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Sights of Yalta: what to see in and around the city?

chto posmotret v YAlte?

Yalta — the most popular and prestigious resort on the coast of the Crimea. Southern coast of Crimea, sung in many works of art attracts tourists and vacationers from all countries of the former USSR. The main resort city of the southern coast of the Crimea is Yalta.

Yalta on the map

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You can spend one week to explore the many sights of Yalta and its environs.


The history of Yalta as human settlements began even before our era. Originally there was a colony of the ancient Greeks, who later became a Byzantine settlement. Later the city became the Genoese colony and then became part of the Crimean khanate.

After the conquest of Crimea by the Russian Empire the settlement was included in its territory, and from 1838 he received the city status.

Since that time Yalta is a resort town, attracting tourists from all over the country.

The main resort areas

Big Yalta includes many towns and villages belonging to different resort areas:

  1. The city of Yalta;
  2. The Village Of Massandra;
  3. Gurzuf;
  4. Simeiz and Katsiveli;
  5. Foros;
  6. Livadia and Mishor;
  7. Alupka;
  8. Livadia and Oreanda.

The sights of the city and the surrounding area - photos with description

dostoprimechatelnye obekty goroda i okrestnostej s foto i opisaniem

Despite the fact that Yalta can not boast of ancient and medieval antiquities, as Kerch and Sevastopol, in the 19th century Yalta became the heart of the resort of Crimea. Its excellent climate and picturesque nature has attracted many aristocrats and influential people just in the short term created at the Yalta coast ensemble historical and cultural attractions.


Yalta and its surroundings are rich in interesting monuments, both real and fictional characters. So here is something to see:

  • The Monument To A. P. Chekhov. The monument to the outstanding Russian writer was erected in Yalta in 1954, 49-th anniversary of Chekhov's death. The authors of the monument made by the sculptor G. Motovilov and the architect Polyakov. The opening ceremony was attended by the sister and the wife of the writer, by M. P. Chekhov and O. L. Knipper-Chekhova;
  • Monument Lady with the dog. Yalta is not only a monument to Chekhov, but also a sculpture dedicated to the heroine of his works. It is believed that the short story "the Lady with the dog" written on the impressions of tourists walking along the famous Yalta embankment. In the centenary of his death in 2004, sculptors F. Parshin, and G. Parshin manufactured and installed a bronze monument depicting a pensive female silhouette along with a faithful companion — a small dog;
  • Monument Lady with the dog is located on the main promenade of Yalta.

  • Monument "Count crocodile". Monument to the crocodile, reminiscent of the hero of famous Soviet cartoon, opened recently in 2014. Elegant CROC in a bowler hat sits on a bench near the famous crocodile farm Yalta — Yalta crocodilarium.

Religious buildings

religioznoe stroenie - Voskresenskaya cerkov

In Church architecture of Yalta and its suburbs reflected the multiethnic composition of the population of pre-revolutionary Crimea.

  • The Church Of St. John Chrysostom. One of the oldest temples of the city was erected in 1832 by the project of Odessa architect George Torricelli. The Church was built in pseudo-Gothic style and was the first Cathedral of the city. In Soviet times the Cathedral was almost destroyed, the restoration of the temple started in 1994. The temple is located at the address Tolstoy street, house10.
  • Church of the resurrection. Church of the resurrection, also called the foros located in foros in the suburbs of Yalta. The temple is situated on a cliff and is the hallmark of the southern coast of Crimea. The Church was built in 1892 in the Byzantine style in honor of the miraculous salvation of Emperor Alexander III. Is located at the address: foros, Severnaya street, building 20.
  • Armenian Church of St. Hripsime. The Church is on the order of oilman Poghos Ter-Ghukasyan was erected before the beginning of the First world war, in 1914, on the draft Armenian architect Gabriel Ter-Melikyan. The Church was built of tufa stone and its shape, embodied features of Armenian architecture in the 12-13th centuries. The Church's address: Yalta, street Country, the house 3.
  • The Church Of The Blessed Virgin Mary. The Catholic Church was erected in 1906 in the traditional Western European style on the project of the Yalta architect N. Krasnova. Currently, the Church serves as the hall for organ concerts. Located at the address Pushkinskaya street, house 25.

Architectural objects

The main architectural heritage of Yalta, and, perhaps, the whole of the Crimea is its numerous palaces, constructed in tsarist times, in the suburbs of this city, among them we can mention:

  1. The Vorontsov Palace. The Palace is located in the suburbs of Yalta, Alupka, which is part of greater Yalta. The Palace was built by English architect Edward Blore in an exotic for Russia the Moorish style.

    The construction of the Palace lasted for more than 20 years and ended in 1848, after which it became the summer residence of count Vorontsov. The interior of the Palace is almost completely preserved, every room in the fashion of the time is made in individual style;

  2. arhitekturnyj Voroncovskij dvorec

    Single ensemble with the Vorontsov Palace forms the garden created by the famous German gardener Karl Kebahom. Now in the Vorontsov Palace is a Museum.

  3. Livadia Palace. Palace in Livadia was a summer residence for the Imperial family. Palace in Italian style was built in the late 19th century under the guidance of the architect I. Monigetti and N. Krasnova. In this Palace died, Emperor Alexander III, and during the Second world war the Livadia Palace was the venue of the famous Yalta conference. In Soviet times, the Palace was opened resort, and since 1993 in the Palace opened as a Museum;
  4. The Palace "swallow's nest". Palace in the village of Gaspra is probably the most known outside of the Peninsula architectural object of the Crimea. The Palace was built on the sheer cliff of Cape AI-Todor in Gaspra in 1912. The architect of this Palace was made by Leonid Sherwood, and the Palace is built in the style of the Gothic castles of Europe.

    Severely hit during the Crimean earthquake, the Palace was closed in Soviet times. In 2002, the "swallow's nest" was reconstructed, and in 2015 entered the list of objects of cultural heritage of Federal importance. The Palace now is a Museum.


In Yalta and its suburbs is home to a wide variety of museums devoted to famous personalities, and various Sciences and phenomena.


  • Museum "glade of fairy tales". On the outskirts of Yalta, near the rock Stavri-Kaya, in the open air Museum "glade of fairy tales" — an exhibition of wooden sculptures of fairytale characters. The Museum was created 20 years, he was a pioneer engineer Pavel Bezrukov. In 1970, the Museum was destroyed, but in the same year, under the influence of the public was revived.

    In the revival of "Glade of fairy tales" was attended by the masters of wooden sculpture from across the country.

    Today the Museum exposition has more than 300 carved sculptures of heroes:

    1. Russian fairy tales;
    2. Slavic and Scandinavian myths;
    3. works of Russian and European writers.

    There is a Museum on the outskirts of the city at the address: street of the Yauza, 28.

  • The house-Museum of A. P. Chekhov. An outstanding Russian writer of realist spent in Yalta the last years of his life. He moved to Yalta in 1899, Chekhov lived in this town for 5 years and wrote such famous works as "the lady with the dog" or "the Cherry orchard". A year after his death the house was opened to the public, and later it became a Museum. Address house-Museum of Chekhov in Yalta: street of Kirov, 112.
  • Yalta historical-literary Museum. The oldest of the museums of Yalta, which opened in the 19th century, has a collection of more than 160 thousand items relating to the history and culture of Crimea. The Museum has several branches, but the main building is located in an old mansion at the address: street Pushkin, the house 5.

Gardens and parks

In Yaltaits suburbs are many facilities for walking and quiet recreation, such as:

  1. The Promenade Of Yalta. The famous Yalta embankment — the main walking street of this town. The oldest street in Yalta attracts tourists with many cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, theatres and concert halls. This is a popular place to monitor ships in the Black sea and buying Souvenirs.
  2. Nikitsky Botanical garden. Located in the suburbs of Yalta, and is valid since 1812. The Botanical garden has a collection of 30 thousand species and varieties of plants;
  3. Massandra Park. Massandra Park opened in the first half of the 19th century and is located on the territory of Massandra village near Yalta. The Park has over 200 species and varieties of trees and shrubs.

Natural attractions

Prirodnaya gora Aj-Petri

The nature of the southern coast of Crimea and Yalta in particular are characterized by diversity and beauty of forms.

  • Mountain AI-Petri. Mountain AI-Petri is located above the town of Alupka and is part of the Main ridge of Crimean mountains. With the teeth of AI-Petri mountain offers a picturesque view of the sea, of cities and towns located on it. AI-Petri is connected with the shore by cable car Miskhor — AI-Petri.
  • The Uchan-Su Waterfall. The highest waterfall of Crimea is located in the suburbs of Yalta, within the Yalta plateau, on the territory of the state reserve. In summer the waterfall almost dries up, and during heavy rains is a spectacular sight falling nearly 100-m of water height.
  • Mountain Cat. Located near the town of Simeiz in the suburbs of Yalta. Natural monument of Federal significance.

What to see and where to go?

In addition to these attractions, Yalta offers many interesting natural and cultural sites, and entertainment venues.

Yourself one day

There is nothing difficult to afford to go to some attractions of Yalta. Besides, to enjoy such a trip possible in one day. Places to visit:

  1. The trip and tour of the Massandra winery will delight all lovers of Crimean wines;
  2. You can ride on the cable car, which connects Yalta with the Darsan hill;
  3. You can go in Simeiz, where you can climb the rock Diva, standing right in the sea.

What to do in the winter?

Yalta — is not only the sea, so to rest in this city not only during the summer. Numerous sanatoriums and Spa centres available to visit not only the holiday season but also in winter.

Besides, the rest of these places will be cheaper than in summer, which will significantly save the family budget.

You can enjoy skiing and other sport equipment on the slopes of AI-Petri plateau. But the museums and palaces of the Big Yalta are open throughout the year.

With a child

s rebenkom v teatr morskih zhivotnyh

The trip to Yalta will leave a lasting impression not only in adults but also in children.

  • The sea animals theatre "Akvatoriya". In the village of Livadia is a unique marine animals theatre "Akvatoriya", which opened in 2005. Musical-theatrical show featuring dolphins, Beluga whales, seals and walruses will amaze and delight not only children but also adults. The theater is located at the address: Livadia village, Grape, Bakhchisaray highway 17A.
  • Dolphinarium. Next to the Museum "glade of fairy tales" is Yalta zoo, which includes Yalta Dolphinarium offers shows featuring marine animals. Is located at the address: Yalta, Kirov street, house 156.
  • Crocodilarium. Even the recently opened crocodile farm in Yalta has already become one of the attractions of the city. The exposition is dedicated to these reptiles, attracts the bravest of the children and, of course, their parents. The farm is located at the address: Yalta, Ignatenko street, the house 1.

Tours in other cities

In Yalta you can order and go to a long tour through the most interesting cities and sights of the Crimea. For example, take an 8-day bus tour covering in addition to Yalta cities like Kerch, Evpatoria, Simferopol, Yalta and Feodosiya, visiting all the main tourist attractions and an overnight stay in comfortable hotels.

If swimming in the sea and local Yaltaentertainment get bored, you can always make a trip to the many attractions of the Crimea.

One-day bus tours around the Peninsula are very popular among vacationers.

Crimea is not large, so the distance of a day trip you can see many interesting objects of the Crimea.

Always popular are trips to the hero-city Sevastopol, located 85 kilometers from Yalta. Museums two defenses of Sevastopol, ruins of ancient Chersonesos, Malakhov Kurgan and Sapun ridge included in the compulsory program during the trip to this city.

Trips to natural sites of Crimea, such as the Grand canyon of Crimea, will be attractive for lovers of mountain activities such as Hiking.

Demand and trip to the capital of the Crimean khanate — Bakhchisarai with its Khan Palace and the famous "fountain of tears".

See in this video, what a beauty located in Yalta: