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The weather and temperatures in September in Sudak

Pogoda v Sudake v sentyabre

In order to spend quality leisure time in September, do not have to go to overseas countries.

Our country is also sufficient resortsthat offer quality service and surprise a lot of attractions.

One of such resorts is the perch, located in the South-East of the Crimea. In Sudak large number of hotels, health resorts and sanatoriums.

Stay in this city is suitable for young people and couples.

Weather conditions

September in Sudak observed the velvet season. At this time, the resort is not as crowded and the cost of all services usually falls on the third.

In September very comfortable to get acquainted with the local sights and relax on the beaches. This month, the beaches are almost desertedand you can fully enjoy the nature and mountain climate resort.

In September there was a decline of tourists and you can find cheap accommodation as in hotels and the private sector. At this time, you can stay in tents which will allow you to spend time with nature and save money.

In September, very few tourists, which are placed on the shore in tents, so that you choose the most comfortable place of leisure.

Since the perch is surrounded by mountains, the sea water cools very slowly and the resort is not observed cold autumn winds. Rest in the pike perch it is possible to mid-October.

In September, the air can warm up to 26 degrees. The average temperature is 23 degrees. At night, the temperature usually does not drop below 18 degrees.

In the early and mid-September the sea water is very warm – about 24 degrees. However, by the end of the month it can drop to 19 degrees.

Going on vacation in Sudak in September, you can not take warm clothes. Starting to get cold here in October.

The most comfortable months for holidays in Sudak are considered to be July and August. In September is also quite a comfortable temperature, but the possibility of rain. Sometimes at night the temperature can drop to 16 degrees.

Due to frequent rains leisure on the beaches can be uncomfortable. However, in most cases, weather in Sudak to mid-October, happy tourists.

Come here to relax a large number of young couples and the elderly. The most comfortable to rest in September couples. At this time, the beach is almost deserted and the sea water is warm.

Pogodnye usloviya

Where to spend time?


In September in Sudak there is a lull, which is ideal for a peaceful family holiday.

At this time there is no large-scale festivals and holidays, although all entertainment venues operate in the same mode.

In September, the best time to visit attractions and sample local cuisine:

  • Botanical reserve;
  • winery "Sun Valley";
  • Lutheran Church;
  • Sudak fortress;
  • the Church of St. Elijah and the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God;
  • cave monastery;
  • mountain Falcon and Alchak;
  • busts of the artist I. K. Aivazovsky and composer A. Spendiarov;
  • sanctuary New Light;
  • Cape Kapchik.

Holidays and festivals

Among the festivals that celebrate in September, you can celebrate the birthday of the city. The duration of the holiday is 3 days.

At this time Sudak hosts various music concerts and discos. You can get acquainted with local wines and participate in sports tournaments.

In September the festival of rock music "Cinema first". At this festival you can meet riders from different corners of the earth.

Here comes a lot of guests are usually accommodated in tents. Festival takes place near the Genoese fortress.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

Things to do in Sudak in September?

September is a great time for fun and relaxation at a comfortable beach. Very popular among tourists enjoy the water Park.

A large number of water slides and entertainment for children will allow to organize high-quality family entertainment. On-site water Park, several pools and a cafe.

Service in the Park at a decent level – everyone is welcome here to rest and offer plenty of entertainment.

In Sudak large numbermuseums, clubs and parks. It is easy to find entertainment for elderly and young people.

The city's many Nightclubs and concert halls. The cost of leisure is low compared to the rest in foreign countries.

In September, prices for excursions and various events are reduced almost two times. You can find very cheap accommodation and relax without compromising their budget.

The advantages of leisure in the pike perch - the low cost of services, a large number of attractions and recreational opportunities, quality leisure time with their children. As well as the possibility of staying in tents, medical procedures and clean and equipped beaches.

Sudak is famous for crystal beaches. In September, the beaches are very few tourists, which makes the leisure ideal location and quality. All the beaches have well-developed infrastructure and are cleaned regularly.

In September, the beaches are not so much fun and practically do not conduct any activities. However, there is a large number of sports and you can rent a boat or a boat.

In Sudak developed water sports. If necessary, you can rent all the necessary equipment for leisure. The cost of renting sports equipment in September low.

Popular scooters, bananas and skiing. You can go Windsurfing or paragliding.

In Sudak several sanatoriums, where the treatment is carried out. Among them are the "pike" and "Horizon".

Motels welcome guests all year round, but most comfortable to rest here in September.

CHem zanyatsya v Sudake v sentyabre?

The favorable climate and small influx of tourists contributes to a better quality leisure time.

The perch is ideal for high quality economical beach activities. In September, the cost for all services is significantly reduced.

Tourists are very few in the city, ideal for family entertainment. A large number of attractions and museums will spend time with benefits.

At desire it is possible to improve health in local resorts and spas.

Despite all the advantages of Perch before the rest of the resorts should be prepared that tourism will ruin the rains.

Usually in Sudak in September, warm and windless. But there are exceptions in the form of small storms and rains.