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Weather in the UAE in February, temperatures in Dubai

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Stay in the United Arab Emirates is beautiful at any time of the year. Crystal-clear mountain air, the mystery of deserts and tender clear sea, underwater depths and Eastern attractions to visit in this country means to immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere of abundance and dreams. The subtropical climate provides Sunny friendliness during the whole year, rainy days can literally be counted on the fingers. Weather in the UAE in February allows you to enjoy your holiday in this unique country to those who disagree with the extreme heat. The temperature in summer can rise to 50 degrees.

The February weather

The local population believes that winter in the United Arab Emirates rainy, as the annual average of five to seven days with precipitation have at three winter months. However, this freshness of air and gentle sun in the last month of winter, it is impossible to feel in other times of the year. The average daytime temperature in the UAE in February is 22-24 degrees, although the nights are chilly, the thermometer, depending on the region from 13 to 18 degrees. The warm air and spring rays of the sun allow you to sunbathe on the luxurious beaches, but swim wants not all.

In the Gulf of Oman, for example, in the area of Fujairah, the water at this time warms up to 19-20 degrees, and in the Persian Gulf, in RAS-al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, the water temperature only 18 degrees. But it is not a hindrance to obtain a Golden southern sun, which guarantees Sunny weather. In Fujairah in the afternoon the thermometer shows 26C, although the cool night and the temperature of 18 degrees will require you to dress warmly. Sometimes, it is cloudy. A little cooler in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah - day 24 degrees the night only 14 degrees.

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Holidays in Dubai

Weather in the UAE in February hospitably invites you to visit exotic Dubai. Unique color the most popular Emirate located on the Gulf coast, many historical attractions and luxury hotels attracts many tourists from all over the world. The average temperature in Dubai in February ranges from 24 degrees in the afternoon to 17 degrees at night. The water is quite cool, only 17-18 degrees, but the presence of pools with heated water allows you to combine sunbathing with a pleasantly refreshing swim in them. February hotel prices are not high, for a week stay in a decent hotel will need to pay about 700 dollars per person. So you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to experience all the available attractive offers of tour operators.

Things to do in Dubai in February

Extremely favorable weather in Dubai in February allows you to survey the magnificence of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

In addition to the magnificent beaches, there are many places that you can visit is a real pleasure. Here is located the largest aquarium in the world, great zoo, the world's highest skyscraper. Fans of exotic can go on an exciting Safari into the desert and see camel racing, take a boat trip on the yacht. A lot of fun for yourself to locate the lovers of historical monuments:

  • the mosque of Guimera,
  • The Palace Said
  • the al Fahidi Fort,
  • surrounded by palm trees, the Museum Hut.

Should definitely take advantage of the offer of participation in the excursion, including a visit to the most unique and interesting places in Dubai. House of wax, the island of pink flamingos, Eastern spice Bazaar, a souvenir shop and gold Souk - this is not a complete list of what the curious tourists, one can learn about during a fascinating tour.

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February in the United Arab Emirates is the time for making the best purchases.

Shopping festival with fairs on various subjects provides significant discounts on all products offered, prices with each passing day, becoming more accessible and more attractive. In this Eastern country, and so the ability to bargain at times reduces the cost of the product is 70-80%.

Even in large shops, on the question of the existence of discounts the seller will make the price of the desired purchase more affordable. Our compatriots prefer to buy here is excellent quality fur coats and fur, pearls, Oriental sweets, scented oils and Smoking accessories, decorated with antique daggers and antique of ancient times. Jewelry are of great quality and elegance in the gold market of Deira in Dubai, you can see the unique products at very affordable prices. Getting what you want, you need not forget about the check for goods that will allow you to avoid trouble when crossing the border.


Financial and not only, the attractiveness of travel to the UAE in winter

Weather in the UAE in February, which is considered the coldest month, helps to significantly reduce the cost of attractive tours in this Eastern country. Only cool water in the Gulf can cause significant discounts and the possibility of a luxury holiday at extremely affordable prices.

Last minute help to save even more substantial amount. An attractive price does not mean sacrificing level of comfort, on the contrary, the absence of seasonal excitement helps to choose the most attractive hotel pools, plenty of sunbathing on empty beaches, to avoid huge crowds of tourists at attractions, feel the highest level of service at all stages of a tourist trip. Given the absence of a heat wave, typical of this region in the summer, the appeal of the February tour becomes even more obvious. This is especially true of families with children.

A visit to this unique country will be truly unforgettable. Anyone who has ever experienced the local Arabian hospitality and enjoy a great vacation, eager to return here again and again.