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Divnomorsk on the map and the black sea region: where is it?

Divnomorsk na karte

Divnomorsk on the map is South of the village on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region. Since the late 19th century it received the status of resort, and now is the second attendance of the resort settlement of the district of Gelendzhik.

Divnomorskoe village attracts tourists with comfort, combining a well-developed infrastructure and favorable environment, convenient beaches and clear sea.

Divnomorskoye on Russia map and the Krasnodar territory

poselok na atlase strany i kraya

The development of the tourism industry made Divnomorskoye is the perfect place for relaxing on the shore of the Black sea.

Good location and clean air helps to relax not only the soul but also strengthen physical health.

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Location: where?

The village of Divnomorskoe, the administrative center of the same rural settlement, located on the shores of the open sea in Krasnodar Krai just 12 km South of the resort city Gelendzhik. The village is located in the gorge of two mountain rivers – Derby and Mesabi. The area of the Airport is approximately 6 square kilometres.

Distance from the Airport to the other major resort of the South Russian, Anapa, is just under 100 km to get there on a private car and intercity bus.

The black sea coast of village

kurort u beregov CHernogo morya

The calling card of this famous resort – clean and comfortable beaches with easy access to the water, total length of over 2 km from the Local beaches, though inferior to the beaches of its neighbor Noumea in size, but no worse than in beauty.

Conventionally, the beach line is divided into several parts – the municipal pebble beach, beach resort, "Torch", "the Blue distance", "energetic" and others, which, under current legislation, available entrance to all comers.

Also here is located the famous nudist beach, referred to locals as "wild".

Holidaymakers from all over Russia are waiting for pebbly, sandy, and mixed beaches. Entrance to any of them, including the beaches of the resorts, absolutely free.

Information about the village

svedeniya o sele

Divnomorskoe, as many of the coastal areas, rich not only amazing nature, but the ancient and mysterious legends and heroic history.

Historical note

After the victory of Russian arms in another Russo-Turkish war coast of the North Caucasus went into the possession of the Russian Empire, including the present village of Divnomorskoye. Initially there was a Adyghe aul Mezyb, translates "mnogoletie".

However, until 1964, the village had an official toponym Fake Noumea, or as it was called by locals - About. This name is due to the fact that in the first half of the 19th century, many commercial and military vessels took local for Gelendzhik Bay.

Successful imitation of Noumea in the coastal strip of the Airport cost the Russian squadron one of the most important strategic victories during the war with the Ottoman Turks.

Since the late 19th century Divnomorskoye acquires the status of a resort on the black sea coast. Here there are the first villas of the wealthy class, resort, vineyards and opened a small winery. After the October revolution the Bolshevik government cottages converted into resorts, and become accessible to mass tourism.


The number and ethnic composition of the population

The indigenous population of the Airport is around 6,400 people, with a significant increase during the holiday season.

Here the predominant Russian population, however, a considerable number of the Armenians and the Adygei. A small number are Greek and Tatar community.

Flora and fauna

rastitelnyj i zhivotnyj mir

The area of the Caucasus mountains have always been variety of flora and fauna, and December is no exception. There are more than 100 tree species and over 160 shrubs, thickets of wild rose and hawthorn.

Interesting and the landscape of the village – bushes, passing into broad-leaved forests and rare pine trees, closer to Canhoto turning into the incredible pine forest over 950 hectares - one of a kind that enriches the area of the village fresh and healthy air.

Of animals living here:

  • Fox;
  • wolf;
  • lynx;
  • deer;
  • deer;
  • Caucasian bears.

In the forests inhabited by jays, goldfinches, doves, and on the coast – seagulls. The sea is rich in various fish.

How to get there?

Divnomorskoye is tightly closed by the mountain chain of the North Caucasus from the North-East side, which complicates direct communication with tourists from Central Russia. There are several available methods to reach settlement.

By train

North-Caucasian railway, only partially covers the black sea coast, separated into two hands:

  1. the first goes to the Novorossiysk and goes North;
  2. the second should be to the South through Tuapse to Sochi, Adler and Abkhazia.

In between Noumea does not have its railway.

However, it will be a convenient option to get on the train to Novorossiysk, where regularly followed convenient regular buses to Dzhanhot with a stop in Divnomorskoye. Travel time will take about one and a half hours.

poezd do Novorossijska

Daily from Paveletsky and Kazansky train stations of Moscow to the city-hero of Novorossiysk there are several trains.

On the plane

The quickest option, as always, remains a flight on air transport. In the heart of Divnomorskoe the airport there, but its presence in surrounding towns allows you to spend less time on the road to the village. Select the tickets you need based on the availability of flights to the following airports:

  • Gelendzhik - Divnomorskoe from there to a total of 16 km;
  • Anapa - distance to the village is 108 km;
  • Krasnodar - will have to overcome 174 km;
  • Sochi is the worst option of arrival, so as to Divnomorskoye will need to drive 272 miles on the serpentine.

From the above-mentioned terminals to the Airport can be reached by bus, taxi or rented car.

Plane tickets you can watch or book immediately by using this form search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

By bus

avtobus iz Gelendzhika

Bus links to Gelendzhik and its district - established of every major city in the Russian South: Rostov-na-Donu, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Sochi.

The bus station in the heart of Divnomorskoe there, but the road by Shuttle bus or taxi from the regional center will take maybe half an hour.

The main stay of the settlement Divnomorskoe - square "Cockatoo" and "Lenin street".

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By car

To get to this place you can on the Federal highway M4 "don" on the car. The road will take:

  • from Moscow , about 18 hours;
  • from Rostov-na-Donu – 6 hours;
  • of Krasnodar of three.

See in this video the road from the Hot Key to Divnomorskoye on the car showing all the settlements on the way: