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Weather in Thailand in February: what is the weather in Phuket, in Pattaya?

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The last month of winter, attracted to the "land of a thousand smiles" a lot of tourists and the main reason is the weather in Thailand in February. The February weather is perfect for visitors. At this time, all the resorts reigns mild climate, water and air travelers only give pleasant surprises and entertainment are astonishingly varied.

Thailand in February is one of the attractive places for vacation where everyone will find something fun to do.

Weather in February

Before you go on a trip, every tourist will wonder: what is the weather in Thailand in February? This month is called in Thailand "velvet season". Lack of rain allows vacationers to enjoy the wonderful warm sea and hot sun, choosing as a holiday on the beach and excursions.
The weather is dry, precipitation almost throughout Thailand fall in a small amount. For those who don't like even a little rain would be most appropriate vacation on the island of Phuket, which is characterized by the smallest chance of precipitation. In other parts of the country precipitation is possible, but usually they are short and usually at night.

Weather in Pattaya in February is perfect for tourists with young children who go to Thailand to swim and get a nice tan. Water of the Andaman sea warms up to 28°C and in the Gulf of Thailand to 27°C. Day temperature at all the resorts is 32°C and at night drops to 23°C.

Weather in Thailand in February depends on tropical storms formed in the South China sea. The increasing wind, lifting the waves, brings with it tropical storms. Wave height 1-2 meters, emerging off the coast of Samui, and the marine 3 foot waves - a pledge of good mood and the rest of extremists.

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Tours in Thailand

Going for the first time to travel to Thailand, please note on tours offered by various travel agencies. Travel is wonderful versed in the peculiarities of the climate of Siam coast, a landmark in the local festivals and holidays will be as comfortable as possible to plan your holiday. The cost of tours to Thailand is in the range of 30 000 rubles. per week, possible offers of hot tours with the same value in two weeks. The price includes airfare, insurance during travel and stay in a hotel.

Visited Thailand in February, you can celebrate the New year according to the Chinese calendar. The celebration, which lasts in Thailand week, will be remembered for its bustling bazaars, beautiful rituals, lush mesmerizing processions and colourful show.

Phuket's celebration of the Chinese New year flows in the festival "Old town", held annually and not inferior to new year's events in the brightness and brilliance. Tourists partial to Thai culture and history must visit this festival.

Chiang Mai in early February became the center, attracts lovers of beauty. Here is the famous festival of colors, which displays works of horticultural art.

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Tours in the hotel-garden "Dasada", located on the North of the country, is filled with romance and attract visitors of all ages. Specially for Valentine's Day is known florists of Thailand create a gigantic composition made of white and pink flowers. Other hotels are also preparing the program for this wonderful event, showing fiction and fantasy. Dinner, candles, the ocean shore - this picture of traditional Thailand.

Romantic and pleasant holiday in February is a trip to strawberry fields.

Pattaya in February is the venue for "Burapa" - a three-day festival of bikers. The celebration is accompanied by:

  • speeches paratroopers,
  • bike show,
  • presentation cool bikes,
  • the fire show.

"Burau" attracts bikers of Thailand, foreigners are Russians.

Stay savage

If you plan to spend in Thailand for about a month, then independent travel is more profitable. Flights Moscow - Phuket can be implemented over a 10 900 RUB Acquainted on the Internet with offers of rooms in hotels, houses and apartments to find the necessary housing. Moreover, the supply of private owners of homes do not have their own sites, much cheaper. The most basic accommodation can be rented for$ 30 a day, middle-class hotels are taking 70-100$ for the room, the high level start from 350$. Taking a room for more than one week, there are discounts.

Excursions and entertainment

The most popular tours and travel in natural areas that are truly unique. On the mainland are concentrated scenic parks, breathtaking national parks, Botanical gardens and zoos. I would particularly like to highlight Park Nam-Tok-Mae-Surin cave Us a Lot,attracting their stalactites and stalagmites, and a 100-foot waterfall of the six tiers.

Tham PLA attracts colorful Kingdom underground streams, which are teeming with millions of colorful fish. Near the capital is located Samutprakarn, famous for its crocodile farm Pets which are endangered reptiles. There are over 60 000 species of crocodiles.

A storm of emotions will cause familiarity with Islands, resort gems of this wonderful country. Thanks to sea travel will open a completely different Thailand, unspoiled by the tourist industry.

The choice of cruises is impressive. You might join a tour, or if funds allow, take a boat rental and visit less-explored corners. Interesting trip to Chiang Mai in the North of the country. His tribes are not taking advantage of the benefits of the 21st century, a fairly good-natured and willing to communicate with visitors. The best souvenir is a photo with women of Karen tribe, the long neck decorated with a spiral ring.

Trips to Thailand in February

Trips to Thailand in February also in demand, as in January. Especially popular are Phuket and Pattaya.

Weather in Phuket in February is set to warm and a vacation spent here is considered the most successful.

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The price is quite high, but somewhat lower than earlier in the year. If before the holiday in Thailand was considered to be a penny and the ratio of the Thai baht against the ruble was 1:1, then at the moment it is 1:2.

Prices for food, entertainment and services has doubled. But still, in comparison with the similar rise in price of holidays in Europe, travel to Thailand can be considered budget. Weather in Thailand in February, nature is wonderful, inexpensive service make the stay attractive for millions of tourists.