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Where better to relax in Thailand in July? Choose Pattaya and Phuket!

Pogoda v Pattaje i Phukete v iule

Tourists used to the fact that summer is traditionally the high season for seaside resorts, so it is definitely worthwhile to wait for the hot weather and not low prices.

However, Phuket is one of those places where in the summer you can relax quite inexpensive, and all because of the climate of tropical monsoons make the island at this time quite rainy, but still hot place.

Weather in Phuket in July, for example, will allow you to relax cheaper than in high season, although the rains will be not so much.

Features July the weather of Phuket

Although water temperature in this month is just great – about 28-29 degrees C, strong winds raise high waves and enjoy the beach as to the months, still will not work.

But, first, there are some days when the water is more calm, and secondly, you can simply choose a good place – for example, the East coast, where the sea is not so exciting as in the West.

The air is quite comfortable – from 30 degrees Celsius with a plus sign day to 25 at night. So tourists don't face a cold, although still very real opportunity to get out of the rain.

Although, I must say, it's not as scary as it may seem to the inexperienced traveler: normally the rains are of short duration (up to half an hour) and very warm.

Some vacationers even consider it a bonus, because the rain is perfectly refreshing and gives strength when quite hot weather.

And ladies also add that this is a great option for sun: the alternation of Sunny and cloudy weather allows you to tan but not burn and seal it.

Determine the price

Of course, the cost of the tour depends not only on the month, but also on the quality of the hotel and how much you plan to stay on Paradise island.

So, the cost of a weeks stay in the hotel for two stars starts approximately 40 thousand RUB, in a three star hotel from 50, four stars will cost that starts from 70 thousand, but the relaxing of the highest class will pay for a round, a minimum of 75 thousand rubles.

However, even in this not too I have to say, high – value vouchers you can save by ordering a round either a few months before departure (early booking) or some days ("last minute" trips).

If you choose the tour or tours it is very difficult, you can focus on the rating of hotels. So, in the top five (based on a survey of tourists) are:

  1. Rattana Residence Sakdidet.
  2. Lub Sbuy House Hotel.
  3. The Indigo Pearl.
  4. JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa.
  5. Dewa Phuket.

Interestingly, the first two hotels in this list have three stars, the second pair is five, and the last four. Choice for every taste.

Interestingly, many tourists, deciding where to rest in Thailand in July, choose Phuket because of hotel service.

However, this does not mean that the rainy weather of mid-summer leaves tourists to languish in the four walls and makes it impossible to see the local beauty.

What to see in Thailand: the delights of a hot island

Discover Thailand and a variety of entertainment and offers a lot.

If the weather permits, you can ride almost every day, but still better to develop several more gentle schedule and give yourself a lie on the beach, otherwise the impressions will eventually become dull.

So the tourists know what the weather in Thailand in July, and can choose appropriate classes.

In good weather you can ride on elephants through the jungle, feeling at least a large banoi (though not in Africa).

Some say that fun is not very good, but even they do not deny that, given the chance, we should do it at least once in your life. At least for photos and stories.

If the elephant thing too exotic. Then there is another motorbike – a very popular means of transportation in these places. Although it is necessary to be careful.

Of course, the fact that people who visited Phuket, I saw Wat Chalong, can be justified by the endlessly rainy weather. But no excuses, and laziness for valid reasons does not apply.

Yes, and to regret the time spent on inspection of a Thai temple, never have. As for the inspection of the big Buddha, all located at the lookout which offers great views.

But even if you sudoedit, will not be bored: it is possible to arrange a shopping, gastronomic tour, a massage... But all in good time.

Shopping in Phuket is not enough that fascinating, and not burdensome for a purse.

It's impossible to leave without a variety of cosmetics for Spa treatments, very cheap fabric and thread another pearl. To leave family and friends without the Buddha statues is not worth it – a few pieces will not take much space in your suitcase.

Thai kitchen is a very special conversation.Spicy and not too sharp, it is worth it to try everything new and unusual. However, seasoned travelers suggest to go to "decent" place to not get poisoned accidentally.

Needless to say, that for an exotic island exotic fruits like foul-smelling but delicious durian or lycheethat we usually drive except in canned form.

But if during fresh, new Thai fruit compare their taste is impossible. Even less exotic pineapples and watermelons here are quite different – after all the native habitat.

And every traveler who decided to visit Thailand, must visit at least one massage. It's worth it. But Phuket has a lot of great salons.

Instead of an epilogue

Of course, sometimes the weather on this island in low season is capricious as the weather in Pattaya in July. But selecting just this month, the traveller:

  1. Savings (and significant).
  2. The opportunity to enjoy a vacation in Thailand without stifling heat.
  3. The lack of greedy for experiences of tourists who flock every corner of the island in a "high" time.
  4. The ability to rest longer, which stems from paragraph 1, this is a serious bid to receive the mass of positive.