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The weather and temperatures in September in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh

Pogoda v sentyabre v Hurgade

With the beginning of autumn in a country like Egypt beach season, you might say, is in full swing. Because the weather in September in Hurghada is as comfortable as possible, and exhausting the heat is not so exhausting vacationers.

And at this time all the Europeans and the citizens of CIS countries try to get to the resort. In addition, the weather in September in Sharm El Sheikh is also becoming very favorable for travelers.

But today we talk more about rest in September in Hurghada.

Climatic conditions

So, the first thing is to say that in this period the weather here is favorable for those who prefer to spend days lying under the sun, and for those who can't stand the hot weather.

After all, the sun in September happy every day, morning to evening, but, nevertheless, it is not so ruthlessly beats down, as it was in August.

With all this in the middle of the day the sun is rather hot, so you will be able to come from such leave with a beautiful chocolate tan.

If to speak about the sea, the water remains warm and reaches an average of 26 degrees. Thus, swimming in the sea will invigorate and cool, because now it is not like a boiling broth.

And the temperature in Egypt in September from 32 to 35 degrees during the day, at night it drops to 24 degrees. So even in the evening can not take a jacketand go for a walk in shorts and dresses. Now here there is a comfortable warm climate, but not unbearable heat.

Klimaticheskie usloviya

What entertainment is available in Hurgarda in September

So, thanks to the excellent weather conditions in this month you will have great opportunities of their leisure time on vacation.

Here you will be comfortable all day and bask on the beach, and ride different kinds of exciting tours of the city and its historical places. While you can go to a different special objects in other parts of this beautiful country.

In particular, you can take a guided tour:

  • in the Egyptian capital Cairo and see all of its interesting attractions;
  • in Alexandria, namely, in the Greco-Roman Museum, Fort of qaitbay and temple of Serapis;
  • or go to Giza and see the famous Egyptian pyramids.

However, in Hurghada there are plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment. So, in September, will be very comfortable here to visit the monasteries of St. Paul and SV.Anthony. These places are a must visit for tourists.

When it comes to entertainment, the weather conditions give the opportunity to go to the water Park, Dolphinarium, or go on exciting and extreme motosafari.

In addition, tourists can ride in a submarine and akvaskop.

But the most memorable impression daring vacationers still gives diving in the warm and pleasant sea with crystal clear water. Beginners should receive training from an instructor, who provide their services on the beaches and areas of the hotels.

It is best to dive to go on a deserted island in order to look at all the beauty of the deep sea. The professionals in this business love to do wreck diving, the study of sunken ships.

Kakie razvlecheniya dostupny v Hurgarde v sentyabre

Prices for holidays

Of course, this period is very popular among tourists. As the weather in September provides the ideal conditions for any type of stay in Egypt. Of course, this directly has an effect on the cost of tours this month.

Immediately after summer the price of leisure in Hurghada tend upwards, but it is worth noting that this increase is not so noticeable when you consider the average cost.

Treasures Of Egypt: Hurghada

Remarkably, this month here reduces the number of noisy young people, as the school year starts, and the opportunity to spend a quiet holiday with your family.

So people who prefer a quiet holiday with all its benefits, can get it in Hurghada at this month.