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Where better to relax on the Azov sea in Russia: summer, cheap, children

The coast of the sea of Azov is a favorite vacation spot for many Russians. Relatively inexpensive compared to the black sea coast, Azov sea resorts have a great range of possibilities for high-quality, bright, memorable and useful holiday. The beautiful nature of the steppes in combination with bands of deciduous forests, broad sandy beaches, warm sea and mild climate help to regain strength after hard working days.

Rest on the Azov sea

Azovskoe more

The climate in the sea of Azov is moderately continental. Sea winds combined with mostly steppe landscape to favor the formation of dry climatic conditions in comparison with the black sea coast.

Summer on the Azov sea temperature is kept at around 22 to 24 degrees Celsius. The hottest month is July, when the air can warm up to 32 degrees. Thus sea water at the coast with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. All summer observed Sunny weather with rare rainfall.

On the Azov coast are always present wind. Fresh breeze from the sea blows in the afternoon and in the evening there is a stream of dry air from the desert. This is beneficial to the health of those who often catches a cold, suffers from diseases of the respiratory organs and heart.

The beginning of the tourist season on the Azov sea is in may, swim in the sea is comfortable in June. Most hot weather sets in July, when on the sea of Azov attracts maximum number of tourists. In the autumn season, which falls in August-September, the flow of tourists becomes less. While sun and water continue to delight in the warmth. This time is conducive to a relaxing holiday with the whole family.

The sea of Azov is famous for not only the gentle sea and mild warm climate. The program of the majority of tours included familiarization with the sights and history of the region. Interest is the picturesque grape landscapes and numerous estuaries of the Taman Peninsula, the Turkish fountain and the places of excavations of ancient Cimmeria and Phanagoria.

The resorts of the Azov sea - where better to relax?

otdyh v Taganroge

Most of the resorts are situated in Krasnodar Krai, in the vicinity of Temryuk and Yeysk. Taganrog and Primorsko-Ahtarsk is famous for its resorts and tourist bases.

Resorts of Azov is possible to find a good place for a memorable vacation with any conditions and in any financial capacity.

Active rest

Lovers of active recreation will enjoy the Windsurfing and kite surfing. The most appropriate places for this:

  • Ochakovskaya Kosa;
  • Dolzhansky;
  • coast of Yeisk.

The estuaries of the Azov sea is rich in valuable species of fish. So many people come here to enjoy a good fishing trip. The extraction of a fisherman can become a mullet, Beluga, ASP, catfish, pike, perch, sturgeon, carp, perch.

Budget holiday

gostevoj dom v Dolzhanskoj

Budget vacation in the sea of Azov annually attracts large number of tourists from all over Russia and CIS countries. Rental housing at local resorts always cost inexpensive, especially in comparison with the Black sea coast. And unlike the black sea resorts, here you'll always find free housing for all needs.

Many property owners offer vacationers in the high season renovated houses, rooms and accommodation in specially built mini-hotels.

To find a room or a room to suit your needs may as a family with children or a young couple. When you self-search options, without resorting to services of intermediaries, you can find quality and affordable housing class "economy". Still cheaper to rent housing in the private sector.

Vacation with children

Thanks to the shallow shore, macaracuay beaches anda shallow warm sea, Azov sea resorts are especially attractive for children's activities. The steppe wind blowing after sunset, should not be an obstacle for the selection of families with a child on the Azov coast. Children do not catch cold, as the wind gentle and warm.


In Golubitsky and Yeysk are water parks. To services of tourists there are amusement parks, Dolphinarium, zoo. You can visit an ostrich farm and visit the crocodile show. To visit the exhibition of waxworks, planetarium and ride on go-kart track is available in Kuchugury. Fun for kids can be a excursion in the valley of lotuses and visits to local museums.

A large number of entertainment offered by the resorts of the Azov sea not provided to children.

Recreation tent

For those who love to travel by car and does not want to stay longer in hotels and boarding houses, on the sea of Azov have the opportunity to pitch a tent in one of the many campsites.

  • Camping "Cossack" hosts the guests in the Krasnodar region on a Long Spit.
  • In the resort village Golubitskayalocated 300 kilometers from Yeysk, the choice of campsites is also very large. Here you can stop and even free of charge in camping for "savages".
  • Camping Delta is also in the area and is considered one of the best on the Azov sea coast.
  • Camping with the original name "the Joker" takes guests somewhere between the Cossack village of Golubitskaya and village Displacement.


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Resorts for the elderly

On the Azov sea coast beach vacation can be successfully combined with therapeutic procedures. For these purposes, perfect mud lake. The most famous of them - holubyts'ke and Salty, which is adjacent to the resort village of Veselovka. These lakes are rich in silt and volcanic mudthat helps those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases and diseases of musculoskeletal system.

To improve health on the Azov resorts also, if you drink the local mineral water.

On the sea of Azov there are many resorts and resorts, is popular with tourists of advanced age. Here are successfully carried out a treatment procedure for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular systems of the body, gynecology, urology , etc.

A lot of interesting about the rest of the sea of Azov (Temryuk district) can learn from the following video:

Top 10 hotels and resorts

Of the best places for rest and recovery select the following:

  1. Sporting club-hotel "Akvatoria LETA" (Yeysk). A wide range of opportunities for those who love water sports, this hotel offers. Comfortable rooms equipped with air conditioning, TVs and refrigerators. There are restaurant, Bicycle rental. Brighten up your leisure time you can also playing table tennis.
  2. Outdoor pool, bar, free Parking and free Wi-Fi is available in the territory Waters of Summer.

  3. "Parus Hotel" (Yeysk). Free Parking, outdoor swimming pool offered. For a comfortable stay rooms feature terraces overlooking the sea coast. The rooms have TVs, refrigerators and air conditioners. Bar and restaurant in the hotel offers guests to taste delicious meals and drinks.
  4. otel v Ejske

  5. Congress-hotel "Taganrog" (Taganrog). Private Parking, free Wi-Fi in public areas, a restaurant and proximity to the historical attractions of Taganrog attract tourists to this hotel. The road to the beach is a 20 min walk.
  6. Hotel "Assol" (Taganrog). A garden on site, restaurant, free Wi-Fi and Parking are available to have a comfortable rest. Each room is equipped with a Minibar, a fridge and an electric kettle. The road to the beach takes only 6 minutes.
  7. The hotel "AMAKS" (Azov). Gymarea for yoga and Spa services offered. The rooms, in addition to standard amenities, Hairdryer, mini bar and Slippers. The restaurant will delight you with dishes of the Cossack kitchen.
  8. A warm summer evening in Azov you can have fun in the nightthe club "Gorod". In this place the time will fly by!

  9. Pension "Azov-Shinkar". Located far from the other resorts in Peresyp village (Temryuk district). This place is known for the valley of lagoons with healing mud.
  10. The Boarding House "Star". Located near Taganrog in the village Horn. Landscaped grounds resemble a small cozy town.
  11. pansionat v hutore Rozhok

  12. PANSIONAT Merkuriy. Located near the city of Eisk in Dolzhanskaya. In estuaries, located nearby, can be treated diseases of the musculoskeletal system with healing mud.
  13. PANSIONAT Nadezhda, known under the old name, as the recreation center "Vympel", the boarding house is located in Golubitskaya Temryuk district.
  14. The Boarding House "Priazovye". Located on Yeysk spit right on the shore of the Azov sea.

How to get to the sea of Azov?

Of the major cities of Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and others) to Krasnodar or Anapa it is possible to fly on a planewhere to Eisk, Golubitsky or the village Dolzhanskaya tourists arrive by taxi or bus.

We recommend to use the following form to buy tickets on the plane. You only need to enter: the city of departure and destination, date of departure and arrivaland the number of passengers

If you're travelling on your car, will be easily accessible even to small villages. Motorists will appreciate the good roads in the sea of Azov.

In Taganrog or Eysk you can also arrive by train. Nearly all the major resort areas go buses.