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Weather and water temperature in August in Vietnam (Nha Trang, Phan Thiet)

Pogoda vo Vetname v avguste

Nha Trang, located on the coast of the South China sea, is the most popular place of stay in Vietnam.

The city's population does not exceed 200 thousand and the whole activity of local residents is closely linked to fisheries and tourism.

Weather in August in Nha Trang is very favorable for tourists. In this article we will discuss the weather conditions at the resort in the last month of summer, and also find out what to do and what attractions to see.

Resort Nha Trang attractive to tourists from all over the world for over a year because the climatic conditions in this region have a memorable stay with a dip in the warm water whose temperature seldom falls over around 25 degrees.

However, you should know that starting from October to the end of the year, there is a risk to ruin your vacation due to periodically occurring in these areas of typhoons.

About the weather

Since August, the temperature in Nha Trang is starting to subside, and the heat is transferred much easier. It also reduces the activity of the sun, but avoid direct sunlight from noon to 15 o'clock and do not forget to use sunscreen.

Weather in Nha Trang in August is unpredictable, because at any time it might rain and stronger wind. But, as a rule, rain shed night, and virtually no impact on the beaches in the daytime, with the exception of appearing excessive humidity.

The temperature during daytime can exceed +30, and at night – fall only a few degrees.

The sea every day there are more waves and the wind gusts can exceed 3 m/s. Average water temperature in the sea in August is +28.

The amount of precipitationfalling in the last month of summer – not more than 70 mm hours of sunshine in Nha Trang does not exceed 10 hours a day.

Despite all these figures, August is the most temperate month of the year relative to other months.


According to experienced tourists in Nha Trang you can feel what a real exotic and relax.

Some tourists go to Nha Trang to swim in the clear blue water and sunbathe on the clean white sand. Others arrive on the island, to carelessly spend time in night clubs, and look at the most exotic shows in the world. Everyone here will be able to choose what they really like.

August since sudden rain can ruin your plans to acquire Golden tan and swimming in the warm water, you can spend this time beyond the beach.

Demanding tourists will taste high-class spa-salons, providing customers with a variety of treatments for healing the body and relaxing massage. Also everyone who came to this glorious city, it is possible to visit the hot springs, where you should definitely try the mud and mineral baths.

Weather in Vietnam in August favors to visit the ancient Cham towers, which are located in the city centre, impregnated with mystery and mysticism. These towers are Hindu and Buddhist temples, which carry out various ceremonies and rituals.

In one of the August days, we can go on a tour to a nearby island. Island There are suitable for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle, wanting peace and unity in nature. There is Golf club, restaurants and hotels. Many tourists go to the island There to swim in the calm sea without waves.

Lovers of outdoor activities will have to taste:

  • diving;
  • surfing;
  • water skiing and other entertainment.

In Nha Trang there is a Russian diving center, which is called "Amigos". For diving connoisseurs recommend to visit mun island and MOT, where you have the opportunity to snorkel and enjoy the most varied and beautiful water world with coral.

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If you are in Nha Trangwith the child, you should visit entertainment Park "Vinpearl", which is on the same island and is considered the "pearl" of this part of Vietnam. Here you will find:

  • a variety of attractions,
  • aquarium,
  • roller coaster
  • water Park and much more.

It can be reached either by cable car or by boat.

In addition to the Nha Trang Islands, very popular among tourists is a resort Phan Thiet. Weather in August in Phan Thiet is somewhat different from the weather in Nha Trang: Sunny days, it rains frequently and the humidity at that time is not less than 85%.

Despite the fact that the weather in August in Nha Trang is changing and is somewhat worse compared to the weather in June and July, you will still be able to spend a wonderful href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-v-otpusk/" title="Where to go on vacation?">your vacation, and unexpected rain and the waves will not be able to prevent it.

If you believe the reports of meteorologists, but the average number of rainy days in August, no more than 4, and it is likely that they pass by your guests.