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The sights of the Bryansk region: pictures and description, beautiful places

Bryanska dostoprimechatelnosti

The beautiful city of Bryansk on the Desna river - the oldest city of Russia, located on several hills. Come to Bryansk to meet its people and explore the magnificent temples of the city.

The famous Bryansk district: history and famous people

Geographically, Brjansk is located in upland, is the banks of the Desna, where it empties to SnagIt and Bolva about Bryansk forest already composed a lot of songs, so if you have time, be sure to come to this forbidden land, the beauty of Zalesie impossible to put into words. Here it becomes clear why these places associated with many legends.

You will be able to get to the Peter mountain across the ravine the Top of the Container and see the same scenery that unfolded once before the eyes of Vladimir Monomakh and to pass on his "premessa the road."

For a short time, these places were captured by the Lithuanians, but in 1500 Tsar Ivan III returned them to the Russian state. For Bryansk forests for many years argued the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth princes, with the princes of the Russian state.

chem znamenit Bryansk?

Although Bryansk was in such a contentious place, which was regularly made raids all the time he grew up, according to the census Yuri Dolgoruky in the city counted 1069 people capable of bearing arms. Continues the development of the city and during the reign of Peter I, the city again strengthened, built a shipyard. Here were built the first ships for the war with Turkey, the building of arsenals.

In the forests of Bryansk region fought about sixty thousand partisans during the great Patriotic war, the German invaders without exception massacred civilians in response to guerrilla activity in the Forest Sheds found a mass grave of civilians, Radica was a concentration camp for area residents and prisoners of war.

How many notable people were born in Bryansk - you can read in the encyclopedia. Writers, poets, singers, scientists, engineers and athletes.

Everyone will find their idol, just to list a few names to understand, do not know they cannot: the surgeon Aleksandrov Nikolay Nikolaevich, singer, composer and poet Maxim Troshin, a physicist Latyshev Georgy Zhukov, chess grandmaster Nepomniachtchi Ian Aleksandrovich.

Historic churches and Holy springs

  • Pokrovskaya mountain, with it begins the history of the city. Here is the Kremlin - the first defensive fortress on the outskirts of the Russian state. Their status this fortress was retained to the eighteenth century. The name comes from the Cathedral, built in 1288.

    How to build first, all religious buildings, the Cathedral was also wooden, but in the XVII century the first stone buildings. There was an Arsenal - guns, guarding the borders of Russia, Lily in Bryansk.

  • This is the historic center of the city, among all the temples of Brjansk this is considered a Patriarch. In 1985 there was also a memorial built, it cocked in honor of the Millennium of the city.

  • Petro-Pavlovsk convent in the city of Bryansk is removed with a stronghold of Christianity in Russia, in it the relics of St. Prince Oleg of Bryansk, the founder of the monastery. We will focus on one of the hills in town - it looks great, elevation changes provide an opportunity to consider the most beautiful ancient Russian city from above.
  • hramy v Bryanske i oblasti

  • In the floodplain of the Desna river is the presentation Church, miraculously surviving building, set in Bryansk Prince Oleg. Here today revived a convent in a stone Cathedral, built on the site of the burnt wooden Church in 1705, today has heard the bell.
  • Be sure to visit and the Cathedral of the resurrection, this unique structure built on the money of citizens. Once existed in a nunnery. As the story goes, he existed in the XV — XVI centuries, but due to poverty were left, and then a wooden structure was burned.

    The construction of the resurrection Cathedral was begun in 1738, is now close to the majestic stone building stands alone remaining after a fire in the wooden building.

The places of military glory: monuments of any kind of weather, soldiers, drivers, aircraft and other

Certainly worth a look at a unique monument to soldiers and partisans. The monument was opened in 1966, the inscription on the monument tells you that in the Bryansk forests, fought twenty-seven brigades and formations, it was 139 units. Sixty thousand partisans in the forests of the Bryansk region did not rest until the last enemy has not left our earth. Also worth seeing is the monument to the plane.

A special place in the hearts of all the inhabitants of the city of Bryansk is a monument to Alexander closest distance, the friar, chanting a mass in the Church came to the battlefield and killed in the battle of Kulikovo. Here is the monument Boyan - native singer from the city of Chernigov, Principality in those days was part of Bryansk.

Perfectly preserved gun Bryansk Arsenal. To imagine that these foundries produced one fourth of all the guns of Russian troops, today is rather difficult, but it is the gun from Bryansk stood on the borders of the country.

populyarnye pamyatniki goroda

Over time, the Arsenal began to produce machines, which produces primary processing of flax. And after the great Patriotic war the factory began to produce technique for the repair of roads. View with the children on the city's coat of arms - two pyramids of kernels for guns, it becomes immediately clear that the city was always ready to defend.

The memory of the soldierswho went to fight in the great Patriotic war from Bryansk from Aspen slides, there is a monument. Here brought old cars GAZ-AA and ZIS-5.

The monument cast in bronze, the sculptor P. Movchun was able to pass the voltage of those pre-war days in their work. On the steps of the car is a warrior, even now ready to get off the pedestal, if everything went to hell. According to the established tradition, all the drivers passing by the monument always honking memory be eternal.

Walking around the city

  • You can take a walk in the Park-Museum of A. K. Tolstoy. Once this place was the Central city cemetery, and now there is a nice Park track, which is so pleasant to walk in hot weather under the canopy of tall trees.

    Scroll to the Central site on which there are incredible sculptures from the trunks of dead trees. Since 1960, when they were brought over by the first sculpture, the number of landmarks keeps growing.

    Wooden sculpture has always been famous in Russia, you will enjoy this walk. The name of Tolstoy Park has received recently - in 1967, today it is one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

  • To remember the victims of the Chernobyl tragedy will help the Monument to Chernobyl victims. These places also touched on the toxic wave that swept from Chernobyl on the part of the country. Impressive ball with the crack installed in 2006, twenty years after the tragedy. The ball inside is highlighted by orange lights, which gives it a particularly festive severe.
  • peshie progulki po Bryansku

  • Visit museums of Bryansk, in the literary Museum you will see the most beautiful works of authors born in Bryansk.

    A correctly chosen space - kupecheski is an old mansion, which is so pleasant to be, the solemnity is felt throughout. Separate halls dedicated to the most beloved heroes Kuzma Prutkov, Prince Igor.

    Walk through the cool halls of the Museum and take a memory of visiting this wonderful mansion.

  • Museum of Brjansk gathered all that were able to protect local people from the greedy clutches of the Nazi invaders. Here you will see ancient books, ancient weapons, family heirlooms poets and writers who were born in Bryansk.

A weekend in nature

The unique nature of these places itself beckons, so choose a place for a picnic outside the city very easy. Look at the primeval forests of the reserve "Bryansk forest" has numerous points of rest, where all equipped for tourists.

You will be able to see so many interesting and take a picture, your shots will be nominees of numerous photo contests by this nature cannot pass indifferent.

It is likely that in the forest you will meet any representative of the animal world - bears, deer, beavers, weasels and wild boars here feel like home.

vyhodnye na prirode - kuda mozhno poehat v Bryanskoj oblasti?

Stopping on the way to the village of Wsiz, this historic site was once the center of the Principality of Yaroslav the Wise, are still visible the remains of the destroyed old town, you can try to find some sort of rarity, although the crowds of tourists have already checked every stone.

In the village of suponevo to stay at Holy assumption monastery - a huge stone structure. But if youwant a wonderful souvenir you are waiting for the crystal Museum in Dyatkovo. Here are the old remains of the decoration of the Transfiguration Church, and interesting cheap Souvenirs in the stalls.

About the temple-monument "burning Bush" know all the Russian people, here come the faithful from all over Russia.

Beautiful and interesting places for photo shoots

Let's together with patriots of the city walk through the Park Tyutchev, is a popular place for photo shoots, when graduates and newlyweds Bryansk looking for beautiful places, against which I try to capture the best day in my life.

Also a lot of tourists with cameras at lake Orlik, the Round Square and the Park hotel Partizan.

The couple must be held in suspension bridges in Khotylevo to leave my lock on the hearts and the key to reset in the water. Also many couples in the May Park. Don't need an artificial arch, nature herself gives you the unique beauty of its landscapes.

Where to go with the baby?

Kids can visit the children's exhibition, go to special children's excursions, to go with the kids to the circus, to visit one of the five entertainment centers, sit in a cafe-ice cream or heading to a sports recreation facility in the Bryansk five.

Bryansk s detmi: kuda pojti i chto posmotret?

In the Central Park of culture and rest in the street Duque you will find a variety of entertainment, at Krasnoarmeyskaya street - a wonderful place to play bowling, such playgrounds in the city a little so that you can have fun with friends.

What to see in one day?

It remains to be seen what offer us the tour guides. If you have only one day on a trip through the most beautiful places of the city. Today it is already possible to invite a guide with you, so he went with you on your transport and your one showed the city the way we see and love.

Will guide you through the most beautiful streets of the city walking tour, during which you are not fly by car past the most beautiful places, and can neither touch - this is the right choice.

So, let's go to the Barrow of Immortality on the Pokrovskaya mountain, and then descend to the Park-Museum of A. K. Tolstoy. For one day you will have enough and excitement, and joy.

Children and adults are offered transport trips to Casinomy the Mound, then the mound of Immortality, pass the Cathedral, Gagarin Boulevard, be sure to visit the Park-Museum of wooden sculptures, to pass on the area of Partisans and visit the Svensky monastery. This extensive tour of a single day will require you to comfortable shoes, have a lot of walking.

The sights of the city of Bryansk, in the following video: