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Weather in Thailand in August (temperature in Phuket, Pattaya)

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Thailand – the land of dreams and fulfillment of dreams. Many residents of large cities are looking forward to a vacation in order to plunge into the atmosphere of exotic beauty and amazing entertainment.

Endless beaches, picturesque Bay and majestic mountain ranges beckon its guests, taking them from the endless flow of cases and the everyday hustle and bustle.

This article will tell you what is the weather in Thailand in August, what to do and what to see here in late summer.

So, you have planned your vacation in August and intend to go to Thailand. The main topics that are of interest to all tourists, are the questions about the weather and the attractions of Thailand.

Temperature in Thailand in late summer

Late summer is the season of high humidity and large amounts of rain in Thailand.

In the daytime the air temperature warms up to + 30-33 degrees and at night drops to 16-20 degrees Celsius.

A feature of the weather in Thailand in August are almost daily tropical rains.

Most often precipitation occurs in the late afternoon. There are daily short downpours that freshen the air and chased away the sultry heat.

But do not think that the weather in Thailand in August all the time rainy and cloudy. Thai rain – an amazing spectacle: the wall of water covers the resort for a short time (usually the rain lasts no more than 30 – 40 minutes).

As a rule, this phenomenon occurs at night, so those who love to bask on the beautiful beaches, and give your body a pale bronze shade, can be rest assured that their stay will be under the hot sun.

But even if the period of your holiday precipitation will fall during the day, then usually an hour after the rain puddles is not a trace remains.

Water in August in Thailand is well heated and reaches 25-30 degrees. The waves of the sea are almost absent, so August is the perfect time for swimming in Thailand.

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The issue price

Buying summer things to do in Thailand much cheaper than the winter. In August the trip cost 30-40% cheaper than other months of the year.

Choosing a summer holiday in Thailand, you'll be able to buy a ticket and visit the most popular exotic in the world.

Many tour operators offer last minute, getting that you can save some money. The cost of stay in Thailand depends on the city in which you are heading. If it will be popular resorts like Samui, Pattaya or Phuket, the price will be higher than in less popular cities of Thailand.

And of course the price in exotic Thailand will depend on the choice of the hotel. If you wish to spend your vacation in a luxury hotel, be prepared to shell out a tidy sum. But if you prefer to rent a room in a cheap hotel with minimal service, this holiday will cost much cheaper.

Among the most popular resorts of the pearls of Thailand stands out Pattaya and Phuket. These resorts are famous for noisy night life, and is the epicenter of exotic entertainment.

Restless resort Pattaya

True connoisseurs of the bustling nightlife and vibrant entertainment choose Pattaya as one of the best resorts of Thailand, where day and night entertainment facilities and are stunning shows.

Usual weather in Pattaya in August is less rainy than in Phuket. Almost all precipitation falls in the night, so a complete rest on the beach for the day you provided.

On the basis of meteorological data for the last 15 years, it can be argued that the air temperature in the daytime in August of this year will not fall below 27 - 28 degrees Celsius.

In August, Pattaya is about 15 rain in a month. It is relatively not a lot. The most rainy month is September, for which the city falls to 320 mm of precipitation. The water temperature here in late summer up to 29 – 30 degrees Celsius.

Holidays in Pattaya in August has affordable prices for tickets and entertainment, and a relatively small number of tourists.

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Where to go?

The standard vacation spot of the resort are the magnificent beaches. In August there will be spacious and comfortable. The most popular beach of the resort – a 6-kilometer sandy Jomtien beach.

It is located in the South of the resort, and in August the high waves, so surfers will have a great time on this beach.

If you are still caught up with the rain or are bored with beach holidays, go onattractions Thailand"> excursions in Pattaya a lot of them.

For example, you can visit the zoo, Khao Kheow, which has 8 000 fauna. Also visit the amazing elephant Villagewhere you can ride the big-eared giant and see an amazing show.

Another popular place of resort – theme Park "Mini Siam". Here is a collection of models of architectural monuments of Thailand and other countries. In all there are about 100 models.

Don't forget that Pattaya has a lively nightlife in August. Usually the peak of fun was observed in the southern part of the resort. Traffic in this part of the city in the evening overlaps, on the street out young boys and girls, and welcome tourists for disco and show programs.

Almost all institutions are working around the clock. In August at the resort are colourful festivals that will satisfy any visitor to Pattaya.

The most popular resort in Thailand – Phuket

In August in Phuket continue with short tropical rains. However, in General the weather in Phuket in August is quite comfortable. August is the least rainy month in the summer at the resort.

In the afternoon the air temperature rises to 30 degrees Celsius, and night - drops to 25 degrees.

During August, here at an average is 17 rainand often strong winds blow. August is the perfect time for surfing in Phuket, but the skinny on some days can be dangerous.

At the end of the summer in Phuket is very warm and comfortable: heavy rains remove the heat and refresh the air. Besides resting here in August are relatively few, but a lot of exotic fruits.

Prices of tours to Phuket in August, lowerthan in any other month. So, if you want cheap to stay in the popular resort of Thailand, August is the perfect time.

What to see?

The August rains sometimes interrupt the usual beach holiday in Phuket. But this does not mean that you have to sit around and wait for the sun.

Phuket has a large number of museums (Museum of Thalang, the Thai Hua Museum, shell Museum, mining Museum). Due to the small number of tourists, the prices of tickets to museums in August will be low.

You can also visit the aquarium. It collected a huge number of exotic fish which you will not see anywhere else.

Phuket is a Buddhist town in Thailand, so arriving at the resort, visit Buddhist temples. You can hear the sound of a Buddhist Gong and to see the legendary statues of the Buddha.

On a rainy August day in Phuket can be seen from the height of bird flight. Climb one of the lookouts of the city: experience the beauty and grandeur of the resort.

Treat yourself to shopping. It is an interesting exercise in Phuket. In August, prices on local goods is not too high, but if you visit the shops in rainy weather, sellers are you a good yield.