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The city of Chita on the map of Russia: the distance to Moscow and the time difference

CHita na karte Rossii

The name of the city of Chita gave river, on the banks of which, in the place of its confluence with the Ingoda, and the city was built. Translated from the Manchu-Tungus languages, the name means "clay". The former in the distant past a prison and place of exile of the Decembrists Chita was founded by the Cossack Peter Beketov. It happened in 1653.

The majority of Russians living in the European part of the country, with great difficulty, unable to say exactly where Chita is located on the map of Russia.

Chita on the map of Russia

gorod na atlase

The geographical coordinates of the city in decimal degrees: longitude - 113.50087, latitude - 52.03171.


Defining the General position of Chita, we can say that it is in Siberia. To be precise, to find the city on the map of Russia in Eastern Siberia, in the area Chitina-Ingoda depression.

West Chita back of the Yablonovy ridge, and on the East side - ridge Chersky.

The mark above sea level the highest point of the city is 1039 meters. In the city there is the mountain of volcanic origin — Titovskaya Sopka and the two lakes Canon and Ugdan.

Chita geographically belongs to the Asian continent.

  • Only 390 km in a straight line is the distance from city to Manchuria.
  • Much more is Irkutsk. The distance by road between this city and Chita is 1100 km.
  • To Tynda on the road — 1089 km.
  • 1579 km to Blagoveshchensk.

These cities are the closest to Chita of the major cities.

What is the area or region?

Zabajkalskij kraj

2008 geographically refers to Chita Transbaikalian edge. Until that time, she was the regional centre of Chita region. Zabaykalsky Krai combines together with the region Aginskiy Buryat Autonomous district. Currently, Chita is the centre of the region and of the homonymous district.

Interesting information about the city

Proximity to the border with China affected the number in Chita citizens of this country. To meet them on the streets is not difficult. Many of them have already received Russian citizenship.

Chita can be called a student city. To study in the city young people come from across Zabaykalsky Krai.

General information

The areaoccupied by the Chita, is 534 sq km, According to the latest census, the number living in the city people is more than 343 thousand.

The city's economy is energy. Two of the Chita TPP merged into the company THC. One of the core enterprises of Chita is a factory cooling equipment. On the basis of Zabaykalsky automobile plant produced microgroove "Guran-2318".

Modern infrastructure

Chita is divided into 4 districts, there are 785 streets. The most developed from the point of view of infrastructure is the Central area of the city. Here are concentrated most of the shopping and entertainment centres and markets.

infrastruktura v nashi dni

The main problem of the city — the shortage of kindergartens. The city's population is growing faster than the construction of kindergartens. Not very good work in the city utilities.

Many buildings of the Soviet era is in need of major repairs. The streets are ill-suited to the large flow of cars.

The city has its own TV, produced a local newspaper, local radio broadcasts. A large number of structures cheats are for sports.


The capital of the Zabaikalsky territory is a major transportation hub of the region. With other parts of the country it has air, road and rail links. There are ManagementThe Transbaikalian railway.

Time zone

Chita is living at the time of Yakutia. Time difference Moscow to Chita is 6 hours. Mean time GMT cheats (GMT): +9.

How to get there?

In Chita has its own airport, known as Kadan. He has international status, is located 18 km from the town and 8 km from Federal highway. Runway of the airport is designed to accommodate large aircraft such as Airbus and Boeing.

The throughput of the air port for domestic flights is 200 passengers per hour, and on international — 100. During the year the airport serves about 5 million people. A direct flight from Chita to fly to Krasnoyarsk and Krasnokamensk, Yakutsk, Khabarovsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, St.-Petersburg, and also in Thailand, Turkey and Armenia.

kak doehat?

It runs through the city of 3 Federal highways:

  1. R258 "Baikal" (Irkutsk connects Chita);
  2. R297 "Amur" (Chita with Khabarovsk connects);
  3. A350 (connects Chita TRANS-Baikal and the Chinese border).

Distance between Moscow and Chita in the air on the plane is 4737 km, drive on the highway - 6274 km away.

To cheats can also be reached by buying a ticket on the train. Chita railway section refers to the TRANS-Siberian railway.

On the territory of Baikal region, there are about 3,400 kilometres of railway paintings.

On the train to Chita can be reached from:

  • Chelyabinsk;
  • Blagoveshchensk;
  • The city;
  • Of Zabaikalsk;
  • Manchuria;
  • Krasnokamensk;
  • Moscow;
  • Adler;
  • Anapa.

In this video you can watch on Chita and the surrounding area from a bird's flight: