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Weather in Sochi in February, the air temperature and the sea

Pogoda v Sochi v fevrale

The trip to Sochi is a great opportunity to have a good time and great to relax on the famous local resort. Of great importance for the development of local tourism and its infrastructure has had a winter Olympics for which they were built great hotels and sports facilities. Olympic village attracts many lovers of winter sports and the main reason is the weather in Sochi in February.

Weather at the resort in February

Weather in Sochi in February is very fickle. In the daytime the temperature in Sochi in February is usually 9 - 11°C, about 2°C heat. There are frosts, but their probability is much less than in January. The sensation of cold increases the strong wind and dampness. A couple of degrees warmer in Matsesta and Host. Weather in February is rain. Snow is rare and melts quickly. Of course, sea bathing is not possible because water temperatures in Sochi shows 8°C, and in Dagomys and Lazarevskoye - 9°C. So tourists at this time prefer the sanatorium open all year round and in the territory which has indoor pools.

Ski holidays

If the weather in Sochi in February is not conducive to the beach, to the ski slopes, conditions are best, because the last month of the warm winter here with snow. Ski holidays in Sochi in February attracts hundreds of visitors.

Krasnaya Polyana is a great place for skiers, where the Caucasian peaks can be perfectly combined with the proximity of the Black sea.

Snow in Krasnaya Polyana is up to five feet, and on slopes up to seven meters. The day temperature is higher than in January, and at night drops to two degrees below zero. To reach Krasnaya Polyana, you can:

  • car
  • bus
  • taxi
  • high-speed train.

For the convenience of visitors all the bases in the resort are ski lifts and slopes are in perfect condition. There are offices, bars, restaurants, for beginners, a possible instructor services. Due to the large number of visitors have to stand in queues to lifts that increase this weekend as tourists join residents of Sochi. Fans of snowboarding and skiing will appreciate the infrastructure and the magnificent slopes of Krasnaya Polyana. But the conquest of the peaks, you can experience all the delights of the night life, gastronomic pleasure and a wide range of Spa services.

pogoda v sochi v fevrale

Entertainment and excursions

In Sochi in the winter , there are many options for outdoor activities. Especially popular paragliding, horse riding, traveling by helicopter allows you to see the wonderful Caucasus mountains, jeeping. Snowmobiling is a favorite pastime of vacationers. In addition, there were numerous excursions to museums, galleries and attractions of Sochi and the surrounding area, presentation at the Dolphinarium and the Oceanarium in the Park "Riviera", stroll and feeding the swans in the Arboretum, cultural evening in the Winter theatre, various parties in upscale clubs and discos.

At this time in Sochi is SWMG music conference, the largest gathering of DJs from around the world. The program foresees performances of stars of electronic music, which will be held in night clubs.

If you want to take care of your health, February is the best month. Some fifty mineral springs, endowed with healing properties, there are here today. Resorts and resorts have a wide specialization:

  • diseases of the respiratory,
  • cardiovascular,
  • nervous
  • digestive systems,
  • musculoskeletal.

Treatment in Sochi during the winter is more affordable since the cost of treatment is significantly less in comparison with the summer period.

temperatura v sochi v fevrale

Prices for tickets in February

Prices for holidays that exist in the resort district of Sochi in February, democratic enough. In comparison with the summer period, prices drop by 40%. Most budget travelers can afford to stay in room 5-star hotel or a nice apartment.

In Krasnaya Polyana there is another principle of pricing. February is the month of high season, so prices for housing and entertainment maximum. But, despite the high cost, you can always find an acceptable option. At the same time, the condition of the trails and the quality of service is at the level corresponding to world-famous resorts of Europe.

Weather in Sochi in February and the wonderful nature of Caucasus, will give you a charge of vivacity, energy, will provide the opportunity to see many interesting places and to improve their health without leaving Russia!