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The weather and temperatures in September in Yalta

Pogoda v YAlte v sentyabre

Yalta is considered the pearl of the southern coast of the Crimea.

This is a resort town with picturesque landscapes, surrounded by mountains, Yalta jajly.

The Yalta resort will satisfy both the adventurers and those who prefer calm and measured rest in the family circle.

What is the weather?

In late August–early September in Yalta, the velvet season begins when the water is heated to the maximum temperature, and the temperature is still quite high.

By early September, the sea usually calms down after a long August storms. Weather in Yalta in September will be Sunny and clear, expected only 2 – 3 rainy days.

The day temperature will be kept at 24 – 26 degrees during the day and 21 – 22 degrees at night. The average humidity is 61%.

In turn, the water temperature in the sea in September will stay at the level of 23 – 24 degrees. Velvet season lasts until the end of September, while air temperature will not start to decrease.

Kakaya pogoda?

Where to spend time?

September in Yalta is like a second wind of summer. Temperature sufficient to bask in the sun, but at the same time does not feel the annoying heat.

This means that the time to explore the wealth of unique Yalta nature, the surrounding area of the big Yalta and its attractions.


Big Yalta – as the locals call southern coast from foros to Gurzuf. Here is concentrated a unique collection of historical heritage of the Crimean people, monuments of nature and architecture.

Tourist route should be laid from the village.To foros foros Church of the Resurrection – a 19th century monument, which towers on a cliff over 400 meters. The cliff offers a wonderful view of the Greater Yalta.

Then the route goes East along the southern coast. Next stop will be the village.Simeiz.

Apart from picturesque landscapes, there are unique mountain ranges – the mountain Cat, the outlines of which, indeed, resemble the silhouette of a creeping cat, and coastal rock Diva with a height of about 45 meters.

The next route point will be the town of Alupka, or rather the Alupka Palace – Museum and the Vorontsov Palacewith an outstanding architecture of the mid-19th century.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

The Palace was the summer residence of count Vorontsov, it was built under the direction of the English architect E. Blore in over 20 years of solid diabase.

Like the exterior and the interior, the exhibition of the Palace is striking in scope, plunges into the atmosphere of a bygone era.

The Palace is surrounded by a picturesque Park, a masterpiece of landscape art, located on an area of more than 300,000 square meters.

The Palace is located at the foot of mount AI–Petri, which is the highest in the Crimea. At the height of 1234 meters, on which is situated a picturesque plateau, tourists raises the longest in Russia unsupported cable car.

From the height of bird flight, the tourists can see the entire southern coast of Crimea, to assess the extent of the unique creations of nature.

Well, for the most desperate adventurers are encouraged pass on the suspension bridge from the observation of a plateau on a rocky spur.

Further the route is laid in the village.Gaspra, which on a steep 40 – meter cliff, is swallow's nest – an intricate structure that resembles a medieval castle. It is a kind of symbol of the Crimea.

The castle and its surroundings, including Parus rock, covered with legends. Again and again thousands of tourists come to experience the indescribable atmosphere of the middle ages, to see the Cape of AI–Todor and beauty of the southern coast.

In the village.Livadia, Gaspra East, is the Livadia Palace Museum and the summer residence of the Romanov Royal family. It was built in 1911.

The elegant architecture of its facades, luxurious decoration of halls, scenic Park will delight even the most discerning audience.

The next destination will be the highest waterfall in Crimea – Wuchang–su height of 98 meters. Of course, the most beautiful he in the spring, during the rainy season, but in September, tourists come to see such a wonderful creation of nature.

For loversactive rest is an interesting route through the Uchan–su on the rock Stavri–Kaya, laid on the old trail Botkin.

PGT.Massandra, perhaps, needs no announcement, it's name is always at the hearing. Here is Russia's oldest winery, founded by Prince Lev Golitsyn.

The unique technology of aging and production of wine transferred from the 19th century to modern winemakers. Massandra wines are known for their unique tart taste, they permanently win high awards at Russian and international contests and exhibitions.

The plant has organized regular tours with the possibility of tasting wines.

Also in the village.Located Massandra Massandra Palace is an amazing architectural monument, constructed in the best traditions of romanticism. The Palace was the residence of Alexander III.

Gde provesti vremya v YAlte v sentyabre?

Now the Museum contains a unique exhibition of everyday objects of the last century: old dishes, handmade chandeliers, etc.

In the village.Nikita area of about 1000 ha is Nikita Botanical garden, which nurtured the flowers, plants, shrubs and trees from all continents, from different parts of the world.

The garden was founded in 1812 and is thriving to this day. The attention of tourists are presented a variety of exhibitions and displays of plants such as the cactus Exhibition, a Parade of chrysanthemums and others.

Well, the end point of such a exciting route is the village.Gurzuf. Gurzuf is located close to the famous Crimean failed volcano – mountain Ayu–Dag or as it is called by locals – Bear Mountain.

At its foot is the famous international children's center Artek. Near the shoreline over the water, rise picturesque rocks Adalary.

Also in the vicinity of Gurzuf tourists and locals often meet dolphins.

Holidays and festivals

In Yalta concert hall "Jubilee" regularly hosts concerts of pop stars, Comedy concerts.

Other entertainment

For lovers of active and extreme rest the opportunity to kayak around the Bay of Balaklava, Gurzuf and the open sea.

Also professional team of climbers climbers "SkyLine" organizes jumps at Cape Fiolent with a height of 45 meters, from the rock Ilyas–Kaya at a height of 80 meters, with a fifth of the grotto of Kachi–Kalion height of 140 metres and maximum height in the Crimea – from the rock Shaan–Kaya height of 230 meters.

Recently in the center of Yalta opened a water Park with long, steep slides, which has no analogues in the Crimea.

For those traveling with family, with children will be interested in visiting the area is the theater of marine animals and a massive zoo, which includes animals from all over the world.

Things to do in Yalta?


Vacationers, in addition to the main purpose of the trip – swimming in the sea, will be of interest to various land and sea tours in the city–hero Sevastopol and Balaklava Bay.

The city of Bakhchisarai and its picturesque surroundings, including the ancient cave towns, as well as in the Big Crimean canyon, swimming in a bath of youth.

In the Valley of Ghosts, Marble cave, and in a picturesque place – Novy Svet near Sudak, where is located the factory of sparkling wines of Prince Golitsyn.

CHem zanyatsya v YAlte: ekskursii

Relax on the beach

In Yalta there are a large number of sanitized beaches are mostly covered with pebbles. The most famous of beaches – Massandra, seaside Dolphin beach.

On the beaches organized by the lifeguards, recreational facilities and catering, and also offers water sports: banana boating, jet ski and bun.

Vacation in Yalta is guaranteed to remember for a long time, here are combined a variety of activities, Hiking trails, beach and extreme relaxation.

The unique nature, sights, well-developed infrastructure will make your stay comfortable and bright.