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The weather and temperatures in September in the UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah)

Pogoda v sentyabre v OAE

September is whispering to us his warm breath on the onset of the peak season.

Because of the decline in temperature to 36-38 degrees, after a painful summer, fun and recreation is just beginning. Comes high tourist influx.

Weather in September in the UAE attracts those wishing to relax, regardless of what calendar we are trying to tell us about the onset of autumn. Hot weather and does not retreat.

But prices for tickets, and Vice versa begin to rise. And the closer the end of the month.

Temperature changes in all its manifestations

It should build on average indicators of temperature fluctuations. Day +38°C, in the evening +28°C.

The highest temperature jumps are observed in the afternoon in Abu Dhabi – periodically reaching the level of +40°C.

Slightly cooler in Ajman — about +39°C during the day, in Sharjah and Dubai — +38°C, in Fujairah , approximately +36°C.

Night too hot and stuffy, the humidity is high, about 72% is supported for almost all day. These moments are not particularly positive effect on comfort for guests.

Only the afternoon humidity drops considerably, however, with nightfall, the situation has returned to normal. Frequent fogsthat often arise in the morning. Autumn rainy weather is no different.

I want to draw attention that water is the September sea is relatively cooler than in the summer. This allows you to freshen up after the exhausting heat.

Off the coast of Fujairah the water temperature reaches +24°C, Abu Dhabi, RAS al Khaimah and Sharjah, the average degree of 27°C. At this point, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of burns or heat stroke.

Therefore, you should summarize and highlight the main features of weather:

  • renewtrient fogs;
  • much high humidity of about 72%;
  • the water warms up to +29 °C.;
  • daytime temperatures in the shade of 39 °C;
  • the average night temperature is 26 °C.

The most comfortable temperature in September in the UAE in the second part of the month, the heat drops more significantly.

The end of September the most popular among tourists. Enjoy your time for relaxing on the beach, hike on a variety of excursions or the world famous water recreation (such as swimming, Windsurfing, etc.).

Temperaturnye izmeneniya vo vseh svoih proyavleniyah


Entertainment actions are fully displayed local flavor. Autumn can not hesitate to call the exhibition season.

Weather in September in the Emirates allows you to hold the most memorable event of the year is the exhibition of equestrian sports and hunting in Abu Dhabi. A long tradition of parade horses, falcons, camels and hounds.

In conclusion, it is a lot of contests and competitions. For example, the contest for the preparation of strong brewed Bedouin coffee, which is added cardamom and is made from unroasted beans.

It is also possible to participate in the auction and bring home a memento of a beautiful horse or camel.

It's time more favorable relationship of the desert to the city, and appears able to conduct tours into the country.

In the desert you can actively spend your vacation, traveling on camels, riding on quads and buggies, as well as taking part in Safari.

Remain happy and shoppers. The season of sales of famous brands at ridiculous prices still continues. If you do not want to be without a memorable purchase, it is necessary to go to these shopping malls:

  • Mall of the Emirates - 400 boutiques, ski resort and 65 different restaurants;
  • The Dubai Mall - hundreds of boutiques of elite clothes, a huge aquarium, a waterfall and an ice rink;
  • Wafi shopping Mall - more than 250 branded stores;
  • Ibn Batutta Mall - six pavilions decorated in the style of the countries that were visited by Arab travellers.

Not less interesting considered as a trip to the cities of the UAE. Weather in Dubai in September, attracted by the pleasant warmth, and the city of technological perfection.

Abu Dhabi is famous for its luxury and colorful local places of worship. Sharjah is a major cultural center. In al Ine most attracted to springs and the zoo, and water Park you can please the palm Jumeirah.

There is another traditional Arabic entertainment is seasonal racing fun sailing Dhow. The organizers of the project is the local yacht club of Dubai - DubaiInternational Marine Club. They are developing their own routes, which have to be clarified in advance.

Razvlekatelnaya programma

Complete satisfaction

The Arab Emirates are considered to be extraordinary, extensively developing state. If you once choose this place to stay, would come back here again.

The main surprise you can be changes. Arriving even after quite a short period of time to see what the weather in Sharjah in September, you may not know, like yourself in the mirror.

Dubai, UAE

You can mystify the prices for permits in the UAE. But, armed with knowledge about how much money to take along for the ride, after reviewing all the benefits of the stay, with dignity to evaluate services and activities for which you pay.