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What is the weather and water temperatures in Turkey in July: in Kemer, Antalya and Alanya?

Pogoda v Turcii v iule

July weather in Turkey is characterized particularly by heat. The temperature in this region rises to +30-35 degrees. Contribute to Sunny days, windless, cloudless weather, rainfall is very rare in July.

Even in the evening, night, weather in Turkey in July remains stifling heat subsides, after sunset, the temperature never drops below 26 degrees, but this temperature drop is very noticeable.

Night is a wonderful time for walks, dancing, romantic encounters.

Bathe both day and night

Water temperature in Turkey in July on the Mediterranean 26-28 degrees, in the Aegean sea – 24-25 degrees Celsius in Marmaris – about 27 degrees. The sea water is warm throughout the day, in this context, water treatments can be taken in the morning, afternoon, late evening, night.

Subtropical Turkey

Turkey is in the subtropical climate here is very moderate, there are different natural landscapes, mountains, located along the coastline – all this leads to different weather conditions in different parts of the country. Weather at sea is milder than in the mountains.

The July climate in Turkey is very soft, however, the conditions differ in different regions of the country.

In the coastal parts of the country – mild weather, conditions similar to the Crimean weatheron the Mediterranean – oppressive heat.

In side, Belek – very dry, in Beldibi, Kemer – high humidity, similar to the greenhouse effect.

Bodrum is affected by the Aegean sea – for more cool weather than the weather in Antalya in July.

The suffocating heat of Kemer

Weather in Antalya in July is incredibly hot. This resort is surrounded by two-kilometer mountain and the sea. The climate in Antalya, mild Mediterranean, but in July almost constant 30 degrees. There are days when this temperature limit exceeded.

The water warms up to 23 degrees, sometimes higher, but this creates discomfort, because the sea is not refreshing.

In the evening the humidity rises, the mountains are closed by clouds. The wind is refreshing, because the atmospheric pressure is constant. Offshore wind is very rare here. In July, almost no rain.

But the day length is maximum, which contributes to all-day entertainment. Despite educlevel, lots of tourists, they organized different events.

- Heat Alanya

Alanya is located on a mountain promontory at 250 meters. Weather in Alanya in July is hot, the temperature reaches +40 degrees, so excursions, even in an air-conditioned car, very tedious.

The main type of holiday – beach. Here you can stay up to 11 am and after 5 PM. The water temperature reaches + 25 degrees.

Day is better to stay under the air conditioner, as the heat becomes a real challenge. Sultry and evening – after sunset the temperature is at + 21 degrees.

Rain in July here. The air is sometimes very humid, hovers, so people with heart conditions here to be difficult.

Wet Antalya

Antalya is located in a subtropical zone, the temperature in July + 33 degrees, sometimes 40 degrees at night to 25 degrees. Water equals 26 degrees, but it seems too warm, not refreshing.

In the midday sun better not come outnot to get hit, burn. Sun walk is better to choose time in the morning or evening.

In July is extremely humid, in this context, Antalya is not recommended for people with heart diseases, poor tolerance to heat, diseases of the respiratory tract. The duration of daylight is 14 hours. Precipitation in July is missing.

What to wear?

As there is very hot climate, clothing should be lightweight, natural materials. To cover the arms, legs from the scorching rays should take long pants, a jacket with sleeves.

Synthetic fabric in hot weather can cause irritation, so it is better to put aside.

Half-naked to appear on the street not made for walking need a lightweight suit / skirt, dress.

To take the necessary private suit, comfortable shoes, warm clothes in a minimum amount to visit the caves. For restaurants it is important to have sandals / shoes, beach sneakers because some institutions do not admit.

The tour of the caves

The main part of tourists in July, doing a beach vacation. However, there are more tourists on the tour. The most popular tour options:

  • Damlatas cave, located near Alanya. In July – here you can see a breath of coolness – inside the cave humidity 95 %, temperature 22 degrees Celsius. The cave features stalactites, stalagmites. The carbon dioxide level too high, which has a positive effect on patients with asthma;
  • Phosphoric cave is located to the West of Alanya. The name received in connection with the reflections on the walls, the water. The entrance to the cave is by boat (not in stormy weather);
  • Asiklar cave – entrance is at the level of three meters above the sea. Exit the cave, making a dive from eight metresheight;
  • Dim cave – there is a million years. Entrance to land. Famous stalactites and stalagmites.

Among the July heat of a great vacation will be visiting water parks. The most famous of them are located in Alanya, Belek, Antalya, Marmaris, Kemer, Kusadasi, Bodrum.

Don't forget that July is the time shopping in Turkey. At this time, ongoing started in June sales, many store please with the discounts, spend shopping festivals during which you can buy branded stuff at ridiculous prices.

In short, shopping in July, here transformed into a continuous price fall, so tourists hot day, do not spend on the beach, and on a bargain purchase.

Compare prices

Prices in Turkey depending on the season, type of stay, class of hotel. If you compare only seasonal, you can definitely tell summer is here the most expensive stay and the large influx of tourists. Best-paid vouchers – July-August.

But even in the month of July, price is not the same: in the beginning of the month – it is cheaper, and by the end of rises. This trend is characteristic of all the Turkish resorts.

Prices for entertainment in the summer rise, but not significantly, not more than ten percent. The greatest opportunities for travelers is a resort Antalya – there are bars, discos for children – aquarium-tunnel, attractions, waterfalls.

In some 4-5 star hotels also have children's slides, which replace the fleet. However, most of these rides do not meet technological requirements and are more like a decoration of the hotels.

Thus, when planning a vacation to Turkey, it is worth considering weather conditions, think about schedules of trips to take goods. And not to forget that the weather in Turkey in July has primarily a beach holiday.

In General July is the most popular and a month holiday in Turkey.