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Weather, temperature of water and air in September in Tunis

Pogoda v Tunise v sentyabre

If your holiday fell at the beginning of autumn, Tunisia is quite suitable for it.

Weather in Tunisia in September, almost summer, a little reminiscent of the coolness of autumn.

It allows you to simultaneously and spending time on the beach and be active tourist rest.

Temperature mode

Conventionally, the Sep can be divided into two periods:

  • the beginning of the month (approximately up to 10 numbers) – is characterized by the August heat, the average day temperature is 32 degrees Celsius, but the thermometer rise up to 40°. A little cooler in the evening +22° C, night temperature does not fall below + 18°;
  • middle, end of the month, on the temperature regime reminiscent of the approach of autumn. Day +27°, the night minimum temperature of +19°. In the southern part of the country in the second half of September is a little warmer: in the afternoon +28°, in the evening +21°, at +19 °.

The average temperature in Tunisia in September at +30 °, at night +24°.

The water temperature in the sea also has for the water: it is not like fresh milk, but at 25-26 ° to swim quite comfortably. In the South, off the coast of Djerba, the water reaches +29°.

By the end of the month, the temperature in the Mediterranean is somewhat reduced, but very cool has no time, and is +24 °.

The maximum sea temperature in September here was +30 ° and a minimum of +24 °.

Thus, temperature of air and water in Tunisia in September allows you to continue beach season.

Temperaturnyj rezhim

Weather conditions

Weather in Tunisia in September is not as hot as in August, but still warm, with a comfortable rest. Since the mid of the month, the morning becomes a cool, slightly windy.

By the end of the month the weather more like autumn: when the wind increases, the sea, the waves appear, but these phenomena usually occur after lunch, in the evening and in the morning, as before, you can enjoy the calm waters and the sun.

Sometimes a few days of September can be rainy: in the South the rain can remind myself two or three times, in the Central part to four times per month.

The rains are scant, short-lived, lasting no more than two hours. By the end of the month, the number of rainy days increases.

Prices for tickets

September is velvet season in Tunisia, allowing you to get the most beautiful, pale Golden tan.

It's time for a relaxing holiday – no summer influx of tourists, and locals switch to other Affairs, the Tunisian schoolchildren from September 15, sit at their desks – in General, the number of tourists decreases. All this affects the price.

Compared to August, the cost of a family holiday is reduced to not more than one hundred dollars. During this period, you can conveniently book the Deluxe rooms, as well as relatively low cost options – the choice of the tourists there is a hotel with any number of stars.

To save, book a ticket better at the end of the month – then it will be cheaper.

We recommend you to see the weather on the coast of Tunisia in September:

Leisure in Tunisia in September

Traditionally leisure in Tunisia, tourists are organised in the following way: the first half of the day spend at sea, the second – dedicate active recreation.

Mild weather creates all conditions for tours to explore the attractions of the country. In Tunisia you can see:

  • the Bardo Museum is the largest Museum of the country, which holds exhibits of prehistoric, Punic, Roman, Christian, and Muslim periods. The Museum is famous for its collection of Roman mosaics;
  • Museum Dar Ben Abdallah Museum of the 18th century, decorated with colored ceramics, marble tiles, paintings on wood. Famous exhibition of wax figures of the 18th century;
  • the mosque of olives – the oldest temple of the capital (8th century), according to legend was built on the site of a miraculous olive tree. For rituals, use only rainwater. Tourists at the mosque attract a chandelier in the Venetian style, majestic columns with capitals;
  • the mosque Hamouda Pasha – 17th century Church built in the style of Muslim Baroque. Decorated octagonal minaret;
  • the Catholic Cathedral of St. Vincent – the temple in mixed (Gothic, Byzantine, Moorish) style, built in the 19th century and dedicated to the Saint, finding in the Tunis slavery;
  • Orthodox Church of Resurrection built in the 20th century, is located in the center of the capital, in the office quarter;
  • Maritime Museum Salammbo – Oceanographic Museum of the 20th century, containinga collection of sea-themed exhibits, aquariums in the former battlements of the Fort.

Dosug v Tunise v sentyabre

In addition to tours, with passion time can be spent at various local festivals:

  • festival "Trident of Neptune" with the participation of fishermen, who deftly managed a spear for fishing;
  • festival coral with the participation of divers who demonstrate mastery photochemic underwater, learn to dive;
  • the festival of the sea – the hunt for octopus, cooking with them;
  • festival of the cavalry – riding competitions;
  • wine festival – tasting wine beverages;
  • rallies, demonstrationsassociated with the celebration of Independence Day.

You can organize a journey across the Sahara on camel, jeep, Quad. For safety in the wilderness is better to go with a good conductor, with long shawls and drops to protect your eyes from the sand.

In the evenings in Tunisia to visit coffee shops, restaurants, discos, dive into the depths of life.

If you want personal experience to know what is the weather in March in Tunis, to see the deserted beaches, get a nice tan – go there in September.

It was during this period, you can perfectly relax in the sun, and also to devote time to active travelers, not exhausted from the heat.