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Airports of the Crimea: a list of names, which cities flights?

Becoming Russian, Crimea was faced with the problem of transport communication with the mainland. Millions of tourists and businessmen going to the Crimea on vacation or business trip, the question arises, how to get to the Peninsula. Two main options — car or bus via the Kerch ferry or airplane. Fly to the Crimea, only Russian airline.

How many airfields in the Crimea and where are they located?


Currently, only the airport of Simferopol receives flights of civil aircraft. The main air Harbor of the Peninsula has the status "international". It is situated 14 kilometers from the capital of Crimea. Currently the entire flow of arriving and departing passengers takes place through four new airport terminal.

Official statistics suggests that on the Peninsula there are 5 civil airports. Two of them are in Simferopol, one in Kerch, Sevastopol and Dzhankoy.

After reconstruction the airport "Simferopol" has greatly expanded its capabilities. It was started in 2014 and is still ongoing. Now the airport can accept on their runways serious aircraft. These include wide-body aircraft. Sit on them, maybe even the biggest of used in Russia's civilian aircraft, the Boeing 747-400.

Take in Simferopol and Boeing 777-300, Airbus A330-300. During the peak season the airport handles 200 flights a day. Technical equipment of the airport meets all international standards and safety requirements. In terms of passenger traffic the airport "Simferopol" reached the 5th place in Russia.

Airport "Simferopol" on the map

Below you can see the location of the main airport of the Crimea and its remoteness from other towns of the Peninsula.

aerodrom na karte

Another airport of Simferopol "Factory". It can take civil aircraft 4 classes and helicopters of all types. Sevastopol is the second largest airport of the Crimea, which is called "Belbek". It is a military airport, the beginning of reconstruction of which is planned for 2016. Currently, it only accepts Charter flights. The perspective plans of its development - together with civil flights at the airport to base the aircraft of the Russian air force.

How to reach Peninsula: list of airlines and routes

The introduction of sanctions against Russia had an impact on passenger traffic to the Peninsula.

Wishing to travel to Crimea to purchase tickets for 40-50 days. It makes long before the flight to buy tickets and creates a great demand for them, but allows you to save a substantial amount on the cost.

To fly today to the Crimea can only be flights of Russian airlines, which are working in this direction quite a lot. In the list flying to the Peninsula airlines 11 most popular and well-known Russian carriers, each airline company chose their regions of work.

skolko aeroportov?

List of air carriers:

  • "Aeroflot", "Ural airlines". Carry passengers in the Crimea from Moscow. The cost of tickets in this direction are known carriers ranges from 8 to 12 thousand rubles;
  • "Transaero", "S7", "Vim Avia" and "Globus airline".Make passenger transportations also from Moscow. Compete the above with cheaper cost of tickets;
  • "Orenburg Avia"company. It operates flights to the Peninsula from Orenburg, Moscow, Khabarovsk and Irkutsk;
  • "Orenair". Fly to Simferopol from Kazan, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and Tyumen;
  • "Iraero". Connects the Crimea Anapa;
  • "Grozny - Avia". Flights to Simferopol commits from Kazan, Grozny, and Belgorod Nizhnevartovsk;
  • "Donavia". Flying from Rostov-on-don and Krasnodar;
  • "Severstal - Avia". Operates the flight Cherepovets — Simferopol;
  • "Yamal". Transports passengers to the Peninsula from Omsk, St. Petersburg and Perm;
  • Loukoster "Pegas Fly". On his way to the Crimea from Kemerovo, Perm, Omsk, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Irkutsk;
  • Airline "Russia". This carrier has organized a special flight from St. Petersburg.

Search for cheap flights

We propose to use this form to search for the most attractive pricetickets. It is sufficient to specify the city of departure and destination, date of departure and arrival and the number of passengers.

Flights to Crimea are popular with passengers. Before the flight need to inquire about the cost of tickets. The flight from Sheremetyevo to Simferopol is much more expensive than the same flying from Domodedovo.

We also recommend to watch a video about the benefits of the flights in the Crimea: