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What can you bring from Sochi of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Sochi?

Buying Souvenirs from vacation is a huge part of the fun. Walk through the local markets and look for some interesting pieces for friends — most people, this process brings an immeasurable amount of joy.

Every resort town boasts some special Souvenirs which can be purchased exclusively at this resort.

What can boast of Sochi, in addition to attractions?

What to buy in Sochi?


To go to Sochi and not bring out wine is still a crime. Better than here, wines you will not find. Passionate charming drink with a tart taste will satisfy even very selective person.

If you know someone who knows a lot about this noble drink, so such a Sochi souvenir he definitely will appeal.

Also, these edges offer the purchase great taste of the liqueursthat are not only stunning tasty but also very healthy.


In many of the local stores you can find cosmetics that are not seen on the shelves of our stores.

Elite perfumery from trusted manufacturers an excellent means to care for skin and hair. Your girlfriends will be delighted with these gifts from Sochi.

CHto kupit v Sochi v podarok: kosmetika


Sochi is famous for its medicinal herbs. From here tourists in large numbers taking Ginkgo biloba and other plants, which elsewhere is not found.

Take the opportunity to grab out of herbs!


Is it possible to go to Sochi and not bring back some Oriental sweet or delicious dessert, which is sold very much?! Sochi shelves are full of delicacies that can be bought as a gift for friends.

What to bring from Sochi? For a friend can even buy a cheese sauce, which to many seems to be something usual, but here it is prepared so that you will know how great the taste of this adzhika.

Tkemali, candy, churchkhela and many more you will only find here. And you will surely love all the good that on the market.

Many sellers give you the opportunity to try the product ought to use to not buy a pig in a poke and to be sure that everything is correct.

CHto kupit v Sochi v podarok: vkusnosti


Caucasian spices will always be held in high esteem. Here you can choose spices to any dish. Your friends will also no doubt be happy about this show as spices from the edges of the Sochi.

What is the aroma of these spices! They smell something magical, unusual, alluring. Whatever was cooked, if you pick this one Caucasian spices, the dish will be magnificent.


Many people can't imagine their stay in Sochi without the traditional shopping for clothing and accessories. How many beautiful can be found here.

Outfits acquired in Sochi, as if imbued with the sun, the warmth. Your friends will enjoy wearing on hot summer days.

Clothing and shoes are available in most boutiques. To buy bright and colorful outfits or delicate pastel colours — you decide.

Clothing affects our mood and health, make sure that your friends always radiated joy, give them a bit of the Sochi sun — beautiful wear of these edges.

Folk art

What to bring from Sochi as a souvenir? It is impossible to relax in this town and not buy there are even a few dolls. Beautiful, colorful, vibrant — the traditional Russian nesting dolls captured the hearts of everyone.

Bring a couple of Souvenirs for their friends they are sure to be delighted.

Shells - a normal, but at the same timesymbolic and a good gift. It would be nice to get a seashell from the Black sea.

Can find it themselves, and can buy in a market where the variety of these products, of course, more. Big, beautiful, gentle colors — you don't want to buy at least a couple of shells for friends and family?

By the way , the larger the shell, the clearer you hear the sound of the sea, if you put it to his ear. With such a souvenir to listen to the sea even in winter, reminiscing about warm summer days and the sea waves.

Predmety narodnogo tvorchestva

A symbolic gift, a small souvenir with a picture of the sea, key shell, which can attach to a keychain, or magnet, which will soon take pride of place on the fridge.

Such gifts may seem small and insignificant, but any person will be pleased to get such a thing from a close friend.

After all, when we talk about Souvenirs, we do not mean something that is expensive and huge, the souvenir will be a reminder to your family that you remember them always, including on vacation.

With the kinds of gifts sorted out. Now need to think — what to give? Some Souvenirs are designed exclusively for men, and some to give only the fairer sex.

VLOG about Sochi Souvenirs

What Souvenirs to bring?

The woman

Every girl and woman would be glad to Sochi gift in the form of a beautiful outfit.

It is not necessary to spend a large amount of money, so you not only his pocket will hurt, but can put in the awkward position of a man who presented with a souvenir.

Buy normal beautiful pareo is a great option, go to the selection with creativity and will surely find something extraordinary.

Also a wonderful gift for women will be branded Alpine chestnut honey from Sochi edges.

Even the feeling that honey was collected in the southern part of our country, gives you the opportunity to experience the incredible sweetness and slight tartness of delicious honey.

The fairer sex are often those who like different types of tea. If you need a really high quality and tasty tea, where else to buy it, if not here, in Sochi?

You can buy as few pre-packaged tea bags and a rather large tea set. Surprise your loved ones with this wonderful drink.

Kakie suveniry privezti: zhenshine


In the wonderful city of Sochi there are companies that specializiruetsya in the manufacture of Souvenirs made of bamboo are of local origin. This gift will be very original and unique.

To men in terms of Souvenirs and gifts to please is very difficult, as that half of humanity consists of practitioners, and therefore the usual souvenir like is not for everyone.

Of course a great present for men is wine. What kind of wine to bring from Sochi? "Wines of Kuban", "Alko-Profi" and other noble drinks will always be held in high esteem.

Incidentally, in Sochi there is a hall designed specifically for tasting wine, it is called "Arcadia". There you can taste different varieties of wine beverages and determine what you like.

Your gift should be such that person, seeing him, said, "Great, this is from Sochi!"


For baby the best gift will be of shells and other Souvenirs, where you can play a game or do crafts. On the beach you can gather beautiful shells and pebbles, which the child will be very happy.

Also in Sochi are sold with three-dimensional paintings, one of such arts of small size can be presented to the child.

Any kid would be happy with sweets. Buy nutty desserts, marshmallows and other Goodies. Even if all this is in your city, the products purchased in Sochi, significantly tastier.

The child can bring from resort clothes. Here you have the opportunity to buy branded items at good prices.

Also in Sochi are sold stuffed toys with the symbols of the city, or the inscription "Sochi", it is also possible to buy for a child. Looking for something bright, unusual, difficult to find in another city.

By the way here still a popular Olympic bearsthat you can buy for the baby.

Kakie suveniry privezti: rebenku

Shopping is a great pastime. You can go for buying Souvenirs alone, but you can go to the market with the whole familythat much more fun and interesting.

Since you are able to consult and just have a great time together with family.

Remember, whatever you bought in the gift that counts. Buy when you really have the desire to walk on the market and enjoy the local atmosphere, give of the netheart.

What kind of Souvenirs can you bring from Sochi for myself? A small magnet with the symbols of Sochi, attached to the refrigerator, will serve as a warm reminder of an unforgettable summer vacation.