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The rating of the largest water parks in Crimea: Banana Republic, Sudak

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In the summer in the Crimea there is a lot of tourists. For a comfortable stay, this place provides a huge amount of entertainment places.

A large popular water parks of Crimea on the Peninsula is a lot. It is recommended before the trip carefully to familiarize yourself with their location and features.

The water parks of Crimea on the map

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There are water parks in different parts of the Crimea. To them how to study, you should carefully look at the card.


A large part of the water parks is located on the South of the Peninsula.

Most water parks in the South-East of the Republic, a little less in the South-West.

Water parks built on the seafront, close to the famous resort towns, so access to them is simple:

  • Sevastopol;
  • Evpatoria;
  • Alushta;
  • Sudak;
  • Simeiz;
  • Koktebel;
  • Yalta.

Each water Park is an outdoor, closed in winter the water parks are currently in the Crimea are absent. However, it is planned the construction of those in the large cities of Simferopol and Yalta. For the winter holiday, sorry, parks is not, therefore, enjoy the water rides will get only in the summer.

How to get there?

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To water parks runs public transport: buses, taxis, trams. The interval is thirty minutes. In small cities such as Alushta, Sudak, Simeiz, get to the parks on foot. Entertainment located near the city quays. On the road walk will take no more than ten minutes. Water parks are maximum accessibility for residents and guests of the Crimea.

A rating of the best parks - photo

Among the myriad of water parks of the Peninsula you can highlight the best that are superior to the rest for a number of characteristics.

Banana Republic

This is the biggest and best water Park on the Peninsula. Located between the cities of Evpatoria and Saki, on the Golden beach. Thirty kilometers away is the village of Nikolaevka. There since the days of the Soviet Union. Came to rest here influential, rich people. They chose this place, because not only can you ride on the roller coaster, but also to sunbathe, to swim in the sea.

Clean air, gentle rays of the sun allow you to relax, relax.

In this place in the daytime you can relax up to 2500 guests, total area - 4000 sq. meters. Adult built ten attractions, among which are extreme for the most daring. For children there are many more slides for every taste. The water Park is equipped with free Internet, bars, cafes. Out of the many workers, instructors who monitor the safety of visitors and order in the Park.

Blue Bay


Is the water Park in the town of Simeiz. Is a fairly large Park that has many hills of varying difficulty. The feature of this place is sea water. It is the country's only water Park with sea water, it is updated every day.

The Park offers slides of varying complexity. They are divided by age. There are slides for the little ones. On-site entertainment venues include a restaurant, children's cafe. The aquapark can be reached both on foot and by bus. Transport runs dailyfrom morning to evening.

Almond grove

Located in Alushta, covers an area of 2 hectares. For visitors is available:

  1. 6pools;
  2. 4 platforms for launching from hills;
  3. 12 slides;
  4. Area superior.

Tourists are offered a Jacuzzi, waterfalls, slides, children's cafe, free Internet. Near the Park is the hotelwhere tourists can stay. At the hotel they will be offered a visit to the baths, saunas.

Access to the Park is easy: the Shuttle buses, you can also walk. From downtown to this place to go no more than 15 minutes.

There Stands

Is the water Park in Yevpatoria, opened in 2014. Since then it was visited by huge number of tourists. Are ten speed slides, there are rides for the little ones. The theme of this place - children's stories, so you can find slides with the names of "the Swan Princess", "the throne of the Guidon". In the Park there are sculptures of the heroes of fairy tales, what makes a visit to the water Park even more fun.

In addition to slides and pools, it hosts a snow-foam show. You will find bars, children's cafe, restaurants.

Water world

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Located in Sudak, since 2003. It is a real water Kingdom with plenty of slides and exciting attractions. The complex is 20 thousand square meters. Presented as slides for thrill-seekers and lovers of classic slides. There are many pools and areas with sunbeds.

After riding a roller coaster you can go to a restaurant, a café, how to eat, to relax. Starts this June.


Located in the city of Sevastopol, in the famous area of omega near Victory Park. Walk to the entertainment complex on foot, the journey will not take more than ten minutes. Currently in the Park are:

  • 15 slides;
  • 7 pools;
  • Fountains;
  • Hydromassage;
  • Area with sunbeds, umbrellas;
  • Cafes, restaurants;
  • Free Internet;
  • Pools with waves, artificial waterfalls.

Children tickets are sold at a discount. If a child shorter than 90 cm, it pass for free. However, it is understood that there are slides with constraints on growth. It is necessary for the safety of visitors. For toddlers presented as a separate slide.


Seventy kilometers from Sevastopol is located the village of the black sea. He is notable for the fact that it is a water Park "Poseidon", which attracts tourists with numerous slides, pools.

Queues for the water rides in this Park practically does not happen. About it know not all the tourists, and yet it is a spacious Park on the banks of the sea with slides for both adults and children. There is an area with cafes, restaurants, sun loungers.


gorki Koktebelya

Located in the eponymous village on the shore of the Black sea. Total area - 40 thousand square meters. Slides are 24, but 13 of them children. In addition to the slides in the Park are:

  1. 3 hot tubs;
  2. 7 pools;
  3. 6 café-bars;
  4. Mini.

Is the youngest water Park, but nevertheless, fairly well-known. In summer, these tend to get a lot of tourists.

Works complex in the summer from 10 am to 18 PM. Dinners and weekends does not happen.

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This property is located in Yalta, is one of the most popular. Opened this Park in 2015. The theme of this place - marine mythology. Here you can find the statue of Poseidon, the legendary inhabitants of Atlantis. Is a Park of 3500 square meters. On its territory many slides, artificial waterfalls, geysers, fountains. Presented extreme slide-capsules.

A feature of this complex is the artificial sea, which occupies 2000 square meters. After skiing on the hill you can go to the area cafés, bars, and snack.

Treasure island

zona otdyha

Located near the village of Sand. Starts to work the complex in June, and in may, allowing you to enjoy rides in late spring.

This is a small water Park, where 6 slides, 4 heated pools, fountains, waterfalls, restaurants, cafes. The Park has an area of 1300 square meters. The complex is landscaped, equipped with modern appliances. There is a water Park from 10 am to 18 PM daily from may to October.

Travel tips

To visit the water Park broughtonly positive emotions, be aware of the following rules:

  • It is recommended to choose for the Waterpark one-piece swimsuit, not separate. Man ejected from roller coaster into the pool with tremendous force. Often the visitors have lost because of this, certain parts of the swimsuit;
  • Before visiting such places it is recommended to apply a protective cream from the sun. It should soak in. A person may have a lot of time in the sun, it is likely to receive burns if you ignore this recommendation;
  • To eat better for 1-2 hours before entrance to Waterpark;
  • Not to wear in water Park chain, earrings, rings. They represent a danger.

Thus, the water parks on the Peninsula, a huge amount. They are equipped with modern equipment, provide slides of varying complexity.

Entertainment water Park is a great vacation option for the whole family.

Watch video about the water Park "Atlantis":