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What is the weather and water temperature in Tunisia in April?

Pogoda v Tunise v aprele

If the holiday fell in April, there is no better place than Tunisia for vacation impossible to find. weather in Tunisia in April, brand will delight all vacationers. The only things to forget about is water treatments, as the sea warms only up to 15-16 degrees. But low water temperature in April in Tunisia can be compensated by stopping at hotels with pools where the water is heated much faster and ideal for swimming. Average temperatures in April are in the area of 24-26 degrees during the day and 12-15 at night. Therefore, if during the day you can safely wear a t-shirt, for an evening stroll you will need more warm clothes.

Coastal areas of the country and their climatic conditions allow to look at Tunisia from a completely different side. At this time on the coasts of many beautiful blooming plants, but in the depths of the country with each passing day it becomes hot and you can feel the breath of the desert.

Most tourists enjoy it sunbathing on the beaches, as this is the time you can get a decent tan without fearing for their skin. The most impatient, wishing to swim in the sea rather than the pool, you can go to the island of Djerba, where much warmer. Djerba is a favourite place for divers who come here because of unusually pure water.

temperatura v tunise v aprele

Excursions in Tunisia

Many tourists believe that April is the best place to explore. Few trips limited to one resort at a time. Temperature readings APR contribute to major attractions.

One of the most popular destinations - a trip to the Sahara. Those who have not visited in the Sahara, went to Tunisia. In may in the desert, daytime temperatures often exceed +35, which is not suitable either for tours or for riding the bus. But +23-25 April - optimal conditions. Many companies offer a trip to the Sahara, but the most exciting of them includes:

  • the hike to the amphitheater;
  • familiarity with local cave inhabitants (Berbers);
  • visit of the oases in the desert;
  • waterfalls in mountainous areas;
  • camel riding;
  • jeep Safari;
  • the sunrise and sunset in the desert.

The temperature in Tunisia in April, favors and other fun sea walks. It can be both a sightseeing tour on a small boat and a romantic dinner with the best dishes. Every tourist can choose the duration of such voyage. If you want you can rent fishing gear and go fishing. Company offering fishing, not only help to get equipment for fishing, but also to show the best fishing spots.

A lasting impression on the guests of Tunisia produces the building of Carthage. Although the main attraction has almost collapsed, it attracts a lot of tourists while the archaeological excavations are still underway. A mighty world power was destroyed almost completely.

Children and adults can visit the amusement Park Carthage Land, which is devoted to Carthage. This is a sort of Disneyland Paris with many attractions, shops, water Park and food establishments.

Wildlife lovers can visit the Park Phrygia, where many rare animals are kept almost in their natural conditions. Here you can see lions, elephants, camels, monkeys, ostriches, giraffes. In the Park there is a national cuisine restaurant where you can eat after a long tour.

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Cuisine Of Tunisia

Regardless of what the weather in Tunisia in April, be sure to get acquainted with national dishes. On the formation of culture was influenced by European countries, and Arabic. Cooking country closer to the European, therefore, ordering the dish, you can not worry that it will be too spicy. There is only one very spicy seasoning (harissa), from which you can unsubscribe. By the way, in April you can buy a lot of juicy fruits and vegetables. Despite the fact that they are sold directly on site, it is better to go a couple of blocks away, where the prices of similar products will be much lower.


Many tourists want to buy Souvenirs in memory of the visit of Tunisia. Most popular buying hookahs. You can buy a cheap model as a souvenir, and a huge hookah, made of quality materials.

Women's clothes made of silk and gold jewelry of Tunisia known to the whole world. It should be remembered that the indigenous people are respectful of the listed people. So, before you purchase any product, you should a good bargain. Often the purchase price can be reduced by 25-30, or even 50%.

As a gift to loved ones can purchase a bottle of quality olive oil. In Tunisia grow tens of millions of olive trees, so olive oil is the national pride.

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Tunisia is a safe country for any tourist. Law and order is controlled very carefully. A night walk is absolutely safe. The only place where you need to be cautious, markets and crowded. Here an inattentive guest of the country can catch a pickpocket.

In most cases, guests of the country are women. This is because the thalassotherapy Tunisia is famous all over the world. The thalassotherapy center offers quality services at wrap and smearing, and their cost is considerably lower than other popular European resorts. In addition, the beach season in April, has not yet opened, so the price and convenience of every tourist. For example, in April, for a stay of an average price category will have to pay about $ 600-700, while in may prices will rise by about a quarter.