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Weather and temperature in sentebre in Sevastopol

Pogoda v Sevastopole v sentyabre

Black sea, beautiful beaches, ruins of ancient Greek temples, historical monuments, mountains – all this is the legendary city of Sevastopol.

At all times of its existence it was struck by enemy that seeks to conquer the city, fortitude and courage.

After the return of Crimea to Russia, the flow of tourists once again poured into the Crimean resort cities and towns.

Many choose to travel the first month of autumn and wonder what is Sevastopol, in the autumn season.

What is the weather like in September?

As in other resort towns on the black sea coast, the air temperature in Sevastopol in September begins to decline. On average it is +23-25º day and 13-15º at night.

As can be seen, the temperature contrast is significant, and night walks without a jacket and warm pants, especially in windy weather, not fun. Sea water temperature is +21 degree centigrades.

It is quite suitable for swimming, but finding such a mass of tourists in the water are observed.

What is the weather forecast for September? Sevastopol may be granted a few days of rain, and possible storms. But in total for the month, these days there are no more than seven.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Where to go?

Weather in Sevastopol in September is conducive to almost all types of leisure activities offered by the sea resort in summer: beaches, swimming, tours, entertainment, concerts and more.

Relax on the beach

The beaches in the autumn season thinning considerably, although there still enough tourists. The reason is the lack of school-age children and their parents, and fans of very warm water. Still, +21 degree centigrades stand not everyone.

In water there is no accumulation of tourists, and it is much cleaner than in July-August. Wild beaches, which are known to few, in General, can be deserted.

A walk in Sevastopol in September – double the fun. First, the city so many interesting and unique attractions, many will not find in any other resort town.

Secondly, sunshine in September, affectionate, and not scorching like in the summer.


The most visited places in Sevastopol on the Nakhimov Square, monument to the Scuttled ships, different memorials dedicated to the defenders of the city during the wars. But if you want to gain a lasting impression, you need to go to the Chersonesus and Balaklava.

Chersonesos – Ancient Greece in the territory of Russia. It was built by about 25 centuries ago, with the aim of settling the crowded site of an ancient Greek state.

Called him the Chersonesus, as it is located on a Peninsula. This translation from the Greek has this word. And in honor of the name of the place added to the adjective Tauride.

Today, the city left in ruins. Only a few buildings survived virtually intact including the temple. Striking in its grandeur and tranquility.

Kuda pojti: dostoprimechatelnosti

The vaults are decorated with frescoes. The entrance is located among the famous columns – the main architectural element of those times. Hersonissos is a real godsend for those who wants, but has no opportunity to go abroad to see the ruins of ancient Greek buildings.

Later Chersonesos became a territory of the Byzantine Empire, and here was baptized Prince Vladimir, who brought Christianity to Russia.

No less interesting is another historic district of the city – Balaklava. Not exactly the area as a satellite town. It is located on the shore of the Bay, more like the Bay and some of the Norwegian fjord.

The city center is located on the top of the mountain Castors, which is crowned by the fortress Cembalo. Balaklava attracts its pristine beaches, whose names are forced to wonder: Silver, Gold, Figs.

No less interesting are the embankments, the first of which was built by the British during the Crimean war. Some time Balaclava was even called the Crimean London.

The third famous landmarkthat you must visit – the Malakhov Kurgan. This is a memorial complex dedicated to the heroes of defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean war and during the great Patriotic war.

On beauty the autumn of Sevastopol you canto watch this video:

Entertainment in Sevastopol

Entertainment in all the resort towns about the same: boat trips, parasailing, riding on "banana" and "tablet", night discos, visits to concert halls, the benefit that the artists toured the Russian sub one by one.

Children can be led in one of the many museums in Sevastopol. Although, in September, come to the South with children of preschool age, and it will be interesting visits to museums. But Aqua and Dolphinarium will not leave them indifferent.

Among the parks most popular "Zurbagan". In Crimea it is the biggest. As intended by Alexander green, "Zurbagan" - the Park of dreams, a fairytale city that built slides for the descent.

Slides here 15. The most extreme – "Black hole" - has a length of 131m. There is a Free fall height of 14 m. Not forgotten in the city of dreams and about the little ones, erecting for them a few low hills absolutely safe.

Dolphinarium in Sevastopol, two. One is located in the Cossack Bay and the other in the artillery Bay. In the opinion of tourists to the Dolphinarium in Cossack Bay you have to go quite far, but the idea there's more varied, and the queues are not like in artillery Bay.

Moreover, in the Cossack Bay, therapy and therapy with dolphins for children and adults.

Razvlecheniya v Sevastopole

Holidays and festivals

The number of annual events in September, of course, less than in the summer months, but they are not less bright and interesting.

About the middle of the month hosts an international film festival. During the festival there are screenings, award nominees.

In the Park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol in September spend the autumn concerts, ballroom dancing competitions, youth festivals artists debutants.

Classical music lovers can visit the classical music festival, in which participate the winners of the international competition. Tchaikovsky and post-graduate students and professors of the Moscow Conservatory.

Thus, the September break in Sevastopol can get pretty intense and give a lot of impressions.

The variety of leisure activities, decay heat, lower prices for accommodation and entertainment, solitude – all this cannot fail to attract even the most experienced traveler.