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Weather in Turkey in April: the temperature in Antalya, Kemer, Alanya

 Pogoda v Turcii v aprele

Weather in Turkey in April, confidently alluding to the fact that beach season is just around the corner. Daytime temperatures in the most popular resorts usually do not exceed 23 degrees Celsius, but at night the temperature drops to 9-11 degrees. Therefore, to stay at one of the resorts is important to take warm clothes.

In addition, the temperature in Turkey in April is not the highest, probability of precipitation is quite large. Averages say that the APR is not less than 9-10 rainy days. In most cases those rainy days fall on the first half of the month, when spring is surely starting to come into its own.

In April, with each new day the temperature of air and water in Turkey is gradually increasing. If at the beginning of the month, the water is not heated above 18 degrees, and in some resorts, up to 21 degrees, and only a few tourists dare to swim in the sea, in the middle of the month, the water is heated to a comfortable 24 degrees.

Weather in Turkey in April and now the beginning of the truly warm spring. Heavy clouds vanish over the sea right up to autumn. Most of the hotels open booking and hospitably opens its doors, starting with the twentieth of the month. Some tourists are not afraid of 18-degree water temperature, but most tourists prefer swimming in pools with heated on-site hotels or sightseeing trips.

Stay in Alanya

Faster all beach season starts in Alanya. Weather in Alanya in April, has a right to the opening of the bathing season. Of course, not everyone dares to dive and in 22-degree water, but to sunbathe under the warm spring sun all day without the fear of getting burns on the skin. Already in the beginning of April, opens the beach season, and a trip to Alanya at the beginning of the month is recommended for those who want to relax in a casual atmosphere. At this time in the resort are practically no tourists, although weather conditions are conducive enough to a comfortable stay.

Spring in Alanya is quite rapidly and precipitation is beneficial to the flowering greenery of the resort. The temperature is in the range of 21 degrees.

Due to the fact that the high season lasts in the country since may, not all hotels can work, but it is likely to settle in a comfortable room at an affordable price. April is best suited for sightseeing trips. Since April, the resort hosts many contests, sports competitions and other events, check the schedule which is possible only before the start of the official season.

temperatura v turcii v aprele

Vacation in Antalya

Antalya is one of the most popular resorts of the country. Weather in Antalya in April, truly summer. The rains have ceased at the end of March, and daytime temperatures reach 21-22 degrees. Although the city itself at least two thousand years, the glory of the resort he acquired only in the second half of the twentieth century.

Not all tourists visit Antalya solely for a beach holiday. If the first half of the month will have to rent a car for sightseeing, then in the second half beginning to work a tourthat allows you to gain new experiences from seeing sights.

For example, those who are not accustomed to rest on site, can visit the largest at the resort and the parks Karaalioglu merely to experience unusual flowering plants. You can also swim along the coastline on a yacht or a ride in a jeep over rough terrain. Proponents of more relaxing can visit the local waterfalls, go fishing.

 pogoda v antalii v aprele

Holidays in Kemer

Weather in Kemer in April also contributes to a fairly comfortable rest. However, the swimming in the sea to speak still early. It is best to rent a room in a hotel with heated pool. 18-20 degrees during the day not enough for swimming in the sea, even closer to the end of April, when the water is not heated to a comfortable temperature. There are also rainy days. At this time you can see:

  • national kitchen
  • to go to the SPA-salons,
  • to visit Turkish baths.

Kemer is considered to be a fairly wet area, so in winter there are heavy rainfall. But in the spring this leads to the luxuriant flowering of all plants.

April is a perfect place for shopping enthusiasts. Open all kinds of shops, boutiques, markets, and right in the parks you can buy Souvenirs that will long remind you about visiting Turkey.

In April in Kemer is an agricultural fair, in parallel with which there are concerts and other festive events.

A small number of tourists is ideal for independent local attractions in comfort.

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Entertainment and events in the country in April

Weather in Turkey in April contributes not only to the beach, and familiarity with the culture of the country. The country combines Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman culture, whereby a rich historical heritage.

Journey through the main attractions in the summer may seem too tedious: moving into a crowded bus in the summer thirty-degree heat - not the most comfortable form of entertainment. Hiking in this heat, too, will make not everyone. But April than any other month allows you to get acquainted with the rich history and culture of the country.

In the presence of a driver's license generally you can rent a car and independently to visit all the attractions the specific resort.

In April, Turkey held the feast of the Tulip, as the locals believe that the inside of the Bud is happiness. April 23 is celebrated the independence Day, which coincides with the celebration of children's Day. This area hosts many concerts, parades, performances involving children.

The cost of holidays

Price vouchers for holidays in April are able to please any tourist. Of course, he's a little taller than the winter holiday in Turkey, but much lower than in the midst of the holiday season. However, by the end of the month, the cost of staying in hotels rises to 15-20 percent, but if you book a tour in advance, you can relax at very affordable price.