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The weather and temperatures in September in Rimini

Pogoda v Rimini v sentyabre

Rimini (Italy) — a great place for recreation and entertainment. There are many old buildings, museums, beaches, cool parks, shopping centres and fairs.

In this cozy town lived the famous Director Fellini. His native Rimini he showed in the film "Amarcord".

Lots of sun, sea air, warm sea — all this attracts many tourists.

The youth enjoyed spending time on the beaches and discos, families with children, taking a break from bathing and the beach, visit a water Park and amusement parks, an elderly couple gladly walk in the shady parks and wander around the narrow streets and squares of the old town.

What is the weather like in September?

Autumn in Rimini comes quickly, in early September the temperature is still holding at +30 like summer and not going to back down.

But gradually the thermometer starts to creep inexorably down and in the middle of the month stops at around +20. The heat subsides, in Rimini, the velvet season begins.

Adriatic sea, progresses over the summer, stubbornly holding +24, and only by the end of September the water begins to noticeably cool. Nights were cool, sometimes the thermometer says decrease to 15 degrees.

Increasingly, there are rains and during the months of rainy days, there are already about nine.

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Where to spend time?

Time in Rimini is just not enough for all. There are so many need to see and in time for numerous parties and events, not forgetting the beaches and sea bathing.

Rimini, beach, sea, bathing the elephant, the Russian shop


Museum Of Federico Fellini. Fellini was born and lived in Rimini to 17 years. Here is his home, his family lives.

The Fellini Foundation has amassed a collection of items related to the life and work of the Director and the Museum was opened. Here on display are the costumes of the characters of his films, numerous photographs, and all five Oscars.

The aviation Museum. It created the reserve officers of military aviation in 1995, assembling a collection of 50 aircraft. Shown here is the technical equipment of the air defense radars in the pavilion demonstrates the rewards, the form of the pilot, items of the flight home.

Museum of the city of Rimini. 36 halls displayed 800 exhibits about the history and culture of Rimini.

The Cathedral Of St. Nicholas. Was built in the 11th century. But a modern building built very recently. The Cathedral was damaged during the war, was almost completely destroyed, survived only the bell tower and a fragment of the chapel.

But in the interior of the temple you can see sculptures from 11th to 19th centuries. Here the relics of St. Nicholas.

Tempio Malatestiano. Once there was a monastery of franciscanas, which was built in the 13th century this temple. It forever altered until the 18th century.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

Behind the altar is the main attraction of the temple is the painting "St. Francis receives the stigmata", written in 1548 by the architect and the painter George Vasari.

The temple is almost completely and had to be restored in 1809, when it was destroyed by Napoleon's soldiers. But it was destroyed again during the Second world war and restored in our time.

Piazza Cavour. Here are the main attractions of the city:

  • Palazzo Garampi city Hall, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1672, the architect, Garampi and named after him;
  • Palazzo del Arengo ─ built in the 13th century, it preserved the frescoes painted by pupils of Giotto;
  • the Palazzo del Podesta ─ built for mayor, which here is called podestà, in the 14th century.

The square is the famous fountain "Bump line".

Fish market. The building was built in the 18th century. They sold fish, and washed it right in the fountains, located at the four corners of the building and is in the shape of dolphins.

Now there are numerous gift shops and permanent exhibition of works by local artists.

The Direction Of Sigismondo Castle. Built in the early 15th century the ruler of the city direction of sigismondo Malatesta and was intended for the residence of the ruler.

Now there are two museums: the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of non-European cultures that demonstrates the art of pre-Columbian America, Africa and Asia.

Opera house"Teatro Communale". Located on the historic Piazza Cavour and has a long history. It opened in 1857, on the opening of the Opera gave Verdi's "Harold".

The theatre was almost destroyed during the Second world war, but the facade was preserved, and all the rest of the building was rebuilt. Here in the evening still give Opera performances.

Holidays and festivals

The feast of honey. Takes place in the first week of September. Exhibitions of honey and its products. All you can try and buy.

Fair grapes. And on the outskirts of the city in a place the Torah Pedrera in September noisy fair of the grapes.

Here you can see a large number of grape varieties and local wines from him, around to the sound of folk songs, people dressed in national costumes.

Fair mussels. If you drive only a few kilometers to the nearby town of Cesenatico, you can get to the fair mussels.

It is a real folk festival. Here too you can try different mussel dishes.

Music festival Sarga Malatestina. The annual traditional festival of classical music where you can hear popular music and meet interesting performers.

A celebration of Festa de Borg. The purpose of the festival is to acquaint residents of Rimini and guests of the city with great compatriots, to tell about their lives. On the outdoor stage are the performances, artists and bands.

Prazdniki i festivali

What to do?

All entertainment companies gradually from mid-September begins to close, and tourists are only sightseeing, excursions and beaches.

Park "Italy in miniature". Big Park free rides (fee charge for the entrance), where you can walk all day.

Here is the exhibition of thumbnails (1:50) famous architectural structures, set in a plot resembling a miniature Italian boots.

Then there are the Coliseum and the leaning tower of Pisa, and the Duomo. The creators have not forgotten the sights of Europe: the Eiffel tower, the Acropolis and the famous Neuschwanstein castle. It started this collection with a copy of the Basilica of St. Apollinaris.

Park Giardino degli Aromi. In the center of Rimini is a large Park Giardino degli Aromi, where you can skip half a day enjoying the beauty of fountains.

Park Of Fellini. Here is a large number of various events. In the center of the Park a statue of the film Director Fellini in the form of the camera and the fountain of Four horses with interesting lighting.

Water Park Aquafan. The largest water Park in Europe is located on the outskirts of Rimini. Here are 5 heated swimming pools, extreme rides.

For children there is a special area of "Aquake" with children's pool and attractions.

Dolphinarium. In dolphinariums live a few families of dolphins. Through special portholes to observe their daily lives and visit the show.

There is a Sea Museum where there are giant mussels, sea urchins, exotic fish.

The amusement Park "Mirabilandia". There are 40 attractions for children and adults: roller coaster, Ferris wheel, trampolines, spinning boats, water attractions.

Hosts festivals and performances, laser shows, running the theatre on ice. The Park is open until 12 September, when the festival closes.

Rimini Thermal Baths. This Spa, where Wellness services are based on therapeutic muds and water from thermal springs.

CHem zanyatsya?

Relax on the beach

The beaches stretch for 15 kilometers on the Adriatic sea. This is not only a place for swimming, beach and restaurants it is also a place for all kinds of entertainment events, which pass all season until 15 September.

Rivabella. Public free sandy beach, located just two kilometers from the city centre. There are a lot of beach activities, however, unusual: belly dancing lessons, yoga courses, sports.

On the beach are held folklore festivals, wine tasting, boules on the sand. On the beach you can rent any beach equipment, there is a Playground in the area of shoreline has many cafes and eateries.

Mirabello. Public free very well-maintained, clean sandy beach, which organizes sports competitions, various festivals, dance contests during the evening fireworks.

You can hire a Pedalo and catamaran.

Bellariva. Sandy beach with a gentle entrance to the sea. It employs a team of lifeguards, rental of beach equipment, there are water rides.

You can rent banana boats and pedalos. For the purity of water and sand beach has received the Blue flag.

Lungomare Augusto. Located almost in the center of the city. Well-developed infrastructure, has everything for an active holiday. Courses are offered for sailing and Windsurfing.

Living at the beach does not stop even at night: discos, parties,festivals dances lasted until dawn.

Mariino Centro. Well-equipped sandy town beach, which for an active holiday.

There are sport equipment rental, beach volleyball, rides. Here courses of drawing, embroidery, yoga lessons.

Otdyh na plyazhe

Nightlife in the city on Placette, where a lot of clubs and discos, numerous restaurants, which are many in all parts of the city, pampers guests with dishes of national cuisine.

Hotels for every taste and wallet will gladly provide lodging and organize a comfortable stay.