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The Republic of Kiribati on the map of the world: photo of the state capital and flag

Respublika Kiribati

The Republic of Kiribati is the only country in the world, located in the four hemispheres. This Pacific archipelago is the extreme Eastern point, where the day comes before all.

And some of the Islands ahead of Moscow time of 11 hours, and in another part beyond the dateline, the time is behind the Moscow time at 12 hours.

The Republic of Kiribati on the map of the world

strana na mirovom atlase

A small island country, the Republic of Kiribati, located in the center of the Equatorial areas of the Pacific ocean.


Kiribati is a chain of coral reefsthat make up the three dozen Islands covering an area of over 800 thousand square kilometers. It is rising above the water surface underwater volcanoes. Most of them are not inhabited and deserted.

These pieces of land, except the island of Banaba, are archipelagos of the Gilbert, Line, or Phoenix.

The boundaries of the Islands are close to waters belonging to Solomon, Marshall Islands, near the water borders of French Polynesia, Nauru and the cook Islands. From the North is a series of Islands belonging to the USA.

How to get there: international airports

kak doletet do aerovokzalov?

International flights to the airport Arora island and Bonriki (Tarawa) where there are two passenger terminals, made by the two airlines:

  • Our Airline - in the capital of the state of Nauru (Oceania) four times a week. From there you can get flights with the same company in Australia;
  • Air Pacific carries out weekly flights to Tarawa from Fiji. From there, the aircraft flying in the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea.

Another international airport located on Christmas island. It works only on Wednesdays, when it stops liner of Air Pacific, sailing between Fiji and Honolulu (Hawaii).

During the flight to the Republic of Russia will have to make at least two transfers.

Flights from Russia will result in quite a tidy sum and will take about one and a half to two days. Most likely will need a transit visa of the country where the transplant will be carried out.

For example, you can build the following route:

  1. to get from Russia to Australia or New Zealand;
  2. to make a flight to the Fiji Islands or the island of Nauru;
  3. then to fly to Kiribati.

Interestingly, there is a line change date, when taking off Wednesday from the Hawaiian airport plane in a few hours landed at Christmas island on Wednesday, and in the way back, he at the same time back in the day yesterday.

doehat do mezhdunarodnyh vozdushnyh gavanej

Book air tickets to Republic of Kiribati using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.


All the Islands are coral atolls, which appeared about two and a half thousand years ago. More than three dozen vile and exalted one (the island of Banaba). The Gilbert Islands, with an area of about three hundred square kilometers is part of Micronesia. To related the Atoll of Tarawa is the capital city of South Tarawa.

To the East of the island clusters are the Phoenix Islands, of which only one is inhabited (Canton island). It's part of Polynesia.

Even closer to the East are the Line Islandsalso belong to Polynesia. Most of them uninhabited, including the largest onthe planet coral Christmas island and the easternmost area of land in the world - o Caroline.

Most of the Islands are oriented from North to South, have an elongated shape, there is a small salt lagoon with maximum depth of 25 meters. Their territory is low-lying, the highest point in the meter 81 is located on the island of Banaba.


klimaticheskie usloviya

Most of the territory of Kiribati is located in the dry zone of the Equatorial zone. Here there are two seasons: from October to March – the rainy season, from April to September – dry.

The amount of precipitation in the North more than three times higher than that in the southern regions.

Hurricanes and strong winds – a rare phenomenon. The least rain falls in may-June. In the South of the archipelagos of the Gilbert and Phoenix frequent droughts. The temperature throughout the year ranges from 26 to 32 degrees. Just hotter in September-November and January-March is considered the cool season.

Flora and fauna

Islands due to the small size and young age can not boast a wealth of flora and fauna. So, in the Gilbert Islands not inhabited by hundreds of species of flora, which most likely was brought over by the first islanders. Four of them are the breadwinners of the island's population:

  • different types of tuberous Taro;
  • coconut trees;
  • breadfruit trees;
  • pandanus (screw palm).

Grow here are also found on all atolls formations of mangrove trees, good feel in salt water. Their root system is branched and is in favour of the land area.

The fauna of the Islands are represented by different representatives of marine life – lobsters, palm thieves, snails (cones), sea cucumbers (sea cucumber), pearl. The surrounding waters also teem with fish, with up to 800 of its species, and coral, of which there are more than two hundred variations. Also in the ocean waters are sea turtles.

zhivotnyj i rastitelnyj mir

On land is found only one wild mammal, native to Polynesia - the Polynesian rat. In the country there are many birds of different species, among them endemic ones are only living on Christmas island Warbler.

Some areas of land because of the numerous rookeries protected area.

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General information about the country

Kiribati – presidential Republic with elected President and Parliament.


On the flag there are four colors (red, blue, white, gold).

  1. Upper part painted red, the symbol of the sky.
  2. The lower part of the blue – a symbol of the Pacific ocean.
  3. Three white horizontal wavy stripes represent the three island groups: Gilbert, Phoenix and Line.
  4. The Golden frigate on a red background – the symbol of freedom, power, and national dance.
  5. The rising sun with 17 rays – it's all tropical, sun-filled, the Gilbert Islands and the island of Banaba.


istoricheskaya spravka

Presumably, indigenous inhabitants of the archipelago appeared in the early first Millennium. And distant land Line Islands and Phoenix due to lack of drinking water and frequent droughts, the people soon left.

The pioneers of these Pacific Islands in the late 17th century were British sailors.

The traditional name of the Islands Tungaru, but about two hundred years ago, the famous traveler, Admiral Krusenstern renamed them in honor of the Englishman, Thomas Gilbert, who discovered the archipelago for half a century before. And Kiribati is the local variant of the English name "Gilbert".

The British moved to the island territory nearly two centuries ago. And by the end of the 19th century, the Gilbert Islands and Ellis is recognized as a protectorate of the British Empire, and a hundred years ago – her colony.

  • During world war II this territory was occupied by the country of the rising sun. Atole on Tarawa near the then capital of the British colony of the village of Betio in November 1943 was the decisive battle between the Japanese and American armies with many of the victims.
  • In the late 50-ies of the 20th century on two remote atolls of Kiribati United Kingdom and the United States conducted testing of atomic and hydrogen weapons.
  • In the 60-70-ies of the last century, the colonial authorities undertook a number of reforms in the management of the island territory, which was taken serious steps to transition to local government. Further, the country received the status of self-government with the Governor at the head.
  • And in 1975 , the Ellice Islands were separated in the independent state of Tuvalu.
  • In June 1979 he formed the Republic of Kiribati. Four years later, the US signed her to a contract renouncing territorial claims. It legalized the status of half a dozen Islands adjacent to their territorial waters.

At the end of the last century the Republic has received membership in the UN. The main problem of the country – overcrowding of habitable land areas. Partial solution after its independence was the resettlement of the residents of the island of Tarawa in other sparsely populated land.

Administrative division and capital of the state

ostrovnoe delenie i stolichnyj gorod

The Republic is territorially divided into three parts:

  1. the Gilbert Islands (Tarawa center);
  2. the Line Islands (with the center in Banaba);
  3. the Phoenix Islands (the Canton).

They include six regions with the 21 Council by the number of inhabited Islands. Included one representative from each of them, starting with small Aranuka Atoll, where he lives not much more than a thousand islanders.

The capital is South Tarawa (Bairiki). There are nine settlements with a population of one and a half to four thousand people.

The state capital located on the island of Tarawa. Its population is about fifty thousand people. The only street - main Street.

The island of Tarawa in some places so narrowthat the sea waves splash close to a city street. On the one hand it restricted lagoon with milky white sand, and on the opposite side of the visible expanse of sea. When the stormy, ocean waves freely overcome the island's open spaces.

The most remarkable structure in the country – the capital's indoor football stadium. It is not far from a small residence of the head of state, the former headquarters of the colonial authorities and the ancient prison. Only in the capital, the hotel "Otintaai" stands on the shore of the Bay.

The population

In the archipelago lives not less than 103 thousand people. The majority of the population – and the Micronesian nation of Kiribati (almost 90% of all residents). In the Northern part of the country also live Polynesian. The rest of the settlers – the descendants of mixed marriages with foreigners.

The female and male population are represented in approximately equal shares. Average life expectancy for men is 57 years, and the weak half – 5 years longer.

The big problem States the unequal settlement of the Islands. So the greatest population density of 2400 people per square km in the capital, 177 persons per square kilometer on the island Teraina, and on Christmas island – just 14 people per sq. km.

chislennost naseleniya

The official languages are English and Kiribati. Before the settlement of the territory by the British people was pagan, now more than 50% Catholic, 40% Protestant, and the remainder belong to other Christian congregations.

Economy and currency

The Republic of Kiribati does not belong to the prosperous and highly developed countries. Main sources of income are the cultivation of coconuts, bananas, Taro, breadfruit. Fishing, extraction of shellfish, marine algae. This is the main food of the islanders.

In the 19th century on the island of Barnaba flourished phosphate mining, but in the early eighties of the 20th century due to running out of the field she stopped. Currently, it is a desert country with a disgusting environment.

A large part of the country's export is copra. From other countries are imported products, equipment, machinery, fishing machinery, oil. The country cooperates with the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia.

Roads are poorly developed, good coverage (29 km) is only on the island of Tarawa. This affects fishing and tourism.

The country has a small circulation Australian dollar.


The Republic is famous for its unique culture. This is a unique national dances, making crafts out of unusual strings. Craftsmen strong in the construction of canoes – common means of transport between remote Islands and the way for fishing.

Music and dances of the people are inseparable, singing always accompanied by dynamic dancing. The themes of these songs is varied – love, religion, patriotism, wedding and other ceremonies. Musical performances with a guitar and a drum linked to public holidays.

Tourism: sights with photos

foto turisticheskih obektov

Tourism in Kiribati is in its infancy,merely advancing past couple of decades. Annually, the state visit of up to three thousand guests from New Zealand, Australia and some other nearby countries.

The architectural attractions here, there is no TV, but the beauty of these places is the natural beauty and lack of fuss:

  • The most popular for visitors are the Islands of Gilbert. On the island of Tabiteuea you can admire the picturesque turquoise lagoon with small Islands, pristine white beach and coral reefs. The islanders consider it a cradle of the peoples of Oceania;
  • On Christmas island , the most ambitious in the world of Atoll – found refuge sea birds, their settlement is the largest on the planet, located in the lagoon area of more than three hundred square kilometers. This is almost half of the land area of the Republic of Kiribati;
  • On the Phoenix Islands is the most impressive in the world marine reserve. In these deserted territories for millennia has preserved the pristine natural environment deep-sea Sciences.

    It is home to more than eight hundred species of fish, turtles and corals. It is a favorite place of migration of many species of birds, including huge bird-the frigate with a wingspan of over two metres.

Hotels in Kiribati is not a lot, their service is not listed above three-star level. From these hotels you can make a reservation for a briefing on the diving or sea fishing.

On many Islands, hotels are not available, but there you can rent a comfortable house.

Coral reefs are riddled with underwater caves with fantastic landscape. Fishes here are not shy, because they don't catch them on an industrial scale. Therefore, they can be observed from close range and successfully catch.

Republic of Kiribati – still quite a young country in the Pacific. Civilization it is not spoiled, there is no historically valuable structures.

The beauty of this island nation in natural pristine corners: underwater caves, clean coastal strips, azure sea and bright sun. For those who appreciate them and seeks to get away from the Madding crowd, this is a fabulously beautiful place is exactly what you need for a relaxing stay.

Find out some interesting facts about Kiribati from this video: