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Sights of Pereslavl-Zalessky: what to watch for 1-2 days?

chto posmotret v Pereslavle-Zalesskom?

The ancient city belongs to the Golden ring of Russia Pereslavl-Zalessky. What to see: ancient temples, places, legends, nature trails and interesting museums.

On open spaces of the city are sent to those who dream to get acquainted with the historical events and cultural past of this region.

Information about city

svedeniya o gorode

Being one of the most beautiful and attractive cities comprising the Golden ring, Pereslavl-Zalessky with its sights and interesting places, is a true treasure of Russia.


One of the main advantages of the trip to Pereslavl-Zalessky is that this city is within a small distance from Moscow and 140 kilometers.

It can be reached by train or by car, going in the direction of Yaroslavl. The settlement is located exactly in the middle of this route.

Pereslavl-Zalessky is much elongated on both sides of the Yaroslavl road. Each of them are residential houses, and different attractions are architectural objects, nature sites and museums. On one side is Plescheevo lake is the largest body of water with incredible beauty.

Historical note

informaciya iz istorii

Pereslavl-Zalessky was born in 1152. The city was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky as an important defensive location on the border of the Rostov and Suzdal Principality. Were built around defensive earth walls up to a height of 15 meters.

By this time there have lived people – a Finno-Ugric tribes, particularly the tribe of Merya. About them here resembles the Blue stone – the temple, typical of the Gentiles. Behind them in the expanse of the settlement came the Slavs and Krivichi. This people gave him the first name of Klein, and Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Pereslavl Principality reached its height in the twelfth century, when came to power the Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest, then his son Yaroslav, and after him the grandson of Alexander Nevsky. This settlement grew into the cultural center of Russia – when the rulers were served quite educated people. Thanks to them, the court began to write a chronicle, to develop the iconography, architecture, wood carving.

Pereslavl-Zalesskiy – native land of Alexander Nevskiy. With this legendary name in the city due to many interesting sites and attractions. He founded and built chambers, temples and other historical buildings.

In memory of the great Prince, who fought successfully in the battle of the Neva and the battle on the ice, here were erected monasteries and temples.

Pereslavl-Zalesskiy was accepted at their expanses of great people:

  • Ivan the terrible greatly enhance the city;
  • Peter I built on lake Pleshcheyevo his "Funny fleet".

Here loved to spend time with famous personalities – Prishvin, Ostrovsky, Gorky, and Chaliapin and Serov. They were attracted by picturesque nature, unique atmosphere, comfortable and quiet provincial silence.

Majestic sights

znachimye obekty

A real pearl of the Golden ring offers tourists a wide selection of the ancient sites. During a leisurely walk around the city you can get acquainted with primordially Russian architectural monuments, ancient temples, visit museums or relax in natural surroundings.

Architectural structures

The main architectural monument in Pereslavl-Zalessky – the Kremlin – the building, which once exceeded in size the Moscow Kremlin. The height of the wall is 15 meters and width 10 meters.

From former greatness left quite a few buildings –Transfiguration Cathedral – one of the oldest shrines of Russia, Zemlyanoy Val, which appeared in the XII century and served as a reliable protection from enemies.

A special monument of architecture – "Credeasi complex" – an ancient settlement, created by Yuri Dolgoruky and improved by Ivan the Terrible. It was originally built on the North-Eastern shore of Pleshcheyevo lake, but by the decree of the Prince, it was moved to the place where he is to this day.

It is on the vast "Lesiewska complex" can be found the same Blue stone – pagan symbol, in the miraculous properties of which believe still.

More modern architectural monument – the boat of Peter I – the structure that was built after the death of the great king. It was built by order of the Governor Ivan Mikhaylovich Dolgoruky. The complex was intended to shelter the small boat, built by the hands of the king.

The complex consists of several buildings:

  1. White Palace;
  2. Lodge;
  3. Boat house;
  4. Triumphal gate;
  5. monument to Peter the great.

arhitekturnyj Botnyj dom

The king chose the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky and lake Pleshcheyevo for the construction of "Amusing flotilla".

This pond had a significant size, which allowed here to supervise the construction of ships.

To do this, called the ship's masters from the Netherlands. A year later all the ships were built, but the king had to leave urgently to Moscow, because there was an unpleasant event – the Streltsy revolt.

Construction continued in 1691, and in 1692 the "toy" ships launched to develop water spaces, to learn seamanship and shipbuilding. In honor of the event over the lake allowed artillery salute, and the place where the shot gun, called the hill Gremyach.

The legendary religious buildings

Pereslavl-Zalessky, like any city that is part of the Golden ring, preserved for their descendants, a large number of religious buildings. Among them is the Goritsky monastery – structure, founded in the XIV century by Ivan Kalita. Until the XVIII century, the monastery preserved its status – its open spaces, we lived and worked by the monks, but then there was a fire in which destroyed a lot of archives.

A walk in the Goritsky monastery will introduce the architecture of an ancient building, which includes:

  • Pass-gate;
  • The chamber of the pylorus;
  • Refectory;
  • Religious school;
  • Belfry.

legendarnyj Gorickij monastyr

For some time the monastery was in ruins. Facilities on its territory went into decline – partly dilapidated, overgrown and collapsed. In 1919, the historic site was saved, and its expanse was opened the Museum-reserve. A visit to this place will be interesting for those who wants to see in Pereslavl-Zalesskiy at a glance.

Important religious monument of Pereslavl is Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral – is a structure that was founded by Yuri Dolgoruky. In this temple was baptized Alexander Nevsky, here he was canonized. During its existence this building was the tomb of the great princes, the headquarters of the Russian troops, a gathering place of the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and a Museum.

Among other ancient religious buildings worth noting:

  1. St. Nicholas monastery – a monastery built in the middle of the XIV century. During its existence it several times destroyed, restored and passed under civilian needs. In our time it is a religious building turned into a convent;
  2. Nikitsky monastery is a male monastery near the lake pleshcheeva. This complex became one of the first built on the territory of Russia. It was founded in the XI century, the very times when these lands began the spread of Christianity;
  3. In the building at various times housed a women's colony, warehouses and even residential apartments. Even so, managed to preserve the bell tower, the Cathedral and the examples of ancient painting.

    stroenie Nikitinskogo monastyrya

  4. Forty martyrs Church – the Orthodox Church was initially built of wood but over time the walls became dilapidated and fell into disrepair, and to carry out the temple service was pretty cold. Later it was reconstructed and built of stone.

Also, you should visit legendary Trinity-Danilov monastery, St. Volodymyr's Cathedral, Znamenskaya Church, intercession Church and Fedorovsky abode.These religious buildings have a special atmosphere of peace and comfort. After visiting the temples, you can admire the frescoes of the XVII century and to climb the bell tower.

Interesting Museum complexes

Pereslavl-Zalessky is an ancient settlement, preserved for their descendants many historical objects. On the streets there are a variety of museums with collections of art. One of them is the Museum of iron is a relatively young institution, which previously housed an antique shop and later the Museum itself. The library's collections there are about 200 items – irons, collected from all over the country.

Not inferior to its popularity the Museum kettle – a rich exhibition dedicated to this domestic appliance. Here it is possible to get acquainted with numerous items – teapots, sugar bowls, boxes of candy, vessels for storage of tea culture and tea traditions.

Also in Pereslavl-Zalessky you can visit:

  • The railway Museum is a private exhibition opened the doors for everyone to see the old self-propelled trains, locomotives, locomotives, specialized equipment and the story of their origin;
  • The Museum of cunning and wit – exhibition with interesting exhibits that you can't see in other museums. On his shelves are objects invented by the ancestors – musical bottles, squeezers, cups for a man with a mustache;
  • Radio Museum – scale exhibition, in which there is a large collection of unique vehicles found in cellars, dumps, barns, and attics.

The natural beauty of the settlement and the surrounding area

Sinij kamen v okrestnostyah poseleniya

Nature lovers can visit the coast pleshcheeva lake , a scenic reservoir, along which you can take a leisurely walk, to stop for fishing, riding in boat or sailing yacht.

For its size the lake is incredibly large, so this walk can take quite a long period of time.

Blue stone – an important natural landmark that you want to see at least once in your life. The name this object was for the fact that after a rain it changes its color from grey to blue. Just throughout the country, there are few such objects and, according to legend, they have miraculous properties.

Enjoy nature and breathe fresh air, visit the Dendrological garden. This place houses hundreds of plants from all corners of the planet. Walk along the shady alleys will allow you to move from one climatic zone to another.

What else to visit?

Despite the small size of the city, acquaintance with him might take a few days. Its vastness and hundreds of tourists come to visit interesting places and be inspired by the variety of attractions.

Where to go with kids?

Especially for young travelers in Pereslavl '-Zalesskiy opened the"House of Berendey" – a large entertainment complex, is especially popular in the spring and summer season. At home Tsar Berendey are colorful of the chamber where the fairy tale welcomes guests. All this is accompanied by ancient rituals, songs and fun.

kakie mesta posetit s detmi?

By itself, the complex consists of a Museum shop with Souvenirs and a few stylized cafe. During your stay you can become a participant in interactive events, master classes, excursions. Such events allow children to get acquainted with the traditional Russian way. For young tourists it hosts various events dedicated to holidays – Shrove Tuesday, Honey and Apple save.

Not less interesting promises to be a visit to the Park of the Russian - cultural-historical Museum complex. Children will be interested to participate in the classes, to visit "Glade of fairy tales", where they will meet with fabulous characters, and to get acquainted with ancient culture in the thematic museums.

What to look for 1 and 2 days?

In Pereslavl-Zalessky, a lot of places that you must visit. Among them – the Kremlin and the ancient earthen shaft, soul city is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery.

While Hiking and exploring the interior of the Cathedral, one can see the ancient frescoes, icons and other interesting objects.

"Amusing" flotilla – one of the important events in the life of the city. Tsar Peter I, who built on the shore of lake Pleshcheyevo shipyards, barns, cottages and stables, left their mark in the form of "Botik of Peter I". In addition to the Museum, you can also visit a camping and a restaurantwith a large selection of traditional Russian dishes at the time.

Other interesting sights – monasteries, temples and churches, objects that have made the city very famous. Some of them were given over to ethnographic and historical museums with various collections of objects. They are represented by icons, the utensils of those centuries and paintings by famous artists.

If you find time, you should visit extraordinary museums, as well, collections that are located in Rybinsk, ples and other cities of the Golden Ring.

When planning a trip to Pereslavl-Zalessky, you can pick up a lot of interesting and mysterious routes. During the trip, you should definitely try the traditional cuisine at one of the local cafes and restaurants.

An overview of the attractions of Pereslavl-Zalessky see in this video: