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What is the weather in Turkey in February in Antalya, in Kemer?

Pogoda v Turcii v fevrale

Not very friendly to southerners the February Turkey is not afraid of Russian tourists wishing to relax in comfort from the boring winter. Of course, not many dare to swim in one of the four seas or undressed on a windswept beach. However, this is a very attractive month to visit the country for shopping or relaxing at a ski resort. Weather in Turkey in February invites you to explore the many attractions of skiing, relax in the comfortable hotels at a very affordable off-season prices.

Where it's warmer?

Climatic conditions affect the temperature difference in different parts of the country. On the Mediterranean coast, the air warms up to 13-14 degrees. Most often it is overcast, sometimes rainy weather. The cool breeze adds comfort and convenience. But the sea is quite warm, 16-17 degrees, but constantly storm. The most suitable places for the rest are side and Alanya. The same temperature on the shores of the Aegean sea and the resorts of the black sea by 4-5 degrees lower.

Raw and unpleasant weather in Kemer in February suggests the presence of fog and periodic rain that unattractive even for our compatriots. Although there are pleasant Sunny days, especially in the second half of the month. Thus, swimming and visiting the beach with the purpose of obtaining a Golden tan this winter month are excluded.

No matter what is the weather in Turkey in February, in the southern part of the country no snow. The sea temperature does not drop lower than 14 degrees, and in the beginning of the month is compared with the performance of warm air. The presence of the warm sea and zero temperature do not allow the appearance of at least a thin snow cover, but on the slopes of mountains and in Northern areas it is enough.

Lovers of outdoor activities

But ski resorts in Turkey where the thermometer does not fall below -10 degrees, encouraging many tourists snow-covered slopes and excellent service.

Weather in Turkey in February, offers a perfect holiday skiers and snowboarders - cool enough for the presence of snow cover, is relatively warm for skiing the mountains and the lack of bright sun that makes the snow on the slope blindingly bright.

The mild winter climate ensures the absence of blizzards and the presence of light frost. Pleasing prices for accommodation and food, the possession of staff of the Russian language, the presence of different trails of varying degrees of difficulty and elaborate infrastructure make the mountain resorts of the country at very attractive facilities for a comfortable winter holiday.

pogoda v kemere v fevrale

What to see in Turkey?

Cool weather in Turkey in February allows you to enjoy visiting the ancient cities, magnificent mosques, marvelous-beautiful palaces, the famous Turkish baths. Summer excessive heat is sometimes a hindrance for exploring the unique attractions of the country, with a long unique history. Additionally, you can pay some attention to their health to swim in the hot springs, pass a health course in a Turkish hospital, to positive emotions in many entertainment establishments and night clubs.

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Comfortable to move temperature in Turkey in February, makes visiting the many bazaars and modern shopping centers are not tiring and enjoyable. From mid-January to late February in the country pass sales. Bright and high-quality knitwear, cozy-warm coats, stylish leather jackets - all of it with pleasure is bought by Russian tourists.

By the way, the presence of the cool weather allows you to throw themselves and purchased a fur coat to smuggle across the border without paying the required duties.

In Antalya, a major Mediterranean resort in the South of the country, there are huge shopping centers - Migros, Depot and Terracity, where you can buy not only the products of local companies and famous brands. Soft and cool weather in Antalya in February comes to a leisurely walk to the shops and a successful shopping. Numerous cafes friendly offers aromatic coffee and delicious Turkish delights. In fact, many major outlets have their own comfortable buses that take customers directly to the airport nearby.

The appeal of the February tour

The cost of a tourist trip to Turkey in February is very attractive. The offseason offers comfortable accommodation in a five star hotel at very affordable prices, no large crowds of tourists when visiting the attractions, the mild cool weather for opponents of the heatwave, comfortable temperature and good service at ski resorts. Trip to Turkey href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-otdyhat-v-fevrale/" title="Where to go in February?">February is a great way to bring the onset of spring.