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What you can bring from Kaliningrad from the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Kaliningrada?

Kaliningrad – the city of unusual and even unique, is in Russia, but kept apart. Kaliningrad – a city with semionovo history, fanned by the wind from the Baltic sea.

Kaliningrad is surrounded by legends. Among them the legend about the disappearance of the Amber room and the stories about underground tunnels of the city.

More and more travelers seek to visit this beautiful port city. And they carry out not only bright impressions, but also gifts with Souvenirs for family and friends.

So what is rich in Kaliningrad?

What you can buy in the Kaliningrad tourist?


The most popular Souvenirs from Kaliningrad is the amber.

Exactly this Sunny stone is a symbol of Kaliningrad. It is also called "the Baltic gold" or "tears of the sea". Amber is used in the manufacture of panels, icons, beads, bracelets, brooches and other memorabilia.

It is believed that amber brings good luck and health. A traveler is not away in a road suitcase product from this ornamental stone.

In Kaliningrad is the world's only plant for the extraction and processing of amber. In the Kaliningrad region amber deposits amount to less than 90% of total production in the world. So to bring this stone as a souvenir it is necessary.

Amber can be purchased almost everywhere: in the markets, souvenir and jewellery shops.

CHto mozhno kupit v Kaliningrade turistu?

Amber powder

Amber powder – this souvenir will surprise and please a woman at any age.

It consists of only tiny particles of amber, milled into powder. This product contains a lot of useful properties. Used as a scrub, exfoliation, beauty masks.

The unique composition of this powder has healing properties. Application inside for a peptic ulcer, respiratory diseases, periodontal disease.

To buy this product in pharmacies.

Baltic cosmetics

Even during Soviet times, the Baltic cosmetics valued by Russian women. Quality, environmental friendliness and affordable price – thanks to this cosmetics and perfume of the Baltic countries is well-loved by many.

In Kaliningrad in stores that sell cosmetics, you can buy cheap cosmetic gift sets produced in Latvia, Poland and Lithuania.


Brandy "Old Koenigsberg" is another well-known brand of this city.

Produced at the plant in the Kaliningrad region under the control of French specialists. Cognac has a mild aroma and a pleasant velvety finish.

Subtle, harmonious, delicate taste and light amber color had long been recognized among connoisseurs of this drink. Buy wine at almost any store that sells alcohol.

Oblepihovoe maslo


Beer brand Konigsberg is known for its excellent taste.

Composed only of natural ingredients that makes the taste of beer saturated. No wonder this beer is so famous, because it has absorbed the best traditions of German brewers.

Beer comes in two varieties: light and dark.

Sea buckthorn oil

No wonder the Kaliningrad region is called the sea edge. This berry is at a premium.

Sea buckthorn oil has many useful properties: heals wounds, treats burns, helps with diseases of the digestive system.

This oil is valued in cosmetics and is very beneficial for skin condition, prevents premature aging.

Buy a bottle of this oil in pharmacies or grocery stores.


A wonderful gift for those with a sweet tooth will be in Kaliningrad chocolate. The city has several confectioneries that produce excellent chocolate products.

The range is very large. The quality of the chocolate is European.


Atlegend in königsberg marzipan appeared from hunger. Grind the almonds and rose water (and it was the only thing that remained in the warehouses) mixed skilled chefs and received an unusual treat.

Now marzipan is again very popular with the local population and tourists. They make candy, gingerbread, various figures and even whole pictures.

Marcipany iz Kaliningrada


Kaliningrad is first and foremost a Maritime port city. And like any city, located on the coast, famous for fishing.

The choice of fish is simply wonderful: cod, perch, catfish, pink salmon, chum salmon, eel, smelt. And that's not the whole list. Fish represented in any form: fresh, smoked, dried or salted.

To buy this gift can be almost any grocery store, but largest selection on the Central market.

Clothes and shoes

No wonder Kaliningrad places you in the heart of Europe. Local shopping centres are a haven for fashionistas and shopping lovers. In clothing stores and footwear, you can find a lot of quality European goods.

Direct delivery of clothes and shoes from Germany, Lithuania and Poland will please fashion lovers and will be pleasantly surprised with low prices.


What to bring from Kaliningrad except for amber? Kaliningrad is a city with a rich history. Seven centuries on this earth had a visit from the Prussians, and the poles and the Germans. Still, the Kaliningrad region is protected by the remnants of the past.

In antique shops you can find a lot of German things - witnesses of a terrible war. This cookware, books, military items and even furniture.

Take with königsberg lands a piece of history – at least unusual.

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Souvenirs: what to bring?

The girl

The choice is very large. It can be amberthat features a huge assortment for every taste and budget.

You can buy the usual amber beads in the shop, and you can purchase an amber necklace in a jewelry store.

Apart from the beauty of amber famous for their healing properties, so this gift carries a double joy.

An unusual gift would be cosmetics made of amber: amber powder, amber peeling, amber massage oil.

Boxes, cups, saucers, paintings – all made from amber. These gifts will appeal to almost all women.

Suveniry: chto privezti?


What to buy in Kaliningrad? So, usually the male gift is alcohol. The rare man does not rejoice quality alcohol.

From Konigsberg should bring their famous brandy of the same name. For Souvenirs it is sold in a special gift box LEGO.

In this box contains three small bottles of brandy with different years of exposure. Very beautiful and tasteful.

And friends is to please the Kaliningrad beer with local smoked fish. This gift will be very practical and delicious.


Little sweet tooth will be delighted of course chocolate treats. In local stores you can purchase fancy chocolates and chocolate figures are of excellent quality.

Also you should look for marzipan products: candy, cakes, cookies. It is sold in a beautiful packaging with the symbol of Kaliningrad.

No wonder the Kaliningrad city special. Gifts and Souvenirs for every taste and budget.

And no matter what the traveler takes with him from the Kaliningrad land. It is important that the souvenir was bought with all my heart, and not in a hurry. And then the Souvenirs from the most Western city of Russia will bring pleasure not only to your family and friends, but also yourself.

After all, according to a Chinese proverb: "Happy is not the one who receives the gift, and the one who makes a gift"!