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What could be brought from Vladivostok from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti iz Vladivostoka?

Vladivostok is the city that first greets the new day and sees a new sunrise. Unusual, far from the center of Russia, the city attracts tourists and travelers.

Here everything is permeated with the breath of the ocean: the salty air, marine reserve, ships, marinas, sailors.

To get to Vladivostok is not easy: the trip from the Central part of Russia will take time. That is why Souvenirs or talismans, brought from the Eastern cities especially valuable and enjoyable.

What you can bring from Vladivostok, in addition to the plates and magnets? And what the city is famous for? What kind of Souvenirs should be purchased to preserve the memory of the trip?

What can you buy in Vladivostok?

Primorsky alcohol

Seaside taiga is famous for its herbs and medicinal plants. Based on them are made medicinal tinctures and balms. Their most useful properties is legendary.

The most famous is the infusion of "Ussuriyskiy balsam", it is released in Primorye for more than 120 years.

This famous drink is made at the local distillery and consists of more than a dozen therapeutic taiga herbs and juices.

Also it's worth to buy tincture "Antler honey". It is composed of honey, the juice of lemongrass and a special formulation extracted from antlers of young deer.

For those interested in the liquor, suitable vodka "Eastern bridge" with additions of kelp and scallops. To purchase this alcoholic products in special stores or departments selling alcohol.

East cosmetics and perfume

Due to the geographical location of Vladivostok in the market you can find quality cosmetics and perfumes from Japan and China.

In beauty shops and specialized departments to meet the famous Asian brand of cosmetics. Excellent quality, reasonable prices and a huge selection – no woman will leave without buying.

In specialized stores, the Japanese cosmetics "Megumi" can be found not only cosmetics, but also household the best quality.

Also as a souvenir perfect local cosmetics. It's made based on seaweed, mineral mud, no dyes.

You can buy soap for facial or body mud with natural masks and scrubs – these gifts will benefit not only for the soul but for the body.

Vostochnaya kosmetika i parfumeriya

Natural medicines and dietary Supplements

Seafood is not only used as food, of them are manufactured and biologically active additives (dietary Supplements).

In pharmacies and specialized departments can meet capsules, tablets, powders, syrups, gels, consisting of natural ingredients.

To bring from Vladivostok such a gift – so to show you care about the health of friends and relatives.

Products for every taste

Seafood. The most banal, but the expected gift will be seafood. They can be purchased everywhere. The choice is huge, for every taste and budget.

Mostly on the shelves you can meet Pacific fish (pink salmon, chum salmon, trout, etc.), various shellfish (shrimp, oysters, scallops, octopus), caviar (red, black and even gold) and crabs.

Fish and seafood are Packed in special vacuum packaging capable of withstanding long journeys.

Pacific smelt is a fish, which is definitely worth a try. As a gift or you can buy dried smelt or fish in cans.

Sweets. In Vladivostok, famous all over the country the factory "Primorsky confectioner". The most famous product is the candy "bird's milk", which are available already in 1967.

The taste of these candy – true, but the shelf life of only 14 days due to the natural ingredients.

Marmalade, which produces the same factory, it is made using agar-agar from algae of the Pacific. Thanks to the taste and the quality of the marmalade above and beyond.

Produkty na luboj vkus

Tea. Fanstea can bring as a souvenir Japanese or Chinese tea, which can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Excellent quality tea and its tonic properties will satisfy even gourmets.

Mayonnaise. About this Chinese product, many say. Those who have ever tried this mayonnaise can not forget its taste, and ask friends or acquaintances who find themselves in Primorye, bring it.

Pine nuts and cones. Far Eastern cedars will give a wonderful natural souvenir – pine cones with nuts. These cones reach a length of about 30 cm, and the seeds are large and extremely useful.

Pine nuts contain iodine, protein and other beneficial trace elements and amino acids.

Clothes and shoes

A lot of Japanese and Chinese goods in stores and markets selling clothes and shoes. The range is huge, prices are low.

But the real symbol of the Vladivostok ships. So as a souvenir , you can buy a vest, cap or forage cap.

These products in different sizes and styles can be found in parts of the clothing or Souvenirs.

What to bring as a gift?


As a gift perfect quality Primorsky alcohol, Japanese whiskey (which is very highly regarded), Chinese vodka.

Can be found on the shelves of souvenir bottles with a whole ginseng root inside.

Medicinal tinctures containing only natural ingredients, perfect as a souvenir from Vladivostok.

Friends can bring dried fish and a bottle of beer, both local and Japanese. Brewery Vladivostok "pivoindustriya Primorya" brews wonderful beer.

The woman

Great natural products from stones (jade and amber) – a great gift for any woman. Very nice look products made of natural pearls.

Any naval jewelry will remind you of the journey to this city on the ocean.

Japanese and Chinese cosmetics is a unique product that can be found in a range of just on the shelves of the stores of Vladivostok.

You can choose beauty products for all ages from face masks to body scrubs.

CHto privezti v podarok: zhenshine?


Kids will surely rejoice at seaside sweets. Confectionery in addition to the traditional candy produces original chocolate with the addition of kelp and sea salt.

In Vladivostok local craftsmen collect the composition of shells, corals and sea stones, you can also find scale models of sailing ships. A sailboat from the shore of the Pacific will surprise and delight a child.

Mug with sea views the icon with the Ussuri tiger, a cap with the inscription "Pacific fleet" - the child will be happy to use such exclusive things that are impossible to acquire outside of Primorsky Krai.

Vladivostok is a wonderful citythat combines the Russian culture with Oriental flavor. Walking through small alleys, wharves and embankments, want to take away from this piece present sea port city.

Souvenirs and gifts will remind You and Your friends about the wonderful city of Vladivostok.