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Photos of wild beach near Anapa: where they are and how to get there?

dikie plyazhi Anapy

Find wild beaches of Anapa is quite simple. The anapsky coast starts from Bugaz spit and goes in the direction of Novorossiysk to Small Utrish.

The length of the coast about 80 km, and excluding the suburbs — 15 to 17 km. As expected, the wild beaches, they have developed infrastructure. Almost every one of them hides in the back of some tiny coves.

Where there are wild beaches in Anapa?

gde raspolozheny bezludnye zony?

Directly in the city of Anapa can be found pebbly and sandy beaches, some of them can be safely called wild.

Malaya Bukhta

The most famous wild beach of the resort. It is located in the Central part of Anapa, and does not equipped.

The seabed makes bathers feel nervous when entering the water and leaving it. It is very rocky.

Overgrown with algae blocks of sufficiently large size and very slippery. They can easily slip and be injured. This is one of the main reasons that local authorities are not in a hurry to Refine and adapt the place for swimming.

The advantage of the beach is clear water in the sea. Despite the fact that the beach is a beach covered with large pebbles in the middle of the season it is difficult to find space for the device lounger.

High Bank

maloludnyj Vysokij bereg

The area of Anapa lies at the beginning of the foothills of the North Caucasus. The coastline in this location of the resort is different from other sites for its clay cliffs.

Wild beaches in this area interspersed with landscaped areas and the coast is covered with pebbles.

The main strip of wild beach starts behind the lighthouse and goes to the beach known as "40 years of Victory". He is in the area of Walnut grove.

The descent to the shore in these places is very difficult. The length of the pristine beach about 1 km away. the People on it is very small. The entrance to the sea is strewn with rocks of various sizes. All the joys of civilization in the form of a cafe or water attractions can be found within a 5-10 minute walk from the pristine beaches along the sea towards the city.

In the same area, a little further in the direction of Novorossiysk, is a nudist beach. He got the name "Blue lagoon" and is located in a wonderfully picturesque Bay beside a waterfall. In order to get there you must drive on the rocky shore through the boulders. Here they are scattered across the coastline and hinder movement.


territoriya Sukko

To seek this deserted beach is on the outskirts of Anapa. He reaches to the side of the resort villages of sukkah and su-psekh almost 5 km From the beach uncomfortable stony entrance in the sea, but pure water.

In these places he likes to relax by active young people, oblivious to danger and loving nature.

The access to the beach and quite dangerous. Do not try to relax on this beach with children. People here are always very small. This has its own charm, attracting tourists seeking peace with nature.

Unfrequented corners close to town - photos

In the vicinity of Anapa you can find a large number of places with sandy beaches. Best way to learn about the location of wild beaches among locals. Not all sandy beaches safe for recreation. Near Anapa there is quicksand, which pose a mortal danger to humans.


The resort village smooth coastline is interspersed with sand dunes. Landscape the local landscape is amazingly beautiful. Wild beaches start from the mouth of the river Anapka and stretch along the famous Anapa Pionerskiy Prospekt. On a wild beach with a convenient entrance in the sea, the beach is covered with sand.

To get in Dzhemete Anapa and back on the bus. They walk this route very often.

Vityazevo and Annunciation

The largest sand wild beachbegins at the edge of Vityazevo and goes in the direction of the village of the Annunciation. Distance from Anapa to Vityazevo village 11 km away and you can Reach it not only by taxi but also by bus and boat. The length of the wild beaches in the area is about 8 km away.

uchastok mezhdu Vityazevo i Blagoveshenskoj

In the towns quite a lot of comfortable places for spending holidays. Choose a place to swim on a wild beach walking along the shore.

Public transportation to unequipped beaches not serviced. You can get here by taxi or own car. Very often on the wild beaches of the Annunciation and Vityazevo you can meet people coming from local communities that are marginalized from the resort area. They are well known coastline.

Travel tips

  • Deciding to visit the wild beaches of Anapa on the coast need to know their location and how they can be reached. It is best before visiting the wild beach to find out all about it from local residents. Even the Black sea in certain time periods may be closed for swimming.
  • Monitoring of water on the coast is in the area of wild beaches is less than in places of public resort.

  • All wild beaches removed from civilization for a considerable distance, so going to them need to stock up on food and water. It is best in hot weather, not drinking fizzy drinks. A great option to quench your thirst in this weather — salted mineral or plain water.
  • On a wild beach, no lifeguards, so their security must be taken care of independently. It is not necessary to bathe to drink alcohol, to go to sea in a storm and sunbathing without a hat.
  • To reach the wild beaches you can take a taxi, but will have to return in this case on foot. Therefore it is better to take the car for a trip to rent or not to go far from settlements.
  • Wild pebbly beaches of the black sea coast dangerous for swimming. It is better to give the preference to the sandy beaches. Resting on them, you need to pay attention to fenced areas. To approach them dangerous.

  • To relax on the wild beaches it is better to choose the resort townsadjacent to Anapa. There you can stay in the private sector. In Vityazevo village there are many hotels, guest houses and resorts. Located near the Anapa airport.
  • Lovers of nudism has long been chosen in these places its beaches for recreation. You can find them on both sides of the shoreline of Anapa.

You can see the wild beaches of Anapa in this video: