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Weather in Turkey in March, temperatures in Antalya, Kemer, Alanya

Pogoda v Turcii v marte

In recent years, many Russians have chosen the Turkish resorts. And if someone thinks that you can come here only in the summer, then he is deeply mistaken, because it is a country famous not only for its beach resorts, but ski. So you can send a holiday almost every month. Is no exception and this month March. But it is necessary to say that weather in Turkey in March is quite changeable and something like a frivolous girl.

The temperature in March

Although Turkey is not as big as Russia, but there is a big difference between resort located in the Northern part of the country and those located in the South. If you take the Northern resorts in March, they can draw is that ski lovers than those who prefer a beach resort. And this is the perfect time to go on one of the Northern ski resorts in Turkey, as March is a transitional month; fans of ski resorts are starting to leave this country, and the beach kind of vacation are just starting to arrive here. Therefore, tour operators are beginning to offer last minute at a reduced price.

On the Northern resorts in the mountains even during the day remained below freezing, so there's no problem skiing. If we take into account the southern resorts, they are also in March is still not designed for a beach holiday. And although the temperature in Turkey in March, may day to rise to +15-17 degrees Celsius, but at night there are often blows cold, piercing wind. The weather in General this month reminds the end of winter than spring. If you look at the temperature for the entire month as a whole, it rises only to approximately 4-5 degrees. If at the beginning of March she is 16 degrees by the end of the month - only 19 degrees.

Those tourists who travel to the Mediterranean resorts in Turkey, need to bring warm clothes as jackets and windbreakers. Here the weather is quite changeable.

Weather in Alanya in March can please tourists, - she's here in the day time rises to 20 degrees Celsius. Other resorts only to the end of the month warmer. But this is not surprising because February in Turkey is very rainy month, and in March the temperature slowly rises.

As for the other famous resorts, there is a little bit colder than in Alanya. For example, the weather in Antalya in March can be rainy. Of course, they are not every day, but still will be unpleasant to come here to relax and get out of the rain. In the daytime the temperature here is 15 degrees, but at night it already drops to +7 degrees. Although the temperature in the sea nearly 17 degrees, but swimming is still impossible. Also, similar weather in Kemer in March, but at night the temperature drops to 5 degrees. The sea at this time can be very a storm day with some rain. What you can do in March in Turkey?

Entertainment in Turkey in March

And although the weather in Turkey in March, still quite surly, but tourists do not despair, because in addition to bathing in the sea here is what to do. In the summer, under the scorching sun, many plants on the resorts of Turkey, just dry. In the middle of March here, everything is blooming, green, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature, the smell of spring. Since the middle of March begin to bloom and the orange groves.

For those tourists who like active vacation, you should think about going to one of the resorts in the mountains North of Turkey and to fully enjoy skiing. As in Uludag and palandöken and Erzurum, you can see the advantage of the Turkish ski resorts. But it is worth doing only in the first half of March, because here the slopes begin to warm up and become unsuitable for skiing.

temperatura v turcii v marte

If you stay at one of the resorts of the Marmara sea, you can witness this natural phenomenon as the migration of dolphins. It was at this time a pod of dolphins swim through this sea. They continue to sail through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, heading to the Black sea.

Do not forget that in March of tourists in the resorts of Turkey to become smaller than in summer and winter, so the hotels become cheap. You can even stay in a five star hotel, where you will be able to enjoy a swim in the lovely pools where the water is warmed a little. You can visit spas, which are also characterized by cheap off-season prices. Another entertainment in March can be shopping at malls and boutiques. And it should be said that here at this time can be successfully skimp, because traders will be happy buyers and you can bargain with them.

The Sights Of Turkey

The most common form of recreation in March, is the sightseeing. Andthere is a view on that, because this country is located on the territory of the former Byzantine Empire, and since that time has retained many historical landmarks. But we can say that many monuments remain from the time of Ancient Greece, which is attracting tourists who love to visit historic centres.

But apart from historical sites there are many and natural. One of the best and beautiful places are:

  • thermal springs Balcheva is an unusual place that attracts hundreds of tourists, even in March,
  • You can also visit the cave of Zeus,
  • fire mountain Arantes,
  • mountain Peony,
  • the Dilek Peninsula national Park.

pogoda v alanii v marte

Prices on vacation in March

It is best to Turkey to go in early March because tours at this time the cheapest. We can say that tours almost stop buying in this country, so the tour operators reduce their prices. At this time, the tour may cost $ 300-400. But before buying a round you should see which hotels operate, since many of them are closed for the winter to make repairs. In March committed for tourist trips to different cities that are worth about 50-60 dollars. If you have children, for them the tour will be cheaper in 2 times. Visits to museums will cost around 2-10 dollars. A visit to the Dolphinarium or aquarium will cost $ 20. To save money, it is better to use public transport.