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The weather and temperatures in September in Thailand

Pogoda v sentyabre v Tailande

Holiday in Thailand budget will not name: dear flight and hotel accommodation makes sure to carefully plan a trip to an exotic country, washed on all sides by seas.

It is strongly elongated from North to South, so the province are located in different climatic zones.

Distinguish 5 main regions of Thailand: South, Central, North, northeast, East.

This feature allows to take tourists all year round, but the greatest influx is celebrated in the spring: March to may.

At the end of may - July, the clouds piled in Thailand is the rainy season, which lasts until November.

Heavy rains and floods

The first month of autumn is not the most popular among tourists wishing to enjoy Thai exotic. How abundantly will shed rain, will not undertake to predict the most experienced specialist.

Heavy rains in September affected especially the Central part: the residents of the capital Bangkok, the largest city in Thailand, sometimes you have a whole month to spend in raincoats and rubber boots.

Here there are often floodsbecause some urban areas are below sea level. The Chao Phraya river is used to flood. In some resort areas has a different picture.

Conventionally resort areas are divided into zones:

  • The Andaman sea (Phuket, Koh Lanta);
  • The Gulf of Thailand (Samui, Pattaya, Koh Phangan).

In the first case, the rainy season manifests itself in full until November, but September precipitation becoming less continuous.

It rains almost every dayat sea there are large waves that can only appeal to surfers. On the beaches put up a red flag, warning about the ban on the adoption of water procedures.

The maximum temperature column in the afternoon rises to 29 degrees at night drops to +25.

In the area of the Gulf of Thailand more calm pattern, precipitation in September are often but short. They bring a pleasant freshness, causing profuse flowering of the plants.

Samui is considered to be the warmest resort in September. In the afternoon the temperature reaches 32 degrees, with a decrease at night for 6-8 degrees. Comfortable on the island of Koh Phangan.

The conclusion is obvious: for a beach holiday especially with children to Thailand in September is not suitable. The water is warmed up to 29 degrees, but the sea is often stormy.

High humidity, moderate heat is more suitable for tourists who want to learn better the country. To discover the most exotic places of the time.

Livni i navodneniya

Where to spend time?

First and foremost, to explore the multiple sights.

Buddhist temples, the Royal Palace is beautiful at any time of the year. They allow to know the country's history, culture, unusual for a European tourist.

Only in Bangkok the opportunity to see a five-meter statue of Buddha made of gold.

Delve into the past will allow a trip to the former capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya where the ruins of ancient temple complexes.

September is filled of festivals, the most famous vegetarian (Vegetarian) held in several provinces.

Despite the innocent name, it is considered extreme. The local people appease the gods publicly, and piercing my face in different items, from needles to swords and saws. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

More peaceful competition of elephant Polo, the location – Hua hin. Two teams of three elephants compete in ability to hold the ball, using bamboo sticks.

A pleasant sight accompanied by illustrative presentations, are usually here to sell drawings of elephants and other Souvenirs. Close to the end of the rainy season timed a spectacular boat regatta, taking place in different areas.

Thailand reviews - everything you need to know!

In September in the capital of Thailand for a week come the best chefs from around the world. Food festival attracts master classes, the opportunity to taste gastronomic delights.

In Bangkok in September will show you how to prepare and what. From 9 to 11 September in Bangkok is an international exhibition for food ingredients.

Despite the "wet" season of life in the resorts in full swing, because the Thais love parties, shows, concerts, know how to have fun and entertain guests.

Gde provesti vremya?

Fishing and shopping

A beach holiday does not occupy a dominant place because the sea is often turbulent. In September, favorable weather for surfing, diving.

Withwalk on the yacht will have to wait. Exclusively entertainment is the September fishing. In competitions involving only pictures with a catch. Hooked fish, whatever size they are, let go into the sea.

If Russia September period, picking apples, preparing for winter, in Thailand – a time of rapid flowering of all sorts of unusual plants.

Mandatory items in tourist routes are: orhideea gardens 30 km from Pattaya and the mango grove on the island of Lanta. It covers water in the rainy season, therefore, only in the first month of autumn on it move on a boat.

In Thailand many attractions: natural parks, groves of banana trees, crocodile, elephant farm, water parks, discos. Better carefully think through the cultural program of the city.

Here are some popular places:

  • the Erwan waterfall, with a height of 830 km, in Kanchanaburi province;
  • one of the elephant farms, is considered the most eco-friendly farm near Chiang Mai. Here stand the entertainment, and natural beauty of the national symbol of the state;
  • entertainment for an adult audience – Tiffany show.

Rybalka i shopping

September Thailand attractive for shopping and "budget" tourists. In hotels at this time a lot of available places, tourists are attracted to special offers with big discounts.

The stores are selling summer collection at low prices, reduce the cost of excursions, Souvenirs (especially of the skin, wood), a variety of exotic fruit, ripe in September, for example, Sapodilla, rambutan.

So, the weather in September in the rainy Thailand, the North of the country is shrouded in clouds in the centre of the humidity sometimes reaches one hundred percent, the water's wet.

Most favorable for vacation resorts Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Phuket. The rains are frequent, but short-term.

From the pros: during this period do great discounts on flights, accommodation, buying things and Souvenirs, no crowds in popular tourist areas, nature blossoms, delighting the eye rare colors, giving the opportunity to try exotic fruits.