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How comfortable the water temperature and weather in Anapa and Sochi in July?

Pogoda v Sochi i Anape v iule

July is a great time to make merry your vacation near the sea. If you view the handouts, this month we get a lot of invitations to visit various resorts.

But don't forget about the black sea coast, where you will also find wonderful resorts, is no worse than Egypt or Turkey.

Particularly attractive is the rest in Adler, Sochi, Anapa. So it is not surprising that many tourists are interested in the weather in July in Anapa, which refers to preferred resort areas.

The July weather

This resort is attractive because on the one hand extends in a narrow coastal line with beautiful beaches, and on the other hand is the long ridge of the Caucasus mountains. This is what affects the climate in the region.

Although July is the hottest month, but exhausting heat in Anapa is not felt. It is not felt here and high humidity.

In the daytime the temperature ranges from +26 to +28 degrees, and at night it can drop to 18 degrees. But some days the temperature can rise up to 32 degrees.

It must be borne in mind that the water temperature in Anapa in July is very comfortable for an adult and the body of children, - the water here in the sea warms up to +23, and near the shoreline even up to 27 degrees.

"Wet days" we are not afraid!

It should be noted that the weather in Sochi in July, just as Adler, might not be entirely favorable to rest, as there we felt a little stuffy.

In Anapa this is not observed, what really attracts people suffering from problems with the cardiovascular diseases, but also families with young children.

And although the air temperature in the daytime can "jump" to 32 degrees, but it happens rarely. The same applies to rain, which happens here, but not too often.

But the "wet days" it does not scare the tourists, so they often don't even open their umbrellas. It should be noted that any climate-related hazards here are very rare. July in Anapa is considered to be a stable month; especially enjoyable are the warm evenings.

Where to go, what to see

Naturally, the most pleasant pastime in Anapa in July is connected with the sea. You notice that the water temperature in Sochi in July is very favorable for swimming, but the high humidity (nearly 80%) will not create a complete comfort for guests.

And here in Anapa you can swim in more comfortable conditions. Until recently, Anapa was a small seaside town, and today it is a modern resort that attracts thousands of tourists.

But keep in mind that swimming in the sea is best from 10 to 11 o'clock in the morning and in the evening after 16.00.

This is due to the fact that a day at the beach can quickly scorch. Easy bathing for many vacationers can be annoying, so on the beaches of Anapa offers other entertainment: scuba diving in the sea, swimming on the Board, jet skiing, parasailing behind a boat, water attractions for children and adults. Entertainment here does not work.

Particularly attracted to new entertainment - water-skiing Park "Sea of pleasure". A good rest can be in one of the Nightclubs, or go sightseeing in nearby cities.

There are a lot of beautiful corners of nature. Not only children but also adults are attracted to the Utrish Dolphinarium, where you can watch:

  • seals;
  • dolphins;
  • walruses.

Attracted tourists and "Mud volcanoes" on the Taman Peninsula, the lock "Lion's head", where modern jousting.

We should not forget that Anapa is often called the city of festivals. There are often famous stars of both Russian and foreign music.

What is the price?

Everyone, when planning your vacation in Anapa, must have in mind that prices in July are quite high. Moreover, it may relate not only accommodation, but also travel in taxis and excursions.

And the prices for fruit here this month is through the roof. If you compare the hotels in June, they will be lower about 60% than in July.

The price of a holiday will depend on what the resort or hotel will have to settle and what the ticket will have to take - on 7, 10 or 14 days.

But it should not be too upset because the price in August there will be significantly higher than in July. It turns out that it is better to Anapa to come in July than in other months, as in June the water is still cool, and in August holiday will be much more expensive.