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The ranking of the best beaches in the world with pictures: 10 unusual beach resorts

rejting luchshih plyazhej mira

There are many collections of "Best beaches in the world". In the ranking of the evaluated locations based on criteria such as visual appeal, recreational activities, beaches, best parties and nightlife, the most secluded beaches, etc.

TOP 10 best beaches in the world - photo

This will be about a dozen places that have no analogues. And since all the beaches, about which speech will go, the one and only, does not make sense to assign them any place, it's just a list.

Let's start with the beaches, which are related to the category of "must-see" for tourists worldwide.


poberezhe Tulum

The beach is located in the Riviera Maya (Mexico). A striking feature of Tulum is its proximity to one of the most beautiful in Mexico, the ruinsleft from the Mayan civilization.

The ruins of Tulum – an ancient fortress located on a rocky cliff, which offers a delightful view of one of the best beaches in the world.

Tulum is a fairly popular tourist destination, so perhaps unlikely to feel themselves in solitude, but that's fine kompensiruet wide strip of white sand and enchanting turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea.


Location - Zakynthos island, Greece. Shipwreck is an isolated and strikingly beautiful sandy Cove, reachable only by boat. Tourists from around the world attract:

  • Sheer limestone cliffs;
  • White sand;
  • The clear blue water.

vid na Navajo

A real highlight of the beach are the remains of the smuggler ship "Panagiotis", flooded with criminals, after a long persecution by the Greek coast police. The word "shipwreck" in Greek means "shipwreck". Stunning views of the Bay can be seen if you stand on the high side of the cliff.

Grace Bay

Turks and Caicos Islands represents more than 40 small Islands and sandbanks. Providenciales – the main tourist center of the archipelago. Here is grace Bay, a strip of Paradise with a length of 19 km.

Transparent water and coral reef system fringing the coast – the ideal combination for snorkeling and diving. The only fly in the ointment is the ever-increasing number of hotels, making it difficult to feel in solitude.

Of Whitehaven

Queensland (Australia) - the place where is located the coastline. Of Whitehaven is part of the national Park Whitsunday Islands and located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The most famous beach of Australia stretches for 7 kilometers, it is washed by clear turquoise, blue and green water.

Sand it consists almost entirely of white silica, which gives it a shiny, almost luminous color.

avstralijskij Uajtheven

To get to this beach by helicopter or seaplane, or by using one of the numerous offers excursions on the yacht.

Bayo de Sancho

This remote beachlocated on the island of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil, which is part of the active volcanic archipelago, has been repeatedly recognized seasoned tourists best beach in the world.

The shimmering emerald color and soft white sand surrounded by steep cliffscovered with dense vegetation. A Grand experience of staying here is guaranteed, but to get to this beach you can:

  1. Water only on the boat;
  2. Walk on the trail through the cleft in the mountains on the slippery and unevenly spaced steps.

Long Beach

Not only tropical beaches failing to make us speechless with its breathtaking beauty. The most striking example is the long beach on Vancouver island in Canada.

It is located within the boundaries of a national Park Pacific rim between Tofino and Uclue, and is a stunning sample of wild sea life. Surfing is the main activity, but to visit this place is because every spring and summer there is a migration of twenty thousand California gray whales.

Maya Bay

beregovaya liniya Maja Bej

Remember the iconic movie "the Beach" Danny Boyle with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role? He was filmed here on the beach Maya Bay of Koh Phi-Chi-Le in Thailand.

Looking at the ring of white sandsurrounded by mangroves and inaccessible by walls of limestone cliffs with dense vegetation, clear water Bay and coral reef located in its depth, easy to understand, why for filming the Director chose this place.

Maya Bay is one of the most recognizable and popular places in Thailand, and in this lies his only, but minus the fat.

Crowds of tourists from all over the world every day is filled each square meter of were the beach, so to enjoy it in relative solitude, you have to try a lot.

Camps Bay

Camps Bay is a suburb of Cape town in South Africa, and it is the one with the city's beaches included in this list. It is located at the foot of majestic mountains - the Twelve Apostles, and boasts:

  • Dazzling white sand;
  • The wonderful landscapes;
  • World famous sunsets.

Camps Bay – a popular venue for honeymoon among honeymooners.

Bora Bora

berega Bora-Bora

When it comes to the best tropical beaches in the world, it is difficult to compete with Bora Bora, island of French Polynesia with an area of about 30 km2. It is surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef, and in the center of the island are the remnants of an extinct volcano.

Bora Bora has many luxury resorts, many of which have private beaches. Sunlight reflected from the white soft sand, rows of coconut trees create an idyllic picture of the once lost us Paradise. It is not surprising that this small island all year round attracts many tourists from around the world.

Anse Source d'argent

Finally, one of the most photographed beaches in the world in the Seychelles. Located on the island of La Digue, one of the 115 Islands of the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian ocean.

Huge granite boulders that destroy the sun and the wind, towering in the background, delicate pale pink sand.

Located at some distance from the shore reef protects the beach from space of the massive ocean waves that makes clear turquoise water just perfect for swimming and diving. This beach has the opportunity to observe some endangered species of birds, and as "the cherry on the cake" – a giant turtle!

populyarnyj Ans Surs d’Arzhan

All of the above beaches are the real branches of Paradise on Earth. Their Sands were trampled by foot tourists from around the world, social networks and blogs are full of photos of these beautiful places, they just don't need any special recommendations.

The most unusual beach line

What if I want to visit more exclusive, unusual place? Here are some of the most unusual beaches on earth.

Playa del Amor

Playa del Amor, Islas Marietas (Mexico), also known as "Hidden beach" – an ideal place for those seeking solitude, thrills and mysteries. According to visitors, the beach with its white sand and caves, washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean, looks like a setting for a sci-Fi film.

The island on which it is located, is part of a small archipelago Islas Marietas, which appeared as a result of the eruption of the underwater volcano. Some think that a huge hole in the rock, where is the Hidden beach was created as a result of a series of explosions during military trials, sanctioned by the government of Mexico.

To an outside observer, hidden in a kind of crater, the beach is not visible, it is only accessible through a long water tunnel from the Pacific ocean. Tourists usually get here by swimming or kayaking.

Glass beach

The other place definitely not! The beach is located in California(USA), the National Park of Mackerricher, near Fort Bragg, and there's just a lot of glass! But do not be afraid to hurt your legs, water and time have created a stunning smooth pebble, which shimmers in the sun with different colors.

plyazhnyj kurort iz stekla

The fact that up to 60-ies of the last century this place was used as a dumping ground waste glass, plastic, vehicle parts.

In 1967, the dumping was stopped and organized evacuation of intractable decomposition materials, such as plastic and metal scrap. The rest is given to take care of nature, and she created the beauty of man-made trash. Shine glass stones on the shore attracts the beach thousands of tourists.

Boulders Beach

The beach is in Cape town. It's incredible, but in South Africa there are penguins! Two individuals these funny birds brought here in 1982, and in a few years the population reached 3000.

Beach, where nesting population is part of the National Park "table mountain". It is hidden from the outside world, and one can only enter through a narrow passage between boulders. Penguin colony attracts wildlife enthusiasts and ornithologists from around the world. On the beach there is a ban on approach the birds closer than a distance of several meters.

Beach Of The Cathedrals

The beach is located in Ribadeo (Spain), also known as "Beach of the Holy Waters". A place for those who seek to discover the wonders of our planet.

At low tide it affords a unique underwater caves, mazes and recesses, the hidden layer of water at high tide. It is these unique natural arches, reaching a height of 30 meters, gave the name to this place.

Weathering, salt water and sunlight, like skilled architects, made of local rocks a unique lookwhich attracts tourists and photographers from around the globe.

Maho Beach

samolet nad Maho

This list of unusual beaches would be incomplete without Maho beach, located in the vicinity of the runway of the international airport Princess Juliana in St. Maarten. Planes coming into land, flying so low over the beach, it seems that to them you can reach in a jump.

Just sit on the sand and get with what incomparable feeling of impending right at you Boeing!

However, caution does not hurt: a powerful stream of air from the huge machine could easily knock down. Be sure to bring your camera!

What other coast deserve attention?

Finally I would like to tell you about a couple of places exactly where I don't sunbathe, but worth a visit for their beauty and uniqueness:

  1. Giants bridge, Bushmills (Northern Ireland). It is a unique monument of nature, consisting of about 40000 basalt columns that soar up directly from the water to a height of 12 meters. He appeared in the result of a volcanic eruption which occurred about 60 million years ago.

    Most of the columns have six corners, but some of them 4, 5, 7 or 12. One of the best places to just relax and touch the eternity, listening to the sound of the sea, unwavering and looking for a miraculous miracle. The pavement of the giants declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO;

  2. Lake Jökulsárlón (Iceland). Imagine diamonds laid out on black velvet. Looks like this beach because of its black volcanic sand and blocks of ice lying on it. Standing on the shore of this large glacial lake, you feel like a pioneer on a fresh alien planet.

    Especially beautiful this place if you are to be here at dawn or at sunset because the low rays of the sun fall into small icebergs, filling them with an unearthly glow. There is hardly a person who will impress the minimalist beauty of this place.

Watch a video about these and other the most beautiful beaches in the world: