubai".

Five ski runs and other winter activities, fake snow and temperatures around 1 degree will please those tired of the sun tourists. In this complex you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and visit the amazing ice cave.

Planning a vacation, don't forget that Friday here is a day - off. So this day of the week you can spend in the sun on the beach and swim in the warm sea, and then - "winter fun".

And of course, don't forget about the night life in Dubai. But remember, alcoholic drinks are banned, tourists are allowed to use them only in specially designated areas - hotels, some bars and restaurants.

Weather in Dubai in August the same hot. And only in the evening, when the heat subsides a bit, to see the mosque. Home in Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. Majesticthe dome, which looks incredibly beautiful under evening lights will not leave indifferent not a single tourist.

If You've decided to go to UAE in August, then do not forget about the gear. Weather in August in the Emirates – even the test of endurance.

Sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, natural loose fitting clothes (preferably cotton) and even the umbrella is those things that will help to transfer the heat without any damage to the body and enjoy relaxation.

In any case, the rest of the country - a memorable and interesting!