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What is the weather and water temperature in Tunisia in July?

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The height of the tourist season in Tunisia is in the middle of summer. So July is the appropriate comp time for those wishing to spend a holiday on the beach in this Mediterranean country.

Tourists planning to visit Tunisia in July, the weather will delight consistently. The sun shines in the morning, afternoon, evening for 12 hours, and the thermometer shows stable temperature over 30 °C, decreasing by the evening to 24 °C.

And in some especially hot days, at noon the temperature rises to 35 °C. Therefore, the essential attributes of tourist equipment should be a headdress and sunscreen.

Sea like fresh milk

July is the hottest summer month in Tunisia. The peak is in August. And in July, vacationers will find:

  • body, temperature that allows for prolonged swimming;
  • relatively low humidity (below 55%) to better cope with the heat, the tourists from countries with a colder climate;
  • warm night with a comfortable temperature (~24 °C), which allows for long evening walks and give the opportunity to relax from the exhausting heat of the day.

Summer Mediterranean sea off the coast of this North African country metaphorically compared to fresh milk. The water temperature in Tunisia in July is 24 °C, and in Djerba, a very popular tourist island, gets even to 28 °C.

The sea is almost always calm, and the storms are quite rare. But little excitement of the sea surface from time to time occur even in the absence of wind.

Carnival July 24

Traditionally, the main pastime of tourists in the hot days of July will be the sea and sunbathing. White sand and sapphire sea on the background of emerald vegetation will forget all troubles and enjoy every day of vacation.

The hottest day of the Tunisian people has long been considered on 24 July and are throwing a celebration with a carnival, parades, dances.

Following a long tradition, the Tunisian people pour water on each other. They are joined by the most active holidaymakers, for whom this pouring is a real salvation from the scorching heat.

The same deliverance from the heat, and bring the boat trips that you can go on a boat, the boat with the crew on a pirate ship with all its attributes, including the courageous corsairs.

Journey along the picturesque Mediterranean coast with live entertainment, and sometimes fishing and unforgettable swimming in the open sea.

Diving enthusiasts will be interested to get acquainted with the underwater inhabitants off the coast of Tunisia. And although the sea is not so rich in marine populations, like the Red sea, but you can see the red mullet, carp, colorful African fish, squid, and even octopus.

The best place for diving – the Mediterranean's largest coral reef, which is near the resort of Tabarka, which is the largest Tunisian diving centre.

While vacationing in Tunisia, it is difficult to refrain from trips to the famous Sahara desert. Tourists can travel by camel or by jeep, but the most extended is the bus tour, in which tourists can:

  • visit the Roman amphitheater;
  • visit the caves of Matmata and communicate with their inhabitants, the Berbers, the indigenous inhabitants of the Sahara;
  • relax in the mountain oases;
  • enjoy the views of waterfalls in the mountains of the desert;
  • admire the desert sunrise and sunset;
  • camel;
  • go on a jeep Safari.

Young tourists should definitely visit the Arab Disneyland, which bears the name of the Museum Scheherazade 1001 nights at the resort Tozer. In Hammamet they are waiting for the water Park, Disneyland, the zoo, and even an ice skating rink.

Prices for services

Many tourists going on holiday to Tunisia, is not only interested in the question - what is the weather in Tunisia in July, but prices for tourist services in this time of year.

Although Tunisia falls into the category of relatively inexpensive resort places of the Mediterranean coast, the cost of the tour depends on many factors. But it is obvious that the prices for services in July, significantly higher than the winter prices, with the exception of Christmas and new year holidays.

Very important is selected the hotel because of the 5 star hotels will never be cheap. Price per day in the room of this hotel starts from 6-7 thousand rubles. And here are 2-bed rooms in 3 star hotels, even in July, can be found for 3-4 thousand rubles per night, and sometimes even cheaper.

For tourists who have no particular preference, you can look for more affordable options with "burning tours", although in July the time find them very difficult.

Almost all hotels have their own SPA, where in addition to cosmetic services and conduct sessions of thalassotherapy, which uses for Spa treatments, sea water, algae, marine mud. You can go as a separatetreatments and procedures designed for 1-12 days.

These courses consist of 4 main procedures, the order of which changes daily. The cost of one day course is about 90-100 euros. But over a longer course, the cost of one day of the course is reduced.

On the tour prices also vary greatly. The cheapest ones are sightseeing tours: Suss – 7-8$, Carthage is$30.

But a visit to Sahara will cost 70-80$, and also separately have to pay for Safari.

But what would the fun and entertainment that is not visited by tourists who travel to Tunisia will surely remain in their memory for a long time.